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18 Best Seafood Restaurants in Panama City Beach

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None other than the beautiful Panama City beach is an perfect spot for the holidays you’ll ever see. It stretches through 40 kilometers of land, with tropical white beaches and the pure Mexican gulf waters. There are countless things to enjoy here; there will come your way to city parks, dolphin shows, beach trips, and many more enjoyments. In addition, no trip without checking out their special cuisine is complete.

In addition, as for Panama City Beach, its delicious seafood is widely popular! Panama City Beach is the perfect place to be for those seafood lovers out there! Most restaurants serve great seafood when you are traveling to town. Get straight from the fresh waters of the Mexican Gulf to taste the most delicious dishes and other things. We have picked the best restaurants in town where you can enjoy some of the amazing seafood that you have tasted!

Restaurant & Waterfront Market at Captain Anderson


Restaurant & Waterfront Market at Captain Anderson 18 Best Seafood Restaurants in Panama City Beach

Listed among the top 50 restaurants in the U.S.A. and running their company since 1967, Captain Anderson’s Restaurant is an excellent place to dine and have seafood. The owners of the restaurant and the anglers are very particular about serving their clients new seafood. Compromise on the quality of the food is simply no choice. This makes it an excellent place to eat! Taste the crab claws, sea scallops, gulf flounder and a few other fantastic varieties. So if you’re new to the city and not sure where you’re going to find the best seafood, then Captain Anderson’s is the right place to go.

Seafood at Dockside & Oyster House

Seafood at Dockside & Oyster House 18 Best Seafood Restaurants in Panama City Beach

Quest for seafood of local origin? Dockside Seafood & Oyster House offers some of the finest seafood available. They provide you with the most wonderful seafood dishes ever, dine-in their lovely courtyards. In their rich spice, oysters, snappers, shrimps and other things are cooked producing some exceptional tastes. The taste of their food and their service makes it the perfect place to spend a nice time with your family and friends.

They offer an opportunity for you to capture the fish for yourself. Relax in the dining area after that as this restaurant’s finest cooks plan your catches. The restaurant’s open-air environment makes it worth investing the time. Feel the town’s cool breezes as you taste some fresh and lovely meal.

Seafood Sandbar, and Deli

Seafood Sandbar, and Deli 18 Best Seafood Restaurants in Panama City Beach

Sandbar seafood and Deli are famous for their fresh shrimps and oysters. Check for their specialties and these things are on top of the list. Taste the tasty oysters cooked in different kinds, such as baked oysters, cheese baked oysters, spinach and cheese oysters, and baked oysters with parmesan.

Shrimps are served in different varieties too. Request spiced shrimps with scallops or simply steamed, and viola, you have tasted the best shrimp ever. Order the shrimps in whatever quantity you like; small, medium, or even large. It is a perfect place to have a casual hangout with friends. Enjoy your seafood brunch Sunday at Sandbar & Deli!

 Beachfront Sharky’s Restaurant & Tiki Bar

 Beachfront Sharky's Restaurant & Tiki Bar 18 Best Seafood Restaurants in Panama City Beach

Serving for 30 years, Sharky’s Beachfront & Tiki Bar is the best spot you will ever find on the beach in Panama City. This restaurant has a lot to offer that sometimes can encourage you to dine many times.

Try the delicious deep-fried or grilled grouper, fresh grilled jumbo shrimps, a perfect mix of mango salad and snapper, crab-buttered grouper, or even the Blanc mouthwatering sauce. Sharky’s offers you a fantastic view, because it is situated on a perfect beach spot. It has an elevated bar that serves cocktails and other cold beverages. Enjoy your juice glass while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Seafood Pizza with Coconuts

Seafood Pizza with Coconuts

If you are going to a single seafood hotel in Panama City Beach, then it is coconuts! Although it has recently opened, it has been the favorite of all in a short time. Both the locals and the tourists come for some fantastic seafood at this spot. They are best known for their tasty Apalachicola oysters; on top of that, their signature dish is coconut shrimp.

Coconut seafood has the perfect spot to dine outdoors. They do not want to miss the view when their customers are busy with the food. In addition, the bar gives you a wide range of different beers. They also deliver a delicious menu for kids, which makes it a great place for kids to enjoy. Each meal is freshly prepared, and tastes amazing.



Located right on the beach, Schooners is also called the ‘only local beach party.’ If you’re looking for some fun with your friends, throw on your sandals and enjoy the live music show as the sun sets, making a stunning panorama. The best meals are to talk about the fish, the Mahi and the tasty grouper wrap. If you are going to the beach party with a group of friends or relatives, you need to go. It is an entire soup, with mouthwatering oysters, groupers, and shrimps. The amount suffices to please everyone!

Hook’d Bar Pier

Hook'd Bar Pier

Hook’d Pier Bar is conveniently situated near Pier Park. You get to hear some great songs and the stunning sunset view of course. Their burgers are the finest anyone has ever eaten, but they are mainly people with their crab claws, shrimps and oysters. Their fish tacos and their smoked tuna dip are something that you should not skip at any cost.

On Panama City Beach’s Grand Marlin

Grand Marlin

The oyster bar and private dining areas make Panama City Beach’s Grand Marlin distinctive. This restaurant has an extremely vibrant and relaxed atmosphere and serves high-quality food, including some fresh local fish and other seafood pieces. This spot should provide you with a blend of Panama and Caribbean vibes.

Dress up in your casual shorts and enjoy the oyster bar, the dining area and the drop bar to the north. The Grand Marlin offers rooms for every special event, and strives to create a spectacular land and water experience.

G.Foley’s scenery and atmosphere make it ideal for casual hangouts or even dinner dates. Specializing in delicious steaks, wonderful seafood and some fantastic starts, this roof attracts every single human. What makes the place even more fun is their wine-bar. Make the most of your wine with the fresh Mexican gulf breeze.

G.Foley’s delivers the best customer service-turning strangers into family members. It is also an ideal place for visitors to explore. Enjoy the taste of Mexican seafood gulf at G.Foley’s!

Hang Five Beach Bar & Grill

Hang Five Beach Bar & Grill

If you experience dinner while watching the sunset, you would never want to dine in any other way (confide in us). Take in some of those stunning views and refreshing sea breezes at Hang Five, one of the city’s newest spots, as you indulge in Gulf Coast paella with scallops, shrimps, crawfish and moules; pan-seared grouper; or some fresh seafood gumbo. There’s always live music by local bands on Friday nights, so take a drink from their moody wood bar and listen to it on the sand once you’ve got your fare packed.

Panama City Beach-Firefly


Looking for seafood and other tasty foods to choose from? Firefly is kid! We will supply you, of course, with a wide array of seafood dishes, grilled steaks, special pizzas and sushi. Firefly is considered among the most romantic hotels in the United States. A, and has received the Golden Spoon Award from Florida.

We plan to serve their customer’s high quality, fresh food. They want to give you a dining experience that you have never had before.

Red Lobster-The Capital of Panama

Red Lobster

Red Lobster is often a busy place to serve tasty food and sometimes people have to wait in line. Red Lobster has arranged a high bar, where you can enjoy your drinks and taste some meals, to overcome this dreary time of waiting. It is well known, and a very popular seafood restaurant that serves high quality freshly cooked food. Their exotic and rich flavors will inspire you repeatedly. Coming at any moment, whether you are having lunch, dinner or watching their super feats.

On occasions, taste their mouthwatering garlic shrimps, coconut shrimps, and other minimal flavors such as the crab fest, lobster fest, and endless shrimp. The events are worth watching and enjoying the delicious dishes made with seafood.

Pompano Joe’s-Beach at Panama City

Pompano Joe's

Pompano Joe’s have very high expectations, and the food quality and taste are clear. They take good care of their customers and ensure that new seafood products are served to all straight out of the waters of the gulf. The restaurant’s fun atmosphere makes it a perfect spot for friends to dine in or with your partner too.



Getting a great indoor dining area and an outdoor seating area with bar makes it perfect to enjoy all sorts of weather conditions. With some fantastic drinks, it even offers the best award winning meals. In the best way, they should never compromise on the food quality as support. A client is very desirable for their hospitality and the climate. The skilled cook in the seafood offers you an outstanding taste that will make you forget any other restaurant you have eaten in.

Paradise Restaurant

Paradise Restaurant

The Paradis restaurant specialty is to serve rich wines, excellent steaks, and fresh seafood. They cook the meals in some delicious seasonal local herbs and spices that improve the dish’s richness. Since 2009, it’s a popular spot and you’ll have to make reservations in advance during the summer holidays because summer is the peak time every local and many visitors are searching for a beautiful place to dine.



Fully known as Fish out Of Water, a Watercolor Inn’s signature hotel offers you an enticing seating area with a spectacular view of the Mexican gulf as well as some stunning wine range. They stick to their traditional taste and cooking methods, and retain their culture to this day. They serve the best seafood you ever want to try. Going to the beach in Panama City and not visiting FOOW, does not do your travel justice.

They have over 3000 sets of bottles of wine with over 600 names. Dine in their quarters, and enjoy your meal. FOOW earned an A.A. Medal for four-diamonds and even a Golden Spoon Medal. They excel in the quality and taste of their food, which makes it a restaurant of a kind.

Coastal Emeril

Coastal Emeril

As one of the first Emeril’s restaurants in northwestern Florida, the fresh Mexican gulf seafood and local spices make it popular for its Italian taste. The special way in which they show a combination of the two cuisines makes it distantly distinct from other restaurants. The typical Italian dishes such as pasta forms, meatballs, lasagna and other bread loaves are made from the ingredients that the gulf offers.

It is a perfect place to celebrate special events with your partner such as an engagement or a romantic dinner date. The rich taste gives both the gulf and the exquisite Italian cuisine its very essence. Get the coastal vibes in Emeril’s Coastal Restaurant with the sophisticated food richness only.

Finn’s Island Style Grub

Finn's Island Style Grub

Finns are proud to keep things simple, new and delicious and it certainly shows up in their dishes, with no single fryer or microwave in sight. The Mexican-inspired fare, which can be eaten in the sunshine at picnic tables, is so popular that the restaurant has spread to three locations. Local classics include the Endless Summer Tacos, which can be stuffed for seafood lovers with ahi tuna, shrimp or fried cod, and meat lovers with pork or steaks. We do have burrito cups, quesadillas, and wraps to choose from so there’s something in the crew for everyone. Grab a few lunch orders for a real PCB-style picnic to go and go to the beach.

Restaurant & Bar Tommy Bahama-The Sandestin

Restaurant & Bar Tommy Bahama

This restaurant’s hospitality and amenities merely worth the applause. They take customers special care. It is the perfect place to spend your time in a fun and relaxing environment. It is perfect for casual hangouts, and even with your kids. If you are on holiday but this restaurant is at the top of the list then you are going to regret skipping it. Along with their bar setup, the fresh seafood makes your time and money worth spending!

We have sorted out your disappointment to all seafood lovers out there, and made a list of some of the best seafood restaurants on Panama City beach. In the summers, beaches are the most exciting location and cherry on top, some delicious seafood can make your journey even more enjoyable. Each restaurant here is unique taste that will make you come over once. Such restaurants are specialty of this, as they aim to make regular customers and treat them with great care and hospitality. Next time you schedule a vacation with your friends or relatives, it must be the beach in Panama City.

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