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Agricultural Product Business Plan

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Executive Summary

Genetic growth is an innovative organization that has developed a super photosynthesis process encompassing techniques and strategies that will increase the growth of crops and differentiating plants at substantiating rate. Genetic growth and its innovative photosynthesis process will boost the growth of plants by capturing carbon dioxide and creating a robust strategy within leaves that will saturate them with C4. 

World populations continue to expand rapidly while global warming continues to threaten a worldwide reduction of crops to sustain a population of growth. By implementing a new photosynthesis process that saturates plans with carbon dioxide, we can increase the growth rate of crop production.

Genetic growth’s products and services will be marketed on a global scale. They will target food and production manufacturing of crops used in the continuous production of providing consumers with nutritional products.

The innovative processes of supercharging the photosynthesis process have shown promising results. With the continuing effects crop growth is sustaining, we believe this product will significantly impact those that provide the food industry with nutritional products.

Genetic growth seeks to secure $2 million, which will be utilized in the continuing research and development process of photosynthesis and its effects on different strands of crops.

Genetic Growth key managerial executives include CEO, CIO, biological, technical research development technicians, and experienced bio-horticultural practitioners who are highly skilled in developing super photosynthesis encompassing C4 processing.

Agricultural Product Business Plan 

Vision and Mission Statement

Genetic growth seeks to be the industry leader in developing sustainable solutions that will increase the development of crop production through a rapid growth rate.

Genetic growth will develop, market, and distribute sustainable solutions to crop productions through an innovative photosynthesis process.

Genetic growth will consider the population of development, human health and deliver products through ethical and moral principles on which the business shall stand.

Genetic growth is a unique business in terms of research and development encompassing human nature and technological strategies.

 The source of Genetic Growth’s competitive advantage includes the unique perspective of research and development through human understandings and natural occurrences.

Company History

Genetic growth was founded in 2015 in response to the population of change and the correlated variable of sustainable crops (UCSUSA, 2016). Founded by chief executive officer John Doe and chief information officer Jane Doe, the couple has biological and chemical research backgrounds and photosynthesis and see for processing.

Company Products and Services


  • The C4 extraction process increases photosynthesis growth.
  • Customers within the increase in crop growth by 65%
  • By incorporating the C4 photosynthesis process, Crop production will result in a 35% increase in profitability.

Patent or Trademark Protection

Patent and trademark applications have been submitted. However, we are currently in the review process and have not been administered federal protections under the patent and trademark laws.

Future Product or Service Offerings

Future product offerings will include additionally sustainable methods that will parallel the increased population or rate. Crop production is expected to decrease as of 2015 as a result of global warming. 

Industry Profile and Overview

Industry Analysis

  • Sustainable Industry, crop farming, and plant manufacturing, including rice growth production
  • An increase in population growth decreases crop productions
  • The growth rate of plant production due to the C4 process is super photosynthesis
  • Barriers to entry include overcoming genetic modification to the food supply. There seems to be a moral and ethical challenge within the scientific community about altering the biochemical and microbiology of the food chain.
  • Critical success factors in the industry include the highly sought-after method of increasing production at a minimal cost to crop displays and whole-food manufacturing.

Outlook for the Future

The future outlook for Genetic Growth will include implementing an innovative sustainable practice that increases crop production output, which results in an increased food supply to continuously meet the demand of population growth on a domestic and international scale.

 Stage of Growth (start-up, growth, maturity)

Genetic growth is a start-up company currently in phase 1 of a small business organization.

Stage of Business Growth

Competitor Analysis

 Existing Competitors

There are currently three major sustainable organizations: Genetic Growth, General Electric, Panasonic, and some.


  • Innovative process patent pending.
  • revolutionary concept
  • research and development resulting in statistical proof
  • no market competitiveness
  • brand-new market


  • infancy stages of business operations
  • continuing research and development
  • Potential competitors: Companies that might enter the market
  • Competitors include General Electric and Panasonic and little competition by other small organizations.
  • Sustainability is not a new practice; however, the C4 process resulting in super photosynthesis is a reasonably new concept and technology that our competitors do not currently practice.

Business Strategy

  • Desired Image and Position in the Market

Genetic Growth has the desired image that cultivates sustainability through cultural practices, which will also position us within the sustainable market, endowing us to capture the majority of the market share.

  • Company Goals and Objectives

Genetic Growth goals are to create a sustainable product that impacts global food supplies through objectives that include measurable targets which capture possibilities within the domestic and international market.

  • Operational

Genetic Growth has an operational function based within the United States with targeted markets domestic and international. Headquartered in the United States, genetic Growth will have a research and development facility and a manufacturing facility. Global operations will be facilitated through business-to-business utilizing e-commerce.

  • Financial

Financial impacts will be minimal in physical locations; however, the requested $2 million will also be allocated towards technological infrastructures to facilitate international business-to-business e-commerce transactions.

  • SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis

Marketing Strategy

Target Market

targeted markets the global food supply including farming and crop sustainability

Problem to be Solved or Benefit from being Offered

the population of growth is expected to exceed global food production in which C4 super photosynthesis will provide a 35% increase in global food supply minimize the global effect as a result of a population of growth

Demographic Profile

  • farming industry
  • food supply
  • sustainable practices
  • crop manufacturing
  • nutrition production
  • Customers’ Motivation to Buy

  • sustainable practices
  • technological innovations
  • statistical results

Advertising and Promotion

  • Genetic growth will promote our innovative concept and product during sustainability conventions and utilize social media as a method of promotional advertising.
  • Contracting Governments will also be a consideration for promotional ventures.
  • In addition to web development and social media concepts, Genetic Growth will promote products and services that appeal to the sustainable industry and individualized participants.

Location and Layout

  • Genetic growth will have a headquartered facility/research development operation based in San Jose, California.
  • The facility layout will include one research development department, one manufacturing department, and a testing environment.
  • Web presence will also be a physical location.

Description of the Management Team

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Bio-Chemical Technician
  • Bio Horticultural Researcher
  • Legal Team

Plan of Operation

  • Continue research and development regarding super photosynthesis utilizing C4 processing.
  • Manufacturer proposed solution
  • Test sustainable product
  • Manufacturer products and services
  • Distribute products and services

Financial Forecasts

Financial Forecasts

Investment Proposal

Investment Proposal


Population Projection

Population Projection

Global Warming Impact on Crop Production

Global warming impact on crop production

C4 Super Photosynthesis Process Results

C4 super Photosynthesis process results

Financial Resource Allocation

Financial resource allocation


UCSUSA. (2016, May 1st). Sustainable Agriculture Techniques. Retrieved from UCSUSA: http://www.ucsusa.org/food_and_agriculture/solutions/advance-sustainable-agriculture/sustainable-agriculture.html#.VyY5tEeoMWs

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