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Best Landing Spots in Fortnite Season 3

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Fortnight is one of the most sought-after game by most of the gamers. The online video game features three different modes of gameplay; all of these share the typical game engine, which is the Fortnite: Save the World and the gameplay experience. As we progress down the season 3 lane, many things are uncovered.

fortnite landing spots season 3

Fortnite’s new season has made several major improvements to the game’s world. You will be having a completely new set of landing spots in Fortnite, as you may already have known. It is always easier to land at a proper landing spot, to get a good kick-start in the game. This guide will help you find the best Fortnite landing spots. It will also increase your chances of surviving with smooth rotations for longer in the game.

Practically the entire season 3 Fortnite map is underwater. Even if there are many two POIs from season, you will not be able to access them. With every new Fortnite season, we have seen a brand new narrative tale. You will meet three new Bosses in Fortnite’s third season, Kit, who is rumored to be the son of Meowscles, Jules ‘The Builder’ and Ocean. Season 3 has eaten up many POIs from chapter 2, which means the launch of several new landing points.

The Pawntoon is the first landing place we suggest to you. The Pawntoon mark is not to be found on the season 3 diagram. The Pawntoon is a boat with a hidden loot in it. For every game the Pawntoon’s, position changes. You can place the Pawntoon at the edges of the diagram. After you have found the Pawntoon, a supply drop, a faction chest, six standard chests, Fishing spots and heaps of slope barrels will be rewarded.

If you are a solo player, the loot from the Pawntoon that you will get will be more than enough. Although it seems fun to loot the Pawntoon, players often can find it very difficult to locate the Pawntoon.

The next landing place we suggest is the Island close to the Fun Park. Most Fortnite players prefer to skip this island, finding it as being worthless. However, it is not the facts. Games, as rarely someone lands here, you will enjoy the entire Island to yourself. Consider landing near a blue house in the middle of the island. Please note to loot it clockwise. All over the Island, you will get wooden planks, bricks, and metal scraps. The supplies will be enough to keep you moving on in the game.There is also a Whirlpool near this Mysterious Island. This Whirlpool will help you rotate quickly.

The third landing spot we suggest is that of the Retail Side. Retail was introduced in chapter one of Fortnite, but has held its pride in the game. The waters do not affect this location in Fortnite’s third chapter still. When you are exploring the Retail Row, you can get floor loot, arms, chests and much more. It is quite easy to explore a Retail Path. It is positioned at the corner of the Fortnite map and does not attract much attention from the players in Fortnite. Those were the best landing spots we got for Fortnite’s third season.

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