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Business Communication Research Paper Example

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Executive Summary

Effective business communication forms the backbone of an organization’s success. With effective communication, the business is bound to relate well with both its internal and external clients while at the same time building its reputation and effectiveness in service delivery. However, without good communication, the organization can end up dramatically losing in different ways. Given the value of business communication, the organization should invest in training or allow more of its workers to take courses in business communication. Apart from being a motivation to the employees who are compensated for having business communication degrees, the company will get to benefit massively from a good reputation, effective advertising and marketing as well as in other ways.

Business Communication Research Paper Example


Commercial communication is essential for all types of company. Businesses need to continually communicate information among their stakeholders, sell goods and resolve legal issues. The company must also relay information across its supply chain. The knowledge exchanged between the company partners has to be reliable and efficient if the organization is to continue to operate. This is the core of enterprise communication.

Businesses convey their concerns to different parties using various methods. These include video conferencing, websites, emails, telephones, message boards, reports, face-to-face meetings and presentations (O’Neil & Gaye, 2006). Business communication is extended to a whole range of business activities, including customer relations, public relations, community engagement, consumer behaviour, and advertisement. Other business communication practices include employee engagement, analysis and evaluation, event management, to name only a few, according to O’Neil and Gaye (2006).

Business communication graduates typically have a lot to offer when they get hired by companies given the skills they learn from the training they get in college. Any forward-thinking company should strive to reward and empower successful workers properly (Martocchio, nd). This report aims to highlight the main reasons for the suggestion that workers with a degree in business communication should be better balanced in terms of tuition reimbursement benefits due to the nature of their training and potential benefits to the company.

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Internal Opportunities for Business Communication Graduates

Graduates with Business Communication degrees have a lot to gain in the organizations that they work for. Apart from gaining more significant benefits in terms of wages and benefits, they can get promoted to management positions. The graduates may also function as public relations and corporate relations officers within their organizations. They may also have the advantage of representing the companies that they work for in various fora as they articulate their organizations’ concerns, ideas and positions on multiple issues. In the course of performing such duties, the graduates may get the opportunities to travel to foreign lands enjoying their work while at the same time touring the world.

Opportunities for Work for Business Communication Graduates

There are several opportunities available for graduates who hold Business Communication degrees. Working with the media, graduates of the course may engage in producing adverts, writing public relations articles and newspaper articles. Apart from possibly working with media companies, they can also work as labour relations specialists communicating the grievances or demands of workers. Furthermore, they may work with the government as spokespersons for government agencies or departments. As a spokesperson, the graduate presents the views of the agency to the public and officials from other organizations.

Reason to Increase tuition reimbursement Benefits for Business Graduate Employees

Without effective communication, there is likely to be less cooperation and negative responses between people working for an organization. 

In this respect, the importance of communication in business for every forward-thinking organization cannot be underestimated. It is beyond imagination the magnitude of loss that a company may incur due to poor communication with its internal or external clients (O’Neil & Gaye, 2006). Apart from causing direct damage to the organization, miscommunication or lack of communication may result in losses such as those incurred due to litigations and compensation of offended parties.  

Because of the wide variety of skills they acquire, a person who has graduated in business communication has many opportunities and choices for work. Many who are pursuing this degree are skilled in information technology and develop excellent social skills while acquiring correct writing and speaking abilities. Taking a business communication course helps one to have the ability to use various computer applications like Photoshop and Adobe, software image resizing, and content management systems, among others.

Since business communication degree holders can pursue careers that apply not only to public relations but also to advertising and marketing. Business communication degree holders have management skills ability to reach project deadlines, convey to the public the value of a business’ wares and understand how the market works. Also, they can effectively communicate the ideas of the company and thus create the trust of both internal and external clients, as noted by Exforsys (2010).

A company will increase retention of its employees through such activities such as competitive salaries, competitive vacation, and holiday allowances, as well as tuition reimbursement, are some of the main benefits that help in employee retention as noted by (Hoffman, 1991). When the employees feel safe and motivated, they will work toward benefiting the company more using their skills according to Martocchio (nd).

Training employees on business communication will make it easier for the company to serve its customers better than it has in the past. When the company invests in business communication, it also builds its reputation, wins customers and progresses in productivity. At the workplace, it is only when good communication occurs that seniors, management and subordinates get to engage in healthy relationships. Without a healthy relationship, the employees of the company will work in disharmony, which in turn will impact the company’s operations negatively.

Whereas every relevant and applicable skill is essential for the success of an organization, one of the most significant investments that the organization can make is having personnel who are well trained in business communication. Business communication will impact the company in several ways making the company excel over its competitors. In respect of this fact, this organization, in its endeavour to increase its productivity and efficiency, needs to invest in its communication mechanisms and systems chief of which is its human resource.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In the ever-changing business environment, effective communication is of paramount importance. The manager, for example, may not get work done if he/she fails to communicate his directions effectively. In sharing ideas accurately, in the right way and at the right time, do things get to be done. Yet again, when communication between superiors and subordinate employees is not done appropriately, misunderstandings may occur. In the broader sense, the business may lose customers, face litigations and incur related losses due to lack of or ineffective communication. Such may be avoided by investing in communication mechanisms, the chief of which is employee training.

Considering that the organization needs to improve its reputation continuously and sell more of its products to the market, there is a need to train individuals who will perform such services the best way possible. Given that the organization is not held down with financial limitations, the business should consider it timely and beneficial to invest in training its employees in the area of business communication.

The implementation of total quality management and continuous process improvement requires validation of employee competencies. This requires the commitment of the government in a bid to ensure that the company achieves its goals as efficiently as possible. In this respect, it is recommended that the business offer some of its employees an opportunity to further their studies in business communication by giving them tuition reimbursement benefits and appropriately compensating those who have previously taken the course. This measure will not be in vain as employees given such gifts and compensation will be better motivated to serve the company. 


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