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BETAFENCE Business Plan

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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Overview
  • Products And Services
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Job Roles And Responsibilities
    • Accountant
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Admin And HR Manager
    • Project Manager
    • Front desk officer/Customer service executive
    • Sales and marketing/ business developer
    • Fence construction engineers
  • SWOT Analysis
    • Strength
    • Weakness
    • Opportunities
    • Threats
    • Market Trends
  • Betafence Target Market
    • Competitive Advantage
    • Income Sources
  • Sales Forecast
    • Sales And Marketing Strategy
  • Advertising And Publicity Strategy
  • Our Pricing Strategy
    • Payment Methods
    • Military/Veteran Discount
  • Sustainability And Expansion Strategy
  • References


Executive Summary

Betafence is a well-known company in the fencing industry, providing services for the last 140 years. With headquarters in Europe and offices in the United States, Betafence is a world-famous leader in residential and commercial fencing. The company provides various products and services, including fence posts, fence panels, fence brackets, gates, and accessories made of different materials like steel, wood, vinyl, aluminum, and wire.

With a mission to provide high-quality fence products to clients, betafence will attain its vision to become the most popular and trustworthy brand in the fencing industry. The business structure will improve further along with a competent team and the best online presence through the official betafence website and social media platforms.

The strong relation of betafence with property owners, construction giants, and contractors is the company’s strength that puts it one level above the competitors. As the construction of homes, buildings, and other properties increases with time, there is a great opportunity in the fencing industry to boost the business by implementing the best tactics and strategies to ensure that the company is also leveling up.

Betafence will continue to use new ways to reach the target market and get clients that will also refer our company to others after getting high-quality services and products from betafence. Different advertising methods will be used to maximize business growth in all aspects.

Company Overview

Betafence is a well-known and famous fencing company that has gained customers’ trust for 140 years. Betafence has offices in the United States with headquarters in Europe. Our company is a global leader in commercial and residential fencing.

Our fences are used for protecting homes and for securing buildings and other properties. Betafence’s in-depth knowledge and long experience in fencing enable the company to provide the best fencing solution to clients according to their needs.

Betafence provides customers with outdoor, secure, and private living space by designing perimeter fencing. Along with this, the company also provides safety to protect public places.

The professionals and dedicated engineers team at betafence are highly experienced. They know how to design and build fences to ensure that people feel safe when their homes, buildings, and public places are protected through fences. Betafence provides vast physical security systems and therefore is a praesidiad brand.

Products And Services

Betafence offers various products and services within the fence construction industry scope. These services and products list is mentioned below;

  • Selecting a fence type
    • Steel
    • Aluminum
    • Wood
    • Vinyl
    • Wire
  • Fence panels
    • Pantanet fence – steel rolls
    • TruView Ornamental – Steel Fence Panels
    • Upgrade Ornamental – Steel Fence Panels
    • Prism 3D Ornamental – Steel Fence Panels
    • TruView – Alu – Ornamental Aluminum Fence Panels
  • Fence posts
    • TruView/Prism – Steel Fence Posts
    • Upgrade Ornamental – Steel Fence Posts
    • TruView – Alu – Aluminum Fence Posts
  • Fence brackets
    • TruView Ornamental – Steel Brackets
    • Upgrade Ornamental – Steel Brackets
    • TruView – Alu – Aluminum Brackets
  • Gates and Accessories
    • Self – closing Gate Hinges
    • TruView Ornamental – Steel Fence Gates
    • Locking Gate Latch
    • Magnetic Gate Latch
    • TruView – Alu – Aluminum Fence Gates

Furthermore, betafence will continue to provide these products and services to its customers nationwide. The company will continue to compete with the foremost players in the fencing industry.

Mission Statement

The mission of betafence is to continue to help businesses, farmers, properties, and homeowners by enhancing and upgrading our services and products.

Vision Statement

The main vision of the betafence company is to become the most popular and trustworthy fencing company throughout the United States.

Business Structure

In the coming years, the main structure of betafence will be to let every team member at our company grow easily, and the official website of betafence will play a key role in attracting great hands in the industry.

As businesses’ success depends on the foundation on which they are built similarly, the betafence success also depends upon the right foundation. Therefore our company will continue to ensure that we add more highly competent professionals to the betafence team that is honest, qualified, hardworking, and customer-centric.

The performance of every staff member of the betafence will be observed continuously to measure the company’s growth and track the rate at which the company will attain the target.

Betafence follows the industry’s best practices and will do this in the future as well. However, new methods in the industry will be followed to bring unique designs and services for consumers.

The business structure of betafence is built on the following;

  • Chief executive officer
  • Accountant
  • Project manager
  • Sales and marketing/ business developer
  • The H.R. manager and Admin
  • Front desk officer/Customer service executive
  • Fence construction engineers

Job Roles And Responsibilities


Accountants at Betafence, like before, will make financial statements, budgets, and financial reports. The accountant will also be accountable for risk analysis and administering payrolls.

Chief Executive Officer

Betafence’s president will evaluate the company’s success and sign documents and checks. Furthermore, the CEO will provide a roadmap for business success and take various steps to enhance the effectiveness of management.

Admin And HR Manager

The Admin and H.R. manager at betafence in the future will be responsible for checking and maintaining the stock. Also, the Admin will outline job positions, manage interviews, and assess and train new employees.

Project Manager

The project manager will be liable for managing and planning all projects and will track the projects through I.T. Systems. The project manager will also make sure that the project is completed with desired results.

Front desk officer/Customer service executive 

The front desk officer will manage all the duties of administration and will receive the clients on behalf of the company. The respective officer will also handle the emails and phone calls in the company. Furthermore, he will also try his best to develop the customer’s interest in the betafence services and products.

Sales and marketing/ business developer 

Business developers of betafence, like before, will identify and reach out to new customers, business opportunities, and new partners. They will also document all the customer information and represent the betafence in strategic meetings.

Fence construction engineers

The fence construction engineers will continue to handle the construction of all types of fences and will review the projects for recommending further designing and planning.

SWOT Analysis

Since the betafence development, there are a lot of challenges that the company is facing continuously. Also, the competition in the fencing industry is increasing with every passing year. While keeping these challenges in view, the betafence will bring new opportunities and methods to stand out in the respective competition.

The SWOT analysis conducted by the trustworthy and experienced H.R. and business consultants for Betafence on behalf of the betafence company is summarized below.


With 140 years of vast experience in the fencing industry of betafence companies, the strength that the company put forward is the strong relation of the betafence with property owners, construction giants, and property investors in the United States.

Betafence also has a competent expert team with long, strong experience in the fence construction industry. Our company also offers a wide range of high-quality fence products for homes and commercial buildings, which is another great strength compared to our competitors who provide only a few products.


A concern for betafence in the fencing industry is that the company is currently shipping only nationwide. To expand the business and become top in the fencing industry, betafence needs to take some helpful steps to lead the company internationally.


The number of opportunities in the fencing industry is massive because the number of homes, businesses, and other property owners that want to add fencing around their homes and properties are huge, and therefore the more opportunities for us to attract potential customers. Betafence always takes advantage of all the opportunities that come their way.


As a fencing company, there are some threats that betafence may face, including the global economic downturn and unfavorable government policies.

The global economic downturn impacts the overall spending power of the company as a resulting decline in sales may occur during this period.


Market Trends

The market trend of the fencing industry is that there needs to be a fixed profit forecast when connecting with deals of fence construction. The profits that the company gains totally depend upon various factors. Among these factors, the most common is the company’s attentiveness toward details and ability to reach out for cost-effective and quality fencing materials. If the company succeeds in getting all these factors, the rate of gain of betafence will always be higher than its loss.

Another most common trend in the fence construction market is that they are mostly enhancing ways of making money, and also the fencing companies are somehow involved in the renovation of buildings and homes in some ways like the betafence is also providing the services of gates and other accessories products to the customers.

It is also worth mentioning that the fencing market has very low-interest rates. Also, the demand for fences by developers and homeowners is increasing day by day, which shows that revenue will grow in the coming years.

Betafence companies will also keep this in their knowledge that some external factors will also impact the overall performance in the industry of fence construction. These external factors include the value of private nonresidential buildings and housing.

If betafence continues to be creative, hardworking, and proactive, it will generate much more income in the coming years. As a result, the betafence will make profits more than ever.

Betafence Target Market

Betafence is a fencing company, so the target market in the coming years will be the same, including homeowners and facility owners of all classes of people. Betafence history shows that the company has provided its services not only to high-class people but also to low-class people. Just like that, the betafence will continue this in future as well. The company will offer products at all price ranges and without compromising the quality to ensure that every type of client gets the benefit and best experience with our company.

The fact is that the betafence has not limited itself to a city or two. Instead, it is providing services throughout the United States of America. This positive approach increases the overall number of customers who will get in touch with betafence for their fencing requirements.

Competitive Advantage

Although the fence industry is highly competitive and prolific, our demand in the market is better than many of our competitors. This is because of the fact that we construct fences for your customers that will help them secure their properties, such as homes and buildings. In order to further our demand in the market, it is necessary that betafence increase the level of customers’ trust in the company.

Betafence has already gained a good reputation in the fence industry, but still, our company will continue to increase links with suppliers and will continue to grow with the market. Also, we will add more professionals to the betafence management team to further boost the growth of our business at the highest level within a few years.

Along with a professional team, years of experience, and satisfied client history, betafence also has a strong online presence that will attract more customers in the future from all across the United States of America.

It is also important to mention that betafence will take care of their employees more than ever. As a result, the betafence team will be more willing to do their best to put their efforts into the growth of the company in all aspects.


Income Sources

Betafence is already achieving the aim of boosting profits in the fencing industry. Furthermore, our company will review the already built dynamic real estate network of the whole united states of America that will assist betafence in gaining more profits.

Below is the list of sources that will help the betafence to generate profits;

  • Constructing and Installing fence panels
  • Constructing and Installing fence posts
  • Constructing and Installing fence brackets
  • Constructing and Installing gates and other accessories
  • Constructing and Installing security fences
  • Constructing and Installing nonresidential fences
  • Constructing and Installing residential fences
  • Constructing and Installing agricultural fences
  • Constructing and Installing non–building fences
  • Related advisory and consultancy services

Sales Forecast

There is no doubt that the need for fences will always be there in the United States of America as long as new homes, constructions, and re-construction are taking place because the requirement of securing the properties is the foremost thing for many people.

As betafence products and services are already generating good sales and we are fully confident that in the coming time, the rate of consumers will increase more than ever. As a result, within record time, betafence will be able to grow business from that income further.

If a major economic meltdown does not occur in the coming years, the betafence will generate income according to the company strategy.

Sales And Marketing Strategy

Betafence understands the tough competition in the fencing industry, and therefore, the company has professional business developers that easily handle the sales and marketing of betafence for many years.

The sales and marketing team at betafence has vast experience in the fencing industry. They are already trained according to modern methods and new ways of the industry so that they can meet their targets and the overall goal of the betafence. The company will use the following mentioned strategies of sales and marketing to increase the number of customers.

  • Encourage verbal marketing of betafence through clients by providing them with the best services and products.
  • Promote the business through the official website and social media platforms. This will enable the company to grab more customers.
  • Creating a level of packages for all categories of clients in order to construct and install any fencing type in their properties, including homes
  • Attend business fairs, real estate-related seminars, and expos, et al.
  • Advertise betafence in real estate websites and magazines.
  • Finding out worthy contractors
  • Expanding the betafence promotion by sending introductory letters alongside brochures to property owners, farmers, and real estate industry stakeholders throughout the united states of America

Advertising And Publicity Strategy

Betafence advertising and publicity strategy to get the target customers by making their way into the target market is made with the assistance of betafence consultants. Betafence will bring more success in the fencing industry in the coming years with the help of effective advertisement and publicity for the company.

Betafence will promote itself through the following platforms;

  • Placing banners with contact information and the betafence logo on properties betafence handle
  • Displaying an advertisement on both electronic and print media platforms
  • Sponsor related T.V. shows so as to show people what betafence does.
  • Installing betafence billboards all across the united states of America
  • Show betafence presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn and on other related platforms like online forums of real estate in order to promote betafence
  • Ensure all workers wear branded betafence shirts, and all the company vehicles are also branded with the company logo.
  • Attend resident association and landlord meetings with the aim of networking.

Our Pricing Strategy

To help our clients easily get the fences in their budget, betafence will follow a strategy that will work according to the needs of its customers. While doing this, we will ensure that we deliver high-quality services and products to the people.

The company will offer discounts to customers from time to time. It will keep the pricing effective so that everyone in the United States of America will be able to enjoy our fencing products and services around their homes and buildings.

Payment Methods

As different people prefer different payment methods, we accept payment in several ways for the convenience of our clients.

Betafence has made the following payment options for the clients through which they can pay for purchasing our products and services;

  • Payment via American Express
  • Payment via Apple Pay
  • Payment via Diners Club
  • Payment via Discover
  • Payment via Meta Pay
  • Payment via Google Pay
  • Payment via Mastercard
  • Payment via Shop Pay
  • Payment via Visa

As betafence only sells through distributors and online, therefore these payment options are chosen for the customers.

Military/Veteran Discount

Betafence will offer a 5% discount to first responders, military personnel, and government workers as a thank you for their service. This offer will be eligible for the following;

  • Current & former U.S. military
  • Teachers (K-12 and University teachers/staff)
  • Federal, state, and local government employees
  • First responders, including fire and EMS, law enforcement
  • Military spouses & dependents

Sustainability And Expansion Strategy

The future of any business that belongs to any industry actually depends on the number of satisfied and repeat customers. It also depends on the number of professional and experienced employees, the competency of the company, the business structure, and the investment strategy. The business will no longer exist if any of these strategies are lacking.

The major goal of betafence is to level up from the current stage and boost the business to a higher level where betafence will be able to provide fencing services and products globally.

From the experience of betafence, it is clear that the way to get more popularity is to provide high-quality fencing products to clients at cheaper rates than competitors.

Betafence will also continue to ensure staff welfare. The company will continue training employees using the latest fencing knowledge and experiences.

Also, Betafence understands that if that is put in place, the company will soon be able to become the business of top demand in the whole fencing industry.


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