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Best 6 Studio Headphones Under $50

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The consumer markets are filled with an exceptional set of headphones, which guarantee durability and the best sound quality. The studio headphones are among the vast categories of Headphones available. While it is said, these headphones are not for everyone, you might still want to get them. Whether you are just playing live music or working with audio professionally, you might need studio headphones!

Before moving to a guide on selecting the right studio headphones and a decent set of them, we’ll explore what studio headphones are and why they matter.

5 Best Studio Headphones Under 50

Headphones in the Studio: What are they?

The basic premise of headphones in the studio is that they’re a pair of headphones worn in the studio. Yet wait, it is not just that. There are several considerations, which are taken into account when recording in a studio. Echoes, background noise and reverb all affect what your microphone records are recording.

For this purpose, the studio headphones are made particularly with a flat frequency response, which allows you to hear everything that has been captured, whether good or bad. While headphones are a source of entertainment, headphones can be a device when dealing with audio for professional purposes. This is when headphones come in handy from the studio! Types of studio headphones

Two Types of Headphones you Need to Know About in Space.

  • Closed-back headphones

Filled with solid material, they typically block noise from the surrounding area as plastic and are best used by musicians who track live in one room. In addition, close-backed headphones often avoid the shifting or leakage of sound providing great isolation.

  • Open-Back Headphones

They have a mesh or grill cover on the outside of those headphone ear cups. They are designed to allow open-back headphones to breathe more while keeping the ambient noise in.

Best Studio Headphones Available to You Under $50

We have listed some of the best choices to help you select the best studio headphones under 50. Have a look below!

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Headphones with Professional Studio Monitor

ATH-M20x Headphones Best 6 Studio Headphones Under $50

These single model headphones have the perfect sleek look and are among the best options you have under 50. Built with advanced quality engineering, ideal for mixing and tracking, and 40 mm driver with copper clad wire coils and magnets, they provide excellent insulation in noisy environments from outside sound. The simplicity of contours and the low frequency output tuning make them the best headphones to use as a stereo headset.

  • Drivers 40 mm
  • Improved design built in
  • Aluminum voice calls made from copper coated wire
  • Circumaural feature contours, suitable for insulation
  • Durable and robust
  • Ideal for mixing and tracking acoustics
  • Leaving one-side cable

OneOdio Shut Back Over Ear Stereo DJ Controller Headphones

OneOdio Shut Back Over Ear Stereo DJ Controller Headphones Best 6 Studio Headphones Under $50

These headphones are ideal as a stereo set with superior sound quality and offer all day comfort, being in an affordable range of 50s. It offers crisp high tones for you to enjoy with 50 mm speaker drivers, solid bass, neodymium magnets and a strong voice. High quality ear cushions with padded covers are perfectly designed to provide maximum comfort and ideal insulation for noise. The stretchable headband can be adjusted and stretched so you can fit it at any angle u like.

  • Drivers with 50 mm speaker package
  • Relaxed and relaxed;
  • Coiled cord built for DJ
  • Padded earplugs
  • Detachable cables, plug-in mixer
  • Flexible, adjustable headband
  • High compatibility with various devices like iPad, android, iPhone etc.
  • Durable and robust

Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones

Samson SR850

These are semi-opened headphones, ideally designed for mastering, mixing and playback, available in three special designs such as studio, basic and studio reference headphones with over-ear and on-ear versions. They deliver an amazing frequency response along with a dynamic range, with 50 mm drivers and rare earth magnets. Those circumaural over-ear headphones provide the perfect comfort for long listening sessions with velour cushioning. Stereo adapter 1/4 “and headband self-adjustment contribute to its special features.

  • 50 mm Earth Magnete Drivers
  • Having extended response frequencies
  • Cushioning Velar
  • Auto-adjustable headband
  • Circumarine over-ear design
  • Varying shapes and sizes
  • Durable and robust

Behringer HPX2000 Headphones DJ Headphones in High Definition

Behringer HPX2000

Such headphones are available in four different configurations; HD, On-ear, Over-ear, Professional, and DJ and Studio, in two sizes. Those headphones are ideal as a stereo headphone option, providing super-transparent highs and a high-definition bass. Supporting an ultra-high dynamic range and a high performance cobalt case, these headphones have an oxygen-free single-sided cord with copper wires. They act as an ideal stereo headphone kit, with a wired connection and ideal support features.

  • Bass in High Definition
  • 1/4 “and 1/8” adapter.
  • One-sided cord and copper-free oxygen wires
  • Cable access
  • Various styles, and variety
  • Round, reversible and rotating, earplugs
  • Lasty headband

Sennheiser HD 202 II

Sennheiser HD 202 II

These are another pair of headphones I’ve used, mostly for mixing and listening to music, and while they’re good they certainly aren’t for everyone.The quality of sound is excellent, the bass is incredibly strong. These have an 18 Hz to 18k Hz frequency response range which makes them a great mixing option. Only the HD 202 IIs have a 10-foot cord, and are an over-ear model.

My only gripe with them is that the design is not very flexible; you can see many of the design features as both pros and cons depending on who you’re talking to.The ear cups are removable, which is something I do not like because it makes it difficult for me to use them, but for DJs it comes in handy. The headband isn’t too versatile (though it can be expanded), but it does make headphones snugly fitted.

  • Removable ear cups
  • Wide frequency range
  • Removable ear cups
  • Inflexible headband
  • Not very durable

AKG Pro Audio K72 Over-Ear, Closed-Back, Headphones at Studio

AKG Pro Audio K72

These stereo headphones are equipped with 40 mm drivers with extended frequency response to provide the ideal stereo sound experience, providing reference motor precision with its precisely balanced response. You will enjoy perfect fit without any external distractions with a close-back design that helps optimize insulation and a self-adjusting headband. These headphones are lightweight in construction with an over-ear design and offer exceptional comfort! You’re sure to enjoy the best stereo headphone experience, with all these features at hand.

  • Passengers 40 mm
  • Long response frequency; 16Hz-20Hz
  • Precise tracking of sources
  • Design to over-ear
  • Lightseeing style
  • Extraordinary confort
  • Auto-adjustable headband
  • Plug-in configuration

Headphones in Studio: A Guide to Buy

We need to get a pair of studio headphones whether we’re using headphones for home studio or for professional use. However, what things do you need when you buy them to look out for? We have compiled a guide to important things you need to learn before you purchase a studio headphone to help you avoid being confused. Here are a few things to look for in a headphone room.

Operation Type

You have to decide the purpose of buying the headphone before you go ahead. Want it just for mixing or have both; mixing and tracking purposes? One thing you need to look out for is the form of service. Some headphones in the studio are perfect for mixing; some for tracking and some may be all-rounders. Therefore, you have to decide why you need it to know what type of operation you need.


If you are buying a closed back, open back or semi-open headphones, the end requirement is a skilled blend that relies heavily on your headphones precision. To achieve the perfect mix you have to find the headset with the exact frequencies. Therefore, when selecting a headphone for mastering and mixing, be sure to keep the headphone accurate in mind.


You need to remember the insulation it can provide before purchasing a studio headset. A foam is used to filter out sound from the sound of the ear and to avoid leakage. Isolation is therefore important for a studio headphone, as it provides ideal sound without interference from outside.


No use wants to buy a headphone, which is not durable. If you invest heavily in such gears, you want them to last for a long time. Durability thus ranks among the top considerations when selecting the right pair of headphones. You need to weigh two things in terms of durability; the option of brand and a checked pair of stereo headphones. Make sure to go for a reliable brand and always choose the tested headphones to ensure the set you choose is durable. A recommendation is to go over consumer reviews on shopping sites and see input from consumers on a particular product. That can give you a hint on the durability of the items.

Studio Headphone FAQs

To help you select the right pair of headphones for your studio, here are some commonly asked questions that that help you make your choice.

Q1. Which Headphones Will be Best for Recording Vocals?

The job’s best headphones rely on what you are in for. While recording vocals with open-back headphones is a good choice, with semi-open headphones you can get a happy medium, which delivers a well-balanced sound at a good price. The open-back headphone will normally be the best option for voice recording.

Q2. What Headphones are the Best for Mixing?

If you are looking for a good mix, an open-back headphone is a good option, as they can easily be worn without putting much pressure on your head. While open-back headphones are good for the job, they can be more versatile and better when you can afford them.

Q3. Which Studio Headphones Should I Get?

Some things are going to decide which headphone studio you can purchase. The intent, you are budgeting and your requirement are some of the most important things that determine your headphone choice. When you fill in this information, businesses will provide expert advice on which headphones you will purchase.

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