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What are the Best Places to Buy Property in Istanbul

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Istanbul offers a variety of buyer options in the heart of the city and its suburbs. There is an opportunity to get an apartment in the center of town or in a quiet spot in the suburbs.

There are several benefits to the Turkish real estate market, which attract foreign buyers to Istanbul. Several facilities and incentives were provided by the Turkish Government to obtain citizenship.

Istanbul is a top-notch city, and Turkey’s cultural center. It is not only an important investment marketplace but also a tourist destination for the countries of Europe and the Middle East. In this blog, you will explore several areas of Turkey that are considered Istanbul real estate hotspots.

What are the Best Places to Buy Property in Istanbul

Basin Express Immobilien Istanbul

The Basin Express Highway houses many multinational corporations and houses the famous five-star hotels. The highway connects both the E5 and TEM interstate. The highway has expanding projects and includes even common residential areas. There is a big real estate for sale here in Istanbul. It houses the popular Istanbul Market and the melting pot for tourists from Arab and foreign countries.

The region was gaining notoriety because of its proximity to the great Basaksehir and Bahcesehir neighborhoods, including the new airport.

Esenyurt Real Estate for Sale in Istanbul

Esenyurt is an important destination for foreign tourists according to the Istanbul real estate market report. It is a crowded place and houses a cosmopolitan mixture of culture. The town has two important aspects, informal slums, and residential complexes in the second part. The residential developments have many high to low estate.

Several foreign investors are eager to purchase property in this region. It is also an inexpensive area in Istanbul, and is a promising area. The new subway line would also promote transportation making it a hotbed destination for investors.

Sisli A Popular Istanbul Real Estate Destination

One of Istanbul’s outstanding areas is Sisli. It features luxurious apartments and various foreign brands. Sisli is a major destination for Istanbul real estate. The place is in the heart of town and is easily accessible from the Takshim area. The area houses the finest residential complexes, and investors will find numerous shopping malls near the property.

Beylikduzu Real Estate Area for Sale in Istanbul

The Beylikduzu area contains many upcoming projects. In Istanbul, this place has a lot of real estate for rent. Situated on the European side of Istanbul, this location provides views of the Marmara Sea. The best residential services you will find in this city. For foreigners, it is an important investment destination, where property prices are relatively cheap. The Beylikduzu area is home to schools, universities, and main shopping centers.

New properties, resale units, resorts, and villas are to be found for sale in this area. Prominent firms build the complexes, and most villas are maritime-facing properties. You may also get important information about properties in this area by contacting an agent.

Other Important Residential Investment Areas Istanbul

Istanbul real estate has some hot property deals that lure buyers to this location. Many important areas such as Kadikoy, located on the Asian side, exist. The place provides substantial capital gains on the land and competitive yields. Kadikoy includes several costly areas, and prices are expected to rise in the future.

Umraniye is located in the finance center and houses the main subway lines. In this region, too there is a steady rise in property prices. Istanbul has plenty of upcoming projects in the pipeline and is expected to become an important investment destination.

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