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  • Business Idea Selection and Action Plan

    Business Idea Selection and Action Plan

    Introduction Entrepreneurship is gaining widespread importance in this ever-changing world. Entrepreneurs are the people who take initiatives to create new business, share risks and enjoy the company’s benefits. An entrepreneur is generally also known as an innovator who generates new services, goods, ideas, trade, or procedures. However, starting a new business is not that easy, […]

  • The Life Cycle of the Business Idea

    The Life Cycle of the Business Idea

    The Life Cycle of the Business Idea Bidco is a palm oil processing company that own more than fifty hectares of a palm tree. The company is located in Malaysia, as stated in the previous milestone. We are planning to add value to our palm oil by starting to produce lubricant for vehicles. The product […]

  • Storage and Warehouse Business Plan Sample

    Storage and Warehouse Business Plan Sample

    Executive Summary We provide storage services by providing a space equipped for storage as a complete and equipped warehouse with multiple temperatures according to the type of storage required. These services help factories, companies, or emerging projects obtain a suitable space or place for storage. The warehouse can be customised according to their needs or […]

  • Developing an International Art School Business Plan

    Developing an International Art School Business Plan

    Business Description This business idea envisions the development of an international art school called Qiao in New York. Qiao is the Chinese language equivalent of “Bridge”. The essence of the school is to provide a forum for educational and artistic exchanges of international students between the United States and China. Qiao will facilitate Chinese students […]

  • Business Plan Canvas Example

    Business Plan Canvas Example

    Executive Summary Entrepreneurial culture has recently gained popularity throughout the globe. Entrepreneurship is one of the most prevalent trends in the twenty-first century, as more individuals recognize the necessity to establish and run their own businesses. The first step on the entrepreneurship ladder is to come up with a viable business idea. Entrepreneurs that have […]

  • Cookies Manufacturing Business Plan

    Cookies Manufacturing Business Plan

    CHAPTER 1 Executive Summary Cookies are small, sweet pastry delicacies cooked using flour, eggs, sugar, butter, cooking oil, or alternative cooking oils or fat as ingredients. Baking cookies that are appealing in both appearance and taste requires experience and elaborate recipes. Over the years, cookies baking has revolutionized to incorporate cultural delicacies through the inclusion […]

  • Computer Repair Shop Business Plan

    Computer Repair Shop Business Plan

    Executive Summary DanComp Solutions is a start-up organization that offers a complete domestic and institutional computer care repair and maintenance service and a full-featured retail parts store. In addition, danComp Solutions will serve the market with door-to-door and workshop-based services conveniently tailored to suit the customer’s satisfaction. DanComp Solutions will grow into a business with […]

  • Super Dealer Baking Company Business Plan

    Super Dealer Baking Company Business Plan

    Differentiation Strategy  Differentiation of Super Dealer products is the use of natural ingredients. Due to changes in the lifestyle triggering some chronic illnesses, people prefer raw food. Qatari’s ingredients include wheat flour obtained from local millers and natural sugars from dairy products such as cheese and milk. Natural sugars play a significant role for cancer […]

  • Medical Scanning Services Business Plan

    Medical Scanning Services Business Plan

    Introduction Oakville Open MRI Clinic aims to make sure that the patients receive the safest, along with the most sophisticated medical imaging services, to make sure that every diagnosis is completed accurately and promptly. The business is dedicated to delivering exceptional service in the Oakville county region by incorporating the most up-to-date technologies in diagnostic […]

  • Business Plan Outline Example

    Business Plan Outline Example

    What is a Business Plan? A document that outlines the aims and objectives of a project explains how and when they will be accomplished. Why Write a Business Plan? To obtain financing. Guide for opening a business. Guide for business expansion Guide for managing a business. To communicate clearly with interested parties. When is a […]