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12 World’s Best Stand-Up Paddleboarding Spots

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Paddleboarding is a genuinely common sport these days. This also is one of the best practices for water creations worldwide. There is no better option to see the god making wonders than on a stand-up paddleboard from the crystal blue clean ocean precisely when brassica, trees, snow-covered mountains, magnificent sky, and objects close it.

Apart from that, standing up paddleboards (SUP) gives you a thrilling and exciting experience on the waterbed. You can do a lot of fun stuff with the SUP, this is not enough. For example, even on the first attempt, you can practice yoga or fitness exercises that treat your body well, and reduce your stress level. You will go with your friend on surfing, fishing, and snorkeling, sailing and romantic dates. Beyond these, you can do so many other things on one. So if you can make use of all these stuff from doing a single task, you definitely should try this one out.

Citizens around the world, committing themselves to being a part of this operation. Some famous celebrities also say it will be an Olympic sport. ICF also stated in 2019 that SUP athletes could participate in a world championship, too. According to the report, each year, paddleboarding increases and captures the attention of people from around the world regardless of the age at which a person belongs.

If you are looking to try paddleboarding in the best places in the world, then you are the right place,After a comprehensive study and paddleboarders feedback, we gather the best places for you people to do paddleboarding. These are the best top paddleboard destinations worldwide:

The Bahamas

The Bahamas

If you ‘re searching for a fun place to paddle board along pink sand beaches and swimming pigs, then grab your paddle board and head to the Bahamas. For over 2,000 miles of coastline to explore, this will be one of the best SUP trips of your life. Our favorite Bahama destinations include Staniel Cay, Harbour Island, and Compass Bay. Each of these locations provides special habitats filled with complex marine life. On your paddle board, you’ll get to witness schools of colorful fish, pods of dolphins, and maybe even a sunken plane wreck.The Bahamas are located along the hurricane zone, so always check the weather and storm predictions when preparing your holiday.

Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

You will find various charming beaches in Hawaii, but sunset beach is one of Hawaii’s most popular beaches and, honestly, it is worth a visit. Sunset beach located on Oahu’s north shore in Hawaii, typically known for its summer paddleboarding and winter surfing. SUP is suitable for the Hawaiian summer season because it has found that the ocean waves are moderate, which is perfect for Paddleboarding.

Without a question, Hawaii is the birthplace of standing up Paddleboarding, so the whole Paddleboarding method is not that complicated if you do not have a paddleboard, you can also hire it at such a fair price from there. Sunset beach is a great place to spend the whole day with family or loved ones.

This beach is located outside Haleiwa Town, so if you are feeling hungry, there are plenty of famous food chain trucks. For example, there is the famous Seven Bother food truck from where you can get burgers and cheesy fries, and Crispy Grintz, famous for Brazilian food, is over there. So many more that will make the day amazing and a fun day for sure.

Nearby, you can also paddle there, Waimea bays its position, which is four miles away. In addition, particularly for beginners in Haleiwa, there is a popular Puaena spot where a beginner can comfortably ride on flat water over the calm waves.

Colorado River, Arizona

Colorado River, Arizona

Colorado River is an adventure dream destination and makes you stop off long route trips. Since there are four great adventure parks nearby where you can do paddleboarding, climbing, surfing, and other outdoor or water sports, this will make your holiday or travel unforgettable.

According to journal science studies, The Colorado River is now becoming the southwest lifeline. The tourist loves the last weather improvements there, and has mostly spent their holiday in Colorado River. Despite of its rugged view the Colorado River is popular for paddle boarding. The trippers loved to do paddleboarding in a position where the mountains protected both of your legs, and there are several narrow ways that will get you to the middle of this 1,450-kilometer long channel.

Throughout the snowfall season when all of the mountain is white with heavily covered snow, the tourist wants to visit this fascinating location. It gives you the surface of heaven, and melted into the river as the changes occur in the weather and snow started. Water drops rain over the paddleboarders and they feel lovely and thankful to God for his beautiful majesty. As it’s reported that it’s the bad news for the paddleboarder that the river flow will drop to 19 to 31 percent if the carbon emission continues at the same location.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Paradise Island is one of Indonesia’s most popular destinations, the top priority for tourists. So whatever a tourist needs to make it unique in their trip, in this steamy Island, anything is readily accessible. There are so many things on water that you can do in Bali. Like scuba diving, this is one of Bali’s most common water sports, surfing, wakeboarding, parasailing and many others.

However, if you are in Bali and you have not tried paddleboarding yet, that is going to be a big disappointment. Paddleboarding is not just a water sport, it is also a perfect workout to maintain your body strength and calm your mind on a cool ocean breeze. Bali’s waves are so gentle you can even throw waves at yourself and do some yoga on decks. For your wonderful holiday plan, you can easily hire the board there.

Indonesia’s Island Bali is famed for so many positive things. Clear Blue Sea, nightlife in bars, temples and numerous enticing locations drawing almost all travelers to visit this popular destination. If it’s once in a lifetime or for a couple of days, the place is sure to make holidays the best of them all.

Bali is the most visited destination in Indonesia, with the tourism growth rising. In addition, through this tourism, Bali produced 80 per cent of the income. Tourists are drawn to their stunning marine or aquatic life.

Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz, California

If we talk about Paddleboarding, in Northern California we cannot forget the name of Santa Cruz. The spatiality and ionic fact about Santa Cruz is that its lake’s water always remains icy or frosty and the paddleboarder needs to wear wet suits because of that. There is a Santa Cruz park in California, which is entitled to the country’s historical landmarks.

There are so many other parks near Santa Cruz, which tourists like to visit. Including Twin Lakes States Beach, Sea Bright State Beach, Lighthouse Field State Beach and Natural Bridges State Beach. Although Natural Bridges State Beach, is located on Santa Cruz’s northern side. It is popular for activities related to the marine and water life.

Luckily, due to the whales and other marine creatures, the paddleboarders in Santa Cruz have the opportunity to see the whale at sea. There are different places to guide paddleboarders to be aware of the danger. There is a popular steamer lane, which gives you the Paddleboarding to your satisfaction. In short, they represent all of Paddle boarding’s joys from beginners to the advanced stage , making this ocean special.

A maverick is a location in Santa Cruz where the very big wave of water and paddle boarders gathered there is taking place, and here the huge contest between the paddleboarders begins. The height of these mighty waves has been reported as 60 meters above sea level.

Island of The Caribbean

Island Of The Caribbean

We just want a fun holiday and the happiest one of our holidays. We consider the position the gives you the divine joy and for the paddle boarders in particular. Because of its open location, this place is no less than paradise, and the sun shines like the glitter on the water that always makes your mood to do paddleboard here and not go anywhere. The water of this island is so pure that the person can easily see all of the marine life and animals how to do paddleboard here. This special ocean’s color or hue is much like greenish-blue, which is see-through due to its light tone.

There are more than 7000 islands, but the beauty and most fun of this island is its cool, green and safe climate, which is why people dream of going there and paddling there.

This Island’s water still remains cool and adjusts its temperature under the heat of the sun. Most paddleboarders do yoga there to feel comfortable in the waters of this fascinating island, because of its greenery. Paddle boarders make a short trip on their board as / the water is much stagnant than the other Island.

The Caribbean workers will include you the paddleboard lessons and will be able to rent paddleboards for your convenience and their coaches as well. The Caribbean’s total vote for the best place to do paddleboard here, so far.



Often known as Holland, the Netherlands is situated in Caribbean Western Europe. Netherlands is considered one of the world’s lowest-lying nations. Nonetheless, the nation has enormous canals, reservoirs, and rivers. In addition, the climate in the Netherlands is God-gifted that year-round visitors will visit this country, whether it is winter or summer. Though this country consists of twelve provinces where Amsterdam is the most popular and famous city.

Outside of these Dutch canals, rivers and lakes give their visitors great paddleboarding. The only drawback is that in summers you should use a single paddleboard, rather than winter. In winter, the lakes are in freezing temperatures, so this season is giving your paddleboards some rest. However, the sea refreshes you with red, yellow, and blue tulips in the summer, a bloom that attracts the paddleboarders to board in this region.

There are so many best hot spots that if you are in the Netherlands, you can quickly go there. Amsterdam, the Amsteel River, Ijsselmeer, and Utrecht for example. These are the best paddle boarding towns in the Netherlands just for enjoying the perfect water and natural life. Although Utrecht is also a great Netherlands area, it gives the traveler a unique touch in paddle boarding as the canal linked together with the two streets and a unique basement for the wharf. That attracts many travelers to paddleboard there to experience a beautiful look from the water and change it.

Banff, Alberta

Banff, Alberta

Banff is a city located in Alberta, Canada. Banff is a resorted town that has been designed especially for the tourist. Albert is the city where there are numerous remarkable parks, there is a wide range of trilling lakes from light blue to dark greenish-blue, but the most famous of all parks is the Banff National Park. The Banff is primarily the Paddleboarders’ destination. This new lake is turquoise in colour.

If someone wants to do a paddleboard, there is no better place than Banff, Alberta, due to its natural beauty, the paddleboarders experience the heavenly joy when sailing, and their color can see the freshness and purity of the shade water. The spatiality of Banff is that if you want to do your dog’s paddleboard, they will provide you, classes, for your dog’s joy.

Some lakes are so cold as the temperature of the Banff nation, that it freezes the entire lake. Despite of its high temperature this lake is not recommended as the best in the winter season as paddle boarders are unable to do their boarding in the frozen water. The best and most precious time for the tourist to do paddleboarding is the summer season or spring season when the sun is at its peak and the cold water hits your body, if you goanna visits this fantasy lake you will be amazed by this creature of Nature. The best months I recommend my readers do paddleboard here are June, July, and August in the primary.



How can we miss Italy’s name when there is talk of paddleboarding? The nation possesses more than 150 canals. Italy originated as a tourist city. The biggest of these all channels is The Grand Canal, Venice’s main waterway, and the most famous for its appearance. It is 3 km long and 30-70 meters deep, and paddle boarders like to paddle in Grand Canal because of its vast size.

If you are on a paddleboarding trip to Italy, I would suggest you go to the Venice Canal. The beauty of the Venice Canal is its river beauty and calmness, the sounds of birds and daily all birds drink water from this river at sunset time, and paddle boarders look at this view.

There are large numbers of canals where we can do paddling boarding, but Giudecca Canal, Muzza Canal, Navigli, Navecelli Channel are the top voted channels for paddle boarding.

Thanks to its calm water, River Arno is one of the best places to paddleboard with a family in Italy and there is no danger there. Here you can easily learn how to use various and special strategies to stand up paddleboarding. Italy’s atmosphere allows your mood paddleboarding here. If we talk about the world’s best and low-rate paddle boarding, then we always prefer Italy for the comfort of the paddle boarders because of its low paddleboarding budget.



Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia. You are widely known for its hot steamy beaches, the temple of Buddha, noble palaces, wine, and much more. This claimed that Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, which cannot even compare to any other country. Alternatively, standing up Paddleboarding is the best thing you can do to enjoy your trip in Thailand.

Bang Tao Beach is one of Turkey’s best destinations, where you can use paddleboard in warm and clear calm water, known as Phuket’s best island. This place is often recommended to beginners, as this land’s water is easy to practice Paddleboarding.

There is another popular beach in Thailand known as Patang Beach, this beach crowded with numerous cafés and a high restaurant lifestyle that attracts travelers on this beach to paddleboard. Sairee beach is also located, and is known for being Thailand’s longest beach. Whether for paddleboarding, long walks, swimming and scuba diving, travelers prefer this Island. Railay beach is also a popular place in Thailand, which surely makes your trip worthy! This magnificent beach is surrounded by a sparkling ocean of dazzling blue with its lush environment, forest and monkeys. In a club in this town, you can also enjoy various concerts, restaurants, and nightlife.

Okay, in a dramatic and beautiful setting, Thailand is the perfect choice for paddling in. Thailand also provides rental paddleboards, teaches Paddleboarding lessons and guides you on your tours. That you can use if you want someone to accompany you on all of your Thailand journeys. In addition, make your vacations with your family and friends a remarkable destination.

 The Fjords In Norway

 The Fjords In Norway

Norway has about 1,190 fjords. Norway’s beautiful fjord sceneries are replete with ice ages. You will find everything from big towns to famous islands in fjords Norway. The Paddleboarding fjords are such a beautiful place. The national magazine of geographic travelers says that this is the number one travel spot in a survey of various countries around the world. Snow-covered mountains, smooth surface water that the Paddleboarding strongly recommended. For paddleboard riders this location is a dream destination.

The Sognefjord is in the west of Norway, in the vested land. One of Norway’s largest and considerable fjords. SUP at Sagnefjords would be such a wonderful experience in your life that you would ever have. Ocean completely covered with beautiful landscapes, flexible mountains that further enhance the ocean’s beauty. You can also visit several other areas on ships that you cannot reach but can quickly navigate with the Paddleboarding.

Naerofjord, also situated in Norway’s vested land, and it is the Sognefjord branch. Naerofjordis one of Norway’s narrowest fjords. To these travelers whose belief in nature or the existence of God, this fjord recommended this? Including, a mountain full of hot wind, breathtaking mountains, snowflakes, and crystal ocean rain and flexible. Naerofjord and Geirangerfjord are considered a popular tourist destination in the world, also on a list prepared by UNESCO. Within these fjords, you will visit farms too.

Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia

Although surfers in Australia prefer to go to the big waves in New South Wales, the best place for paddleboarders is in the largest city in western Australia: Perth. The stunning, flat waters of the Swan River are the best for newbies to hone their technique and gain confidence. Cottesloe Beach is an perfect stretch of sand for laid back paddleboarding with gentle waves as well as a few breaks extending from Cable Station to Deep 6, Dutch Inn, Seconds and Cove. When you want to get out and snorkel, this place is great for that too.


Water sports activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling and the most famous paddleboarding, all these become the best tourist activities. Tourists can do many activities through Paddleboarding. They can do yoga, workouts, fishing mining and many things that have been listed above, for instance.

Paddleboarding also benefits a person in burning lots of calories, boosting the levels of vitamin D from paddling under the sun during daytime. In addition, the other activities, paddleboarding, do all these things in an hour, as it is a full-body exercise that keeps you physically fit and helps to minimize the stress level and mentally fit you out.

You can also build communities and grouping system in the destinations as described above, thereby enabling you to make new friends from different countries and plan your next trip to the following paddleboard destinations with them. In addition, who knows, from that you will discover your life’s potential soul mate! You can also learn new skills by mates, and a paddleboard lesson that suits you the most to get to know it better. It has thus proved that paddling 15 minutes a day helps your heart system to function better and healthier. This also helps you to visit the countries around the world, and through Paddleboarding can easily investigate the best development of water life in the world. In the final analysis, if you are a person who gets bored easily, then believe me this sport would be for you because it cannot get you tired and it is worth it.

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