Beauty Salon Business Plan in New York

Jemina’s Beauty Salon

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Company and Industry

After watching many ladies go through hell on queues in New York when lining up to be serviced, I saw an opportunity to fill in the high demand for salon services. This is where the whole idea of Jimena’s salon came from. I consulted a few of my trusted friends on the picture. They bought the idea and encouraged me to pursue the dream to the latter.

I had to go a 3-month short course on beauty and therapy to improve my skills on the subject. I have also been looking for any potential partner who can support me in bringing up the idea to reality. I can say the journey has been quite adventurous, and I have gained a vast of knowledge.

The salon industry is very lucrative since the pay generally depends on the quality of the service rendered. This means that there is no fixed price. Therefore better services mean better revenue and more customers. A service rendered to one customer can act as a powerful marketing tool if the services are pleasant.

Beauty Salon Business Plan

Management Team

  • The management team consists of three individuals, namely;
  • Tahmina Rahman, who is the chief executive and owner of the business
  • Talia Makideu is the general supervisor.
  • Walau Wareng acts as the financial advisor of the salon.
    • Talia Makideu has been working in the salon industry for the last ten years. She is a vital asset to the industry.
    • He is expected to maintain the financial statements of the company efficiently, entirely, and on time. He also has the responsibility to remit taxes on time to avoid cases of tax evasion.

Executive Summary

JEMINAs BEAUTY SALON is a cosmetic shop that offers various products, threading, facials, eyelashes waxing, and henna tattoos. JEMINAs is located in New York. The team behind JEMINAs is very experienced in beauty stuff. The teams strive to provide quality and affordable products or services at competitive and reasonable prices. I will acquire funds from the bank.  

My initial capital is expected to be 1500 Dollars. I will source all the funds from the bank. I hope to generate revenue of over 2Million Dollars per year in the first year. My venture is a critical foreign earner, and as such, it is essential in economic development. That’s why one of our longtime objectives is to venture into international markets. We shall use our products in Dollars since it’s common currency but foreign we also accept. We shall give a discount to our customers to attract them.

I have identified several risks that include stiff competition from the existing players offering similar or related products. We are counting on continuous innovation, customer-centric products, and a good working environment to sustain my growth and strong presence in the market. I will give good service with good products to make my customers happy. I will also make sure the products I am buying are suitable for all types of skins to satisfy my customers. Good manners will make my service strength better. 

To get more customers, I will pass out flyers, make ads and commercials online. The weakness of my service would be if I cannot make my customers satisfied. If I can be friendly with my customer, I can make my business bigger and stronger. I will give them discounts, which is how they will be more eager to come back again. My competitive advantage is I will look for a busy place where all the market competitions. Customers will prefer our product because our product will be 100 percent natural. The price list would be affordable so everyone can get what they wish for. I think my business will be successful because of how I will give excellent service to people and represent myself in a friendly manner. This business type expects to see the person who serves them; they should be close enough to understand them. Plus, I don’t have to hire other people because all my family members have experience with beauty.   

Quality of the Product

The idea is feasible and a business to venture into. It will generate many adequate cash flows and profits simply because the location where I will start the company is a busy place, so that the customers will be available. I have identified several risks that include stiff competition from existing players offering similar or related products number. Still, I will have a competitive advantage due to the product that will be offering, which will be pure natural this will attract a lot of customers in the location. In addition, labor is available; I can raise the capital and get the license without any problem. My business will attract many customers due to the discount; the product and services offered will make them loyal to me.

A customer-driven focus of my business will enable me to launch my idea successfully, thorough market analysis, customer needs, and competition in advance. Several activities should be conducted, including testing and screening concept, feasibility assessment legal, finances availability. Having constant interaction with my customers will enable me to know their needs that need to be addressed and get their views on how to deliver the products and services to meet the expectation. Close relationships with the customers will enable me to offer new and unique benefits that add value to customers and better than the competition. Solid upfront activities will define the attributes, benefits of the product and services offered and reduce time to market.

My budget for starting up my business is not huge, and the products that I’m going to use in my business are not expensive. Therefore, I will apply for a loan from the bank, which will be used as my startup capital. My products include: facial products, wax, lotion, eyelashes, alcohol, thread, and some cosmetics for makeup; all these products will not require many products to be used in the business. Availability of the labor from my family members who are well conversant with the beauty stuff will reduce the labor amount.

My marketing plan will enable my business to succeed since it spells out what, when, and how. Employees will be committed to it since they will not waste time wondering what to do.

Quality of the Presentation

In my presentation, I have to introduce the background of my product and services to my customers. The information I will be given depends on the knowledge of my audience for them to stage what’s coming next. Then, I focus on the attention to the challenge or situation the customers are experiencing, and it has not been addressed. After showing that I understand the problem of my customers, I should provide the solution. I should show them how my product will be a solution to their problems. My products should give them the unique benefits that they lack from a competitor.

Selling an idea to customers is daunting and challenging. I have to do some of the activities to make sure that I provide the best quality services, attract many customers, and make a profit. Some of the activities include: knowing the audience this is researching the audience to understand the specific needs and the relation to my service and products. Identify the right person to get the information and make the appointment to get to know what they want and know the time I should spend. Knowing well the type of the product and services is another advantage for the business, avoiding the generic pitch that does not help the customers; instead, it should be unique. I should tell a story about my product and services using simple language and keep it short to the customer giving the benefits.

I should rehearse my pitch with the friends to make sure I can deliver. Confirmed the allocation and time and communicate it to customers. I will make sure I provide the rise without any nervousness, especially for the first time. When communicating with the customers, I should keep positive body language and maintain eye contact. Finally, I should outline the steps for the buyer, negotiate with the customer, accept the rejection gracefully, and get a referral for other customers.

The attire matters a lot when I meet with clients or business associates; in any place, I should dress appropriately. Since I’m going to work in a salon, my attire will so simple compare to when I m going for an appointment. I will wear simple clothes, for example, a short and t-shirt and apron because of the services and products I m offering. Wearing suits, but if I doubt the client’s attire, I should dress traditionally, which will be appropriate. Casual will also do when I’m not going to any appointments or meetings, but it should be decent casual.

In presentations, I will use several tools: Prezi, Zoho show, EWC presenter, Empress, present. Prezi- This is a stylish online presentation creation tool that allows simple text, objects, images, and videos. Since my work is all about innovation, Prezi is the first presentation tool of my career where I will be taking videos and pictures and uploading them on the net. Zoho- this is a web-based tool that allows the design of work, and it has a free and paid version, and it supports PowerPoint, which will be appropriate for me to use in my career. EWC Presenter- this is an online presentation tool that allows the use of images, design, icons, and colors’ the presentations. This will make my presentation colorful, attracting more customers, and also it does presentation slides. EMPRESS- this is one of the powerful online presentations that allows importing of images and audio. It creates beautiful presentations using a wide range of features. PRESENT- I will use present in the production of my work because it offers flexibility in terms of editing options and presentation.

I should be well conversant with the product and services that I am offering. Since my products are natural, I should do enough research concerning the background of the product. This will enable me to answer any question that concerns my services. My services to the customers should be of high quality, also know what they would like to get an added advantage.

Product and Service Plan

The business will specialize in giving out highly and good services and products of a cosmetic. The services and products will include threading, facials, eyelashes waxing, and henna tattoos. The business is economical because it only requires some knowledge in providing the services.

I believe my product is unique because it’s natural, and no other competitor is offering a similar effect in the market. This will give me an added advantage in venturing into it and will attract more customers.

Marketing Plan

The main objective of this business will be to provide quality products and services to meet their demands, To achieve strategic goals.


Customer is key to the success of any business. My focus will be on all kinds of customers, and they will be served at any time because the products are available. The customers can also give orders according to the design they will like.

Pricing Strategy

To come up with prices and cost of operation, the following factors should be considered:

Competitors’ prices- I will consider the costs the merits of the competitor to determine which fee will be suitable for the product.

Customers’ prices- I will consider customers by giving them a discount.

Government policy- I will also consider taxation in the pricing of the products. When taxes increase, the prices will increase and vice versa. The government policy, i.e., trading licensed and other document costs, should be recovered.

The prices should also be based on other expenses incurred, including labor, electricity, and water.

Market Research

This will give the business to know what kinds of new products and services may bring a profit. Market research enables the company to see if they are meeting the customers’ needs and expectations, also it indicates where and who my customers are. Primary methods- the goal of the direct way is to gather data on the current sales and check whether the practices are effective or not. This includes; interviews, surveys, and questionnaires. Secondary methods- the goal of the second method is to analyze data that has already been published. I can identify the competitors and target segment—this includes; journals and business dailies. 


The advantages of sticking posters on the wall of shopping centers all over the town will promote the business.

Place Strategy

This plays a vital role in the marketing of the product and services. I will place my product and services in the way of gaining market share and consumer purchases.

Capital Requirements

My initial capital will be 1500 Dollars. I will source funds from the bank. I will be able to generate revenues from my business by providing services to the customers. In 3 years, I will repay the loan.

I lack human skills, but I plan to interact more with people to improve my human skills. Human talent is fundamental to any business since it allows one to interact with the customers.

Exit Strategies

I will consider the following exit strategies, which will include: liquidation- this is when I decide that enough is enough. This strategy is easy and natural; there are neither transfer issues nor negotiations involved. Selling to a friendly buyer- I can sell to a friend who had asked about it. Selling to a friend is expected because you can still have contact with a friend. 

Benefits to the Community

Economic Development

First, the saloon will be a source of employment for experienced persons in society. When several youths are employed, it means that the living standard of the individuals will be improved.

The saloon will also act as a source of revenue to the local authorities. The salon is a business premise, so it will have to pay taxes to the government. These taxes are used to improve the farewell of society. Public social amenities such as hospitals and dispensaries receive the required resources for their maintenance and smooth running.

Community Development

Usually, every business started in a society has to have a social responsibility towards the society. Jasmina’s saloon hopes to give back to the community by creating a scholarship program for the less fortunate. The scholarship will cover up fees at any level of education. This will significantly improve the level of education in the community. A well-educated community is a poverty-free society.

Another way in which the salon will be of benefit to society is through starting projects in the community such as town cleaning. These seem small and meaningless from a glance, but deep inside, it helps raise awareness of the need always to keep our environment clean. By acting as a good example, the rest of the community will follow suit. This leads to a clean and healthy environment.

Human Development

One of how Jamina’s will be of help to society is by training several youths on the skills of a saloon. This will improve the human resource quality in the community.