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What Makes Battle Royale Games Popular?

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Battle Royale game is a type of video game that is played by players in a way to fight for survival through competition, and the last man is left to be the winner (Pharr et al., 2012). The game consists of many players who start by playing using less equipment, which is not healthy to use in searching for weapons to use for survival. The searched guns are for defeating the opponents by killing or injuring them so that the main person who knows how to overcome them all is left as the strongest player. The players, when playing, are always careful since there are many traps along the way. They avoid being trapped (Reinhardt, 2019).

What Makes Battle Royale Games Popular

The game is usually played online by dozens of players all over the world. The name Battle Royale play comes from a Japanese film called Battle Royale, which shows the last man standing in the movie’s competition in a playing zone. This game has branched into other small games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Apex Legends (Saed and Sherif, 2017).

Battle Royale Game existed since the 2010s. The game had many players since the 2010s. That is when people started having an interest in playing (Saed and Sherif, 2017). Since the 1990s, the players were minimal since the game during those days had not been modified in having many players at a go. The game was changed to show that people can try to survive as many as possible in an open-world map, which was demonstrated through survival games (Hagton and Ian, 2017). Survival games were first from games called the Hunger Games.

The Battle Royale Game has been popular for a long time, especially the youths who are young people who love to play it. It is interesting, enjoyable and opens up people’s minds on how to look for different ways if in one way goes wrong.

What Makes Battle Royale Games Popular?

There are different reasons as to why Battle Royale Game is popular until now.

Battle Royale Gaming is popular since it does not require any addition of any content. Content can be added, but it is not necessarily to add expensive actors or writers. What is needed is to have what is there, but the players will create their content to play as per the game requires.

The Design of the Games is Minimal

When the system is small, that means it is cheap; that is not expensive to maintain. Players love playing in small design games like Battle Royal Gaming since the small design does not require much energy or so much content to play.

The Game is Free to Play

The Battle Royale Gaming is free to play, and so it attracts young crowds. Many people who play these games are the young people in high school, university level, college level, and those who are through with school and are still young. When they are free to be played, there are different players in them, so they need people to play when they are many to enjoy the game. People mostly play with their friends to enjoy the whole game.

The Games are Generally Short

The game’s content is straightforward, so there is no need to invest hours in completing the game. This means that when a player dies while playing, there is a big chance of the player to play again in a new game, not waiting for all players to pass to play a new game.

The Battle Royale Gaming Can Run on Anything

These games can be played even on mobile phones. This makes people play even when they are bored like sited somewhere or anywhere. The games can run anywhere with no porting problems that are why they can be played on people’s cell phones (Barman et al., 2018).

The Games Create Skills For People

Many young people play games to see how to have more capabilities when playing and socially. The games open up the minds of many young people to know that they can do all means to compete and win at the end as long as they have all it takes or what they have to emerge victoriously.

The Games Create Anxiety on Players

When playing Battle Royale Gaming, there is a lot of stress when playing. This is because many players want and are eager to defeat their opponents in all ways to win at the end. The anxiety created makes many people feel the urge to play the games for someone to win and feel they have achieved something.

There is Simplicity

This means that anyone and everyone can play games. You can shoot at anyone you do not recognize in the game, and finally, you find yourself as the winner. This is very simple, and that is why many people play it.

The Battle Royale Gaming is Very Entertaining

The games are entertaining to play, and many people find it fun because of competing for survival to win at the end of the game. The games make people always feel so much into the game since it feels like it is so real when playing. That is why it is entertaining.


In conclusion, the Battle Royale Gaming is so much loved by many young people because of human modification. This means that many people play it, knowing that they are competing with other people. The game keeps youths busy, especially when they do not have anything else to do, and these games open up their minds to gaining other skills when playing. The gifts are for knowledge on how to survive to emerge to succeed.

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