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Beauty Salon and Cafe Business Plan

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Executive Summary

Serenity Salon and cafe is a business partnership that seeks to provide its services in the food and beauty industry. The company will be located in a two-story building where the salon (nails, makeup, and hair) will be found on the first floor while the cafe (coffee, tea, sandwiches, drinks, desserts, and salads) will be on the second floor. Our primary customer base comprises females accounting for 97 per cent of the target customers. The company seeks to employ highly qualified professionals to deliver our services. Social media, website, content, and face to face marketing will be critical for compiling any success. Lastly, the management will depend on debt financing from AlRajhi Bank to do the construction and pay all the startup expenses.

Beauty Salon and Cafe Business Plan

Elevator Pitch

Serenity business is a startup partnership form of business that is privately owned. Serenity will offer salon services integrated with a cafe. We seek to satisfy our customers by s offering them a relaxing environment where their services are accomplished over a hot cup of coffee. The salon will provide specialized services consisting of nails polishing, hair styling, and makeup over affordable pricing. The mission of the Serenity business is to translate value to our esteemed customers at very reasonable prices.

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Target Market Description

Serenity Business seeks to target three major groups of customers. The company will put in much effort to create value for all these three groups. Since Serenity targets more than one group of target customers, there will be a reduced risk of low customer turnout that may affect the company. Justifying the competition Within the states yellow pages, there is a total of fifty beauty salons. Less than ten out of the possible fifty beauty salons have incorporated cafe in their operations. As it stands, Serenity salon and cafe is the only business existing that offers a full quality range of forex and beauty services at affordable costs. Therefore our quality products with professional service providers will provide a competitive advantage over others in the market.


The owners seek to invest in the food-beauty industry, where Serenity Company will start its operations as a salon and cafe business. The salon business located on the first will entails nail polishing, makeup finishing, and hairstyling. Our clients will choose from the above range of services at very affordable prices. Before or after the salon, our customers can go to the cafe serenity, located on the building’s second floor. With panoramic window s from the ceiling to the level, the cafe is exceptionally open, spacious, and roomy with a wide range of fr›nd products such as coffee, team sandwich, cakes, desserts, and many more products at reasonable pricing.


Our services most important target markets are female college and university students, with over 7fi per cent of the total clients, mothers with little girls, and less than fixed per cent of men who require our services. These groups range from upper to middle-class members who can afford our services. The target population is over one hundred thousand people scattered in our environment. The frequency of customer repurchases ranges between one week and four weeks; therefore, Serenity will break even as early as possible after it starts operations.

Customers in this business tend to love attention and care for their hair as well as their family. Therefore, whenever the communication, machinery, quality service, and booking procedures are right, our services will be satisfied. They will be able to invite others regardless of where they are located.

Marketing Research

Our marketing team will provide the various primary data sources, including use interview’s, questionnaires, and a visit to our critical competitors to gather information and ask questions to the target market. They will also utilize secondary sources such as beauty magazines and demographic reports available in the Capital to make decisions on their potential customers.

Competition Analysis

Currently, this market is underserved, and attracting sales awareness is critical. With social media marketing, content marketing, website marketing, and a suitable location, success is guaranteed for Serenity salon and cafe.


  • Well trained personnel with a relatively five years’ experience in plaiting. Customer services and hospitality
  • Located within the CBD of Muscat city with high traffic.
  • Timely and dependable working hours
  • Variety y of options for both salon and cafe.


  • Paper appointment bank,
  •  Small capacity
  • Lack of online appointment facility


  • Reliable market growth
  • Local business partnerships
  • More people can book online
  • Male grooming


  • The emergence of home beauticians
  • Cost of paying skilled technicians and chefs
  • Lower pricing by the competition

Marketing Plan

Serenity will employ the conventional way of marketing to reach its target market. Face to face marketing and content marketing using fliers and brochures will ensure we gain a reasonable market size. Social media marketing will be employed to reach college and university students.

Serenity Salon and cafe will use a unique propositional selling pricing strategy for our customers (Payne et al., 2017, p.469). We will tailor our prices to the services required by our customers. Market research on the prices offered by our competitors will be crucial in setting our fees. We seek to provide quality and affordable services to our clients.

Serenity will create a conducive environment where our customers will enjoy as they receive quality services. The building will have a panoramic window’s stretching from the ceiling to the floor, where the cafe will be open, spacious, and roomy.

We intend to advertise Serenity online, on all social media platforms, and on our website. We will also do advertising in beauty magazines and local newspapers.

Operations and Logistics Plan

Serenity business will be established as a partnership business located in Muscat, Oman, operating out at a rented building with two floors. The salon will occupy the first floor, and after they finish the salon, they can go to the cafe serenity, which is located on the second floor. With panoramic window s from the ceiling to the level, the cafe is exceptionally open, spacious, and roomy. Both the Salon and Cafe Serenity will entail the latest equipment, technologies, and materials to facilitate service delivery. The business will require a fire insurance cover, breakage, and professional liability insurance cover. Other legal requirements consist of local permits and health compliance certification.

Meeting customer requirements and expectations is our primary objective of why we exist as a Serenity business centre. Due to our convenient mention, the Serenity business (salon and cafe) will adopt very flexible operating hours daily. Serenity will be open between 8 AM and 9 PM from Mondays to Fridays. However, on Saturdays, the centre will be available for operations between IO AM and 7 PM.

Human Resource and Organizational Structure

Serenity y Salon and Cafe business will be owned and managed by Oliver Curtis Junior and Barbra. The cafe manager and Salon manager will be hired to ensure smooth business operations. The marketing executive will also be crucial for the success of the Serenity business. Hairst lists, salons, senior chefs, and chefs will also be hired to guarantee service delivery.

Beauty salon Human Resource and Organizational Structure

Financial Projections

The owners seek to acquire debt financing estimated to be 200,000 SAR from AlRajhi Bank. This money will meet all the company expenses incurred while starting up the company, construction, and salary payments to the staff members. Serenity intends to pay back its loan in 2 years with a monthly payback amount of 10,000 from the fourth month after starting its operations.

Serenity Salon and cafe is projected to gain 13,875 dollars, $25,028, and $47,764 for the first three years, respectively. On the other hand, the cash balance of Serenitys projected cash flow is expected to increase in the first three years with $44,593, $61,500, and $ 105,514, respectively. Lastly, the business net worth is projected to be 34,039 dollars for the first year in operation. The primary ratios to indicate profitability consist of the gross profit margin, which is estimated to be 25% in the first year, 34%, and 47% in the second and third years. The current ratio is expected to stay above 1.23, which implies the company will be in an excellent position to repay its debts.

Task 3 – MOOC

The course is about Entrepreneurship and creating a business. This short courses critical learning outcomes are the ability to understand how an entrepreneurs mind is. Another critical learning outcome identifies the common characteristics that entrepreneurs exhibit or show while running businesses (Fairlie and Fossen, 2018). Another crucial aspect that the student learns from this course is launching a new product by recognizing and understanding the product development stages. Lastly, the system provides a good ground for students to examine the various business models existing in the market.

The first skill that students can gain from this course is concerned with Entrepreneurial skills. These skills are related to how to manage a product and seek financing accordingly. Students need to be visionary, creative, and full of passion for students to develop this skill. The next set of skills gained includes selling skills and product development skills.

Selling skills are related to the ability to communicate the value of the product to customers in a manner that increases revenue. On the other hand, product development skills are gained where students learn how a product is conceived, developed, marketing, and exit from the market.

  • Fairlie, R.W . and Fossen, F.M., 2018. Opportunity versus necessity entrepreneurship: Two components of business creation.
  • Payne, A., Frow, P. and Eggert, A., 2017. The customer value proposition: evolution, development, and application in marketing. Journal of the Academ y of Marketing Science, 45(4), pp.467-489.


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Posiadamy certyfikat GPWA, organizacji zrzeszającej najlepsze kasynowe portale, które m. in. kierują się uczciwymi zasadami, respektują prawa czytelników i utrzymują wysokie standardy. Patrząc na nazwę i logo, serwis Pan Kasyno prezentuje dość humorystyczny, wyluzowany styl prowadzenia witryny z grami hazardowymi. Jednak warstwa wizualna i sympatyczny brand hero tego kasyna nie powinien Was mylić – jest to naprawdę ciekawa propozycja ze sporą liczbą gier i całkiem przyzwoitą ofertą promocyjną. Kasyno 20Bet to imponująca platforma hazardowa, które ma do zaoferowania o wiele więcej niż tego się spodziewaliśmy. To bezpieczna witryna oferująca szeroki wybór opcji zakładów sportowych oraz gier kasynowych. Ponadto dostępne są tu dwa wspaniałe bonusy dla nowych graczy, które oferują zarówno pieniądze bonusowe, jak i darmowe spiny. https://online-wiki.win/index.php?title=Otworzone_polski_kasyno Jeśli chodzi o początki hazardu w Europie, za prawdopodobne początki tej rozrywki uznaje się Monte Carlo w Monako – to właśnie tam, w połowie XIX w. otwarto pierwsze kasyno. Pierwsze kasyno online z prawdziwymi pieniędzmi zostało uruchomione w 1996 roku przez InterCasino – dostawcę, który jest nadal popularny wśród graczy. Niemal ćwierć wieku później, koncepcja hazardu online nie tylko przyjęła się, ale stanowi ponad jedną czwartą całego rynku gier hazardowych na Starym Kontynencie. Oznacza to, że obecnie mamy dosłownie tysiące najlepszych kasyn online, sklepy z zakładami sportowymi, witryny pokera online i wiele więcej! Jeśli zdecydowałeś się spróbować swoich sił w slotach i chcesz w końcu zagrać w najlepsze maszyny do gier, to musisz znaleźć do tego odpowiednie kasyno internetowe, które udostępnia darmowe automaty do gry. Nasz zespół przetestował tysiące kasyn i zebrał listę tych najlepszych, gdzie można zagrać w automaty za darmo!

GlbENKM November 27, 2022 - 10:27 pm

Ни для кого не секрет, что качественный и разнообразный интимный досуг – это залог успешной личной жизни. Если вам не хочется выбирать женщину на просторах социальных сетей, и вас способны привлечь лишь самые опытные индивидуалки, рекомендуем перейти на онлайн-ресурс https://autobalashov.ru! Каталог анкет отличается максимально доступными и привлекательными вариантами, и мы утверждаем, что вы сможете подобрать идеальную партнершу!

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Если вам безумно хочется повидаться со шлюхой, но при этом не знаете, где стоит искать проверенную информацию об активных женщинах с вашего города, непременно посетите этот портал https://armadiprint.ru. Здесь представлены профили отборных шлюх, способных реализовать все ваши желания. Выберите подходящую красотку и запишите ее номер телефона!

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Напряженный график работы не дает вам расслабиться и заняться интимным досугом? Нет желания тратить энергию на развлечения со стандартными дамами, потому что вас привлекают исключительно обученные шлюхи? В связи с этим, непременно посетите онлайн-ресурс https://distantspace.ru и ознакомьтесь со страницами возможных спутниц!

barcorn November 28, 2022 - 9:41 pm

摘要:  绘画是最容易接触的艺术,也是学习成本最低的艺术。一只手里的笔可以创造出比黄金和钻石更珍贵的东西。那么,世界十大最贵名画是哪些? 1、山东广播电视台下属21个广播电视频道的作品均已授权齐鲁网(以下简称本网)在互联网上发布和使用。未经本网所属公司许可,任何人不得非法使用山东省广播电视台下属频道作品以及本网自有版权作品。 Club Qing创办人Aaron Chan表示:“每张扑克牌背后都有其独特的收藏故事。我很高兴能以单瓶形式把此一重要收藏公诸同好,好让更多威士忌藏家能够参与,赏鉴,或储齐整体扑克牌珍藏。” 这套威士忌的估价在170万美元至200万美元之间,这意味着即使以最低估价成交,它也将打破邦瀚斯拍卖行(Bonhams)在去年11月创下的全球最贵威士忌拍卖纪录 – 那也是一套羽生扑克牌威士忌(54支),成交价为152万美元。 https://aboutlamu.com/forum/profile/alexandra098530/ 日本麻将,日语称作“麻雀(マージャン)”,是日本常见的麻将玩法,通常以点计算。 麻将是汉族发明的一种益智游戏,麻将又称作麻雀牌。据有关资料记载,在江苏太仓县有一个大粮仓,常年的囤积稻谷。粮食多自然就是雀患频频发生,每年因为雀患损失了不少粮食。管理粮仓的官员为了奖励捕雀者,便制作了竹牌记录捕雀数量。这种竹牌刻着各种花纹和数字,既可以作为领奖的凭证,又可以用来玩游戏。 在香港,最常见的风格是香港麻将 广东麻将,也就是90年代大多数香港电影里的麻将风格。刘德华有一部很棒的电影叫做《呖咕呖咕新年财》,附有英文字幕,可在Netflix上观看。在过去的几十年里,另一种流行的风格是港台麻将,现在我的很多阿姨和当地人都在玩这种。而在这个指南,我们将专注于香港 广东风格的游戏玩法和策略。

DtfECPI November 29, 2022 - 12:20 am

Практически каждый день на онлайн-портале https://beyondcomparison.ru публикуются новые профили обаятельных шлюх. Если вы жаждете снять красивую женщину и договориться о проведении встречи, вам необходимо осмотреть представленный каталог анкет или воспользоваться удобной системой поиска, которая значительно поможет вам в поиске партнерши, исходя из ваших идеалов красоты!

YryAXVO November 30, 2022 - 9:57 am

GoWild Casino is one of the most popular casino sites in the world, offering 100% match bonus up to €2500 plus tons of other promotions that you can’t miss.


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