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Business Plan Canvas Sample Explained

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Executive Summary

Eden Security is a firm that provides client-focused security solutions. This company was established to protect people, property and assets and make the community a safe place.  

Eden Security is an independent security Services Company based in Wisconsin, with the head offices located in Milwaukee. It was founded on March 31, 2002, as a limited liability partnership but became an s subchapter in June 2003. The company was initially started by Collymore S. Bob, who is a marine veteran and worked as a pentagon security consultant for 32 years, then later joined Gary Miller, a communications intelligence expert with the British Army and Rose O. Park, an ex-cyber ops with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) as co-owners. 

Eden Security was established to provide highly-trained security officers, security systems installations such as surveillance cameras and security audits. The business client base varies from body-guard protection, homes, commercial premises, event venues and security escort services. 

Currently, the clientele is concentrated in the Midwest and Southeast regions in the United States, with significant contracts from the United Kingdom and the Middle East. The company is seeking to increase its employees and equipment to open a branch in California to cater to the rising requests for VIP protection services. The financial plan for Eden Security is to obtain funding of $ 750,000 which will be used to hire and train more personnel, buy hardware required, rent office space and do advertising campaigns.

Business Plan Canvas Sample Explained

Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas

Key Partners

 Prince cam firm

Redile Textile manufacturing company

Tesla Motors

Entime Communications

Canine 4 



Key Activities

 Prevention of unauthorized entry

Access Control

Surveillance Monitoring

Theft prevention and detection

Value Propositions

 Protection- making our clientele feel secure is the top priority

Performance- dedicated to providing high standard services to the customer

Speed- respond to the client needs with precision to ensure that their property is safe.

Integrity- ensures highest ethical values and honesty in their operations.

Teamwork- the company’s employees believe that Eden Security Services is a family.

 Customer Relationships


Free security audits after a full year’s contract


Free software and hardware updates whenever the firm shifts into a new platform.


Toll-free emergency lines.


Customer Segments


Institutions such as schools, colleges and Universities


Small and Medium Enterprises  

Large corporations

Manufacturing and Industrial plants

 Financial Institutions




Key Resources



Modern equipment

Communication equipments


 Mobile app communication platforms.

Cost Structure

Marketing, Remuneration, Marketing, Equipment and Machinery, Transportation and Rent.

Revenue Streams

Gold package subscribers, Silver package Subscribers, Bronze package subscribers and consultancy.


Eden Security has four main objectives:

  • Hire and train more personnel
  • Seek partnership with a security cameras firm
  • To open more branches worldwide
  • To offer top-quality services

Mission and Vision

Eden Security Service’s mission goal is to offer exceptional security services to our clientele so they feel safe and secure in their spaces. High priority is given to the training of our staff to meet the customers’ needs best.

Eden Security Service will liaise with the national security operators to gather crucial information and leverage its strategy and staff to ensure that the customer experiences a world-class experience that focuses on safety, class and service delivery.

Our Vision is to be the first company that comes to mind when people think of independent security contractors by transforming the security business from the point of fear to the end of comfort and class. 

Eden Security Service values are:

  • Safety First. Being in the security business means that the client must feel that their property and businesses feel secure and safe. The company puts this need paramount in the execution of its mandate.
  • Integrity. Our business’s nature involves being a custodian of significant property and information on the clients we serve. As such, the company is committed to ensuring ethical behaviour and honesty is part of our business contact.
  • Teamwork. Eden Security Services Company is focused on building teams bound by loyalty and trust to each other.

Measured by revenue, the Security Services industry’s market size stands at $ 40.1 billion in 2020, with an expected increase targeted at 1.8%. This industry has shown an upward growth surge of 3% from 2012. The growth can be linked to high crime rates, especially in the cyber-space, which has seen an increase in cyber-attacks and data infiltration attacks. The Eden Security Services company is led by individuals who have vast experience in protection and crime-solving techniques, ensuring that their client gets the best of services.

Eden Security Services’ business model has three packages: the bronze package, silver package, and gold package. These packages are further classified depending on the type of industry your business operates. The bronze package is the basic model suitable for start-up businesses and home protection; here, the subscriber can choose between alarm and camera installation with or without a security guard. What this package offers is a 24 hours on-call service for a response unit that is dispatched to your location in case of any emergency that arises. The silver package is for more giant corporations and involves the services of the bronze package, which allows the client to request any number of guards they feel necessary. The deal comes with a data security rider for data protection which involves secure back-up systems and data security audits. Under this package, the Eden Security Services provides security for special events such as football games and political rallies, which involves a pre-function security analysis, sniffer dogs and weapon detection protocols and stand by ambulance and fire truck services. The gold package is for escort services for high-level clientele providing paramilitary body-guard services. It also covers cash-in-transit services with armoured vehicles and satellite navigation coordination from a control unit that monitors the transit process. All these packages have different rates depending on the area within which a client needs the services; once an application is made, a team of experts is dispatched to the location to do an assessment need. Then, they present the findings with a suitable package deal.

Start-up Costs and Funding

Collymore S. Bob set up Eden Security Services’ first offices in Virginia, where he was doing contract work with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Start-up capital was used to purchase computer software and surveillance material; part of the funds was also used to pay for rent, insurance, company website, and purchase of the first company vehicle. At this point, three employees in the company were Claymore’s colleagues from the service. 

The estimated start-up costs were estimated at $ 200,000, including relocation costs as the company moved its headquarters to Wisconsin. The company had an additional investment of $ 350,000 which was financed by the co-owners Gary Miller and Rose O. Park, split into $75,000, giving them a 31 per cent ownership each. At the moment, the company’s capital stands at $ 1.25 Million. The company is looking for a partnership of $ 600,000 with a camera manufactures company to design products specific to the Eden Security Services requirements. The company currently has 615 employees who serve in a professional capacity in the organisation’s different departments; 425 of these staff members are in a permanent position with the firm. In contrast, the rest serve on a contractual agreement. 

The company is already in talks with Bosch Security Systems to provide $450,000 worth of resources on an agreed 25 per cent initial deposit with the rest of the funds spread out across two financial years. Eden Security Services Company looking to secure a commercial facility loan of $125,000 to cover staff training costs which are projected to be paid back within five years. These funds will cover transportation and accommodation costs for the staff when travelling for training and seminar programs. They will also cover any in-house training that will be executed. 

The company’s cash flow demonstrated the ability to service the loan, meet the interest requirements attached, and maintain adequate liquidity and cash reserves to cater to the operation requirements and cover unexpected future events.


Eden Security Services will offer trained guards to guard entry points and screen the persons who access the building. They will also be in charge of monitoring the video feed from the surveillance equipment. The benefits of having our guards on the premises are they are trained in threat identification and know-how to deal with such events when they occur. They deter crime from their visual presence, and the trained guards manage emergency responses and liaison with the police and other critical response units. 

The other product that Eden Security Services Company offers is security audits and recommendations. The company has a team of staff who will do a thorough check and analysis of your security situation and appraise the necessary security protocols that need to be implemented. This service is provided for free by the company under an agreement that the client will subscribe to one of the security packages. If the recommendations do not fit into the customer’s expenditure, they would only be paid a reduced price based on the scale of the client’s premises.

Eden Security also offers data protection as a service. The privacy of individuals’ data is governed by a slew of federal and state legislation in the United States. The rules are governed by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. What our company does is ensure that data is safeguarded from loss, corruption or compromise. The data security experts identify the areas where a company data is at risk and plan out a protection strategy of encryption and key management. 

Eden Security Services stand out from its competitors because we have been in the security business for longer and have tackled crime’s metamorphosis. The company is led by leaders who have worked in the security business and, therefore, can manage and meet users’ expectations. The company operates under the fundamental principle of change and adapting to stay in touch with the dynamic changes in how security is handled. That is why we focus our resources on training our staff and acquiring modern technology to stay ahead of the game. 

Our target market’s current demand shows a higher demand for security guards at 34%, with surveillance material covering 28% and data protection at 26%. Security escorts have the lowest margin standing at 11%. This data analysis is for the U.S markets, where most clients are for a home and business protection package. 

The company’s opportunities for growth have been in the data protection area, where it emerged the best in a survey by GuardIT, a market research company. The survey indicated the company’s overall efficiency to provide data protection solutions for both start-up companies and giant corporations. Barriers to entry, especially to new states and countries, are the government regulations, especially by state security agents who feel there is a conflict of interest in our operations.

Products and Services Segmentation


Light Security (Multiple Locations): This security company deals in surveillance services. Light Security was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2000 and operated in 10,256 locations worldwide, including 6,525 in the United States. The company manufactures its surveillance appliances with an assembly line of 15,000 square-feet in Tennessee. 

Camlin Protection Agency (Two Locations- Maine and Ohio). This company is providing data security for its clients. Camlin Protection Agency was founded in January 2012, and its headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio. They have a 200 member staff, including MIT graduates and the best hackers from across the nation they pick from a competition event they host yearly. The company provides free support services for its clients and provides remote access systems for quick customer service response. 

Joe Safety (Multiple locations/ International Firm): Launched in 2008 in Delaware, Joe Safety specializes in escort services and VIP protection. By March 2020, Joe Safety has 125+ Hubs with over 25,000 clients worldwide. The company is renowned for offering unparalleled protection to top world leaders such as sheikhs and presidents when visiting foreign nations. Some of the company’s locations are Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, France and Amsterdam. The operation model of Joe Safety is to make their clients feel invisible, and this has been demonstrated in an incident where one of their VIP clients was attacked in a foreign mission. Still, the company’s staff used tactic and skill to contain the situation and protect their client. The company has won several awards in the independent security space.

Spark Center (Multiple locations/ International): The Spark Center is a multi-national security agency with its headquarters in Bristol in the United Kingdom. The company provides security guards for a vast range of clientele, including governments, colleges and universities, financial institutions, among others. The company has been in operation since October 1995 and has gone to establish multiple branches across the globe with hub offices in the United States, Spain, Germany and Canada. Spark Center enjoys a huge customer base due to its competent staff members drawn from diverse national security agencies. The firm also supports government officials across countries because the top leaders have served in top security positions. Spark Center has 26,000 staff members and is projected to increase this number to 35,000 by 2025. 

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

In the above analysis, we can evaluate that Spark Center leads in establishing multiple hubs across the globe, which has increased the number of clients they have. Joe Safety, on its end, offers various security services and has opened branches in different global cities, which will pose a competitive challenge to the Spark Center. In the United States, Light Security has managed to establish operating based in the different states, which have to increase its customer’s base despite it offering fewer services than the Eden Security Services Company. 

Eden Security is looking to exploit the opportunity to open more offices in the United States and expand in the United Kingdom, where Gary Miller, the company director, has various contacts. Our company’s other advantage focuses on offering a diverse product package, unlike our competitors, who operate in one market segment.

Forecast Expectations

Eden Security Services projects to increase customer engagement by 30% in the coming financial year. The company has an active client base of 6,500 customers in the United States and 1,800 in other nations. These clients in the financial year of 2018/2019 generated profits of $ 8.525 million, and the long-term sales with the expansion plans are targeted at $12 million in the 2020/2021 financial year. 

Finacial Year

The data shows an upward trajectory in the annual net profit; in 2017 and 2018 the operational costs and expenses were higher due to the costs associated with opening new hubs one in Qatar and two in the United Kingdom.

Porter’s Five Forces

Porter’s Five Forces

SWOT Analysis

Internal Strengths

  • Eden Security Services Company has a management team that has been in the security industry for longer and is skilled and competent in its execution.
  • The company revenue streams keep rising every year, which serves as a source for its expansion capital.
  • The company’s staff undergoes rigorous training courses to ensure we provide our clients with the best services.
  • The company enjoys subsidies in rent payments because of a contract agreement with the federal states.

Internal Weaknesses

  • High costs associated with the opening of new branches.
  • The costs of training staff are high.

External Strengths

  • The various networks the company has created serves as a source of client referral. 
  • The market segmentation in the service the company offers makes it stand out from its competitors.
  • The federal governments constitute laws and policies that support our operations.

External Weaknesses

  • Stiff competition from the established security firms with a large pool of resources and company locations worldwide.
  • The laws and regulations that govern the establishment of private security firms slow down the process of expansion.


Locations and Facilities

The Eden Security Services Firm has its headquarters in 3121 North Oakland Avenue on the Green Building Tower, an 18 storey building that hosts the company’s different departments. The monthly rent for this property is $ 35 0000 and overhead operational costs of $68,000 for a space of 25,600 square feet.

The company also owns space in 1251Cheshire Drive Atlanta, Georgia, on Wane building 34th floor. This is the second branch to be opened after the headquarters. The monthly rent is $2,800 for 8,250 square feet. This office centre is known as the Hive because most of the data experts conduct their operations.

The other location where the company has warehouses for automobiles and other equipment pieces for operations is the 14894 Wellington Region, Delaware. Here the company has 27,000 square feet worth of space going for $125,000 monthly rent.

In the United Kingdom, Eden Security Services Company has two locations at 0156 Charles Street, Bristol, on the 6th floor of the Lady Rayne building. The office space is 3,600 square feet worth £ 1,250 monthly rent. The other address is on 12th Avenue Atkinson Way on the Boyd Clause, where the company has an assembly point warehouse of 5400 square feet worth £3,500 monthly rent.


Eden Security Services Company uses modern communication equipment made up of satellite dishes, radio machines, computer hardware, among others that help coordinate its security efforts. This equipment is provided through a partnership with AT&T and Samsung mobile solutions that was established in 2008.

The company also uses armoured tracks in cash and valuable items transport to and from the safe deposit areas. It also uses bulletproof automobiles for transporting VIP customers. The Tesla vehicle manufacturers will provide these resources.

The alarm sensors and surveillance devices that Eden Security Services Company uses are state-of-the-art that help safeguard the clients’ property. The firm has been using various suppliers to deliver the camera equipment, but this has proven to be expensive, and the company is looking for assembly or production options.

The Blue Ocean Strategy 

The independent security contracting industry is considered a red ocean. The market leaders such as Joe Safety and Spark Center hold dominant positions and have achieved customer loyalty and brand awareness. Eden Security Services’ best chance for growth and profitability is to develop a blue market strategy, as expounded below.

growth and profitability


The four actions represent the industry elements that can be eliminated, reduced, raised, and created to innovate and add value to the company’s products. By eliminating old technology, such as storing confidential information in hard-disk devices, the company instead will transition to cloud storage servers that are more secure and less costly. Newer technology makes the process of service delivery faster, and value addition is included in such efforts. By reducing the response time to emergencies, the company demonstrates its ability to contain situations more quickly than competitors. The other factor that the company seeks to reduce is paperwork; as we advance, we strive to digitize most material, saving on storage space and ensuring information is kept safe. When clients request security audits, the company aims at making the response time to be below 12 hours for clients with a small area of operation and 72 hours for clients whose area of operation is wider. This factor is meant to reduce the chances of this client resorting to other substitutes.

Overall efficiency will be raised with employees’ regular training to ensure they are appraised on the security industry’s emerging trends. An efficient employee raises service delivery which in turn increases the firm’s profitability. The company also aims to expand its global reach by marketing its products through social media and television advertisements. This will be done alongside opening more hubs across the globe; it is easier for clients to subscribe to a product that is close to them than one that is miles away. Eden Security Services is also looking at improving its technological capacity by partnering with leading companies in the technical apparatus space. The world of crime is evolving daily, and the company’s leadership has realized that security threats in the 21st century need tact to combat them. That is why they are raising the technological bar, which will help them identify and resolve threats faster. For instance, the company is considering working with a drone making company that will improve security surveillance.

The company wants to create a new user-friendly website that incorporates all the information that a client needs to know about the products and services offered. This website is expected to have a 24 hours in-chat feature that allows the client to exchange messages with a communications team member. Eden Security Services plans to extend its communications hub to increase staff from 182 to 300. This will improve how information is disseminated from the corner to the operatives on the ground. The increase in the staff number will also reduce the client to staff ratio, which will improve service delivery. A communications team is a vital organ in the security services sector because it gives the ground team crucial information to ease operations. This operations hub will work on a 24-hour basis with shift rotations. Eden Security Services Company is also keen on creating an annual conference for the industry’s security players to exchange information about crime-solving and protection, which will improve the cooperation between the different bodies. The other creation that the company seeks to make is implementing strategy management software that will show the management of the areas where the company is making positive growth efforts and the areas where the business is failing. Such software will help make informed decisions relating to the change of strategy and how to implement the desired change.

Strategy Canvas

Strategy Canvas

This strategy canvas indicates the competing factors that players in the security execute to stay on top of the competition. Eden Security has been included in the canvas to show how it executes the competing factors to perform in relation to the other players in the industry.

Buyer Utility Map

Buyer Utility Map

This buyer utility map indicates the areas of utility the existing red ocean markets and the potential blue ocean markets the company will pursue. The purple are indicates a combination of red and blue ocean strategies which focuses on simplicity of subscribing to a package, the delivery and use of Eden Security products and services. From the perspective of the company blue ocean opportunities lay in opening more branches worldwide, improving on the technology used and training their staff members to be adequately skilled.

Eden Security Services Organizational Chart

Eden Security Services Organizational Chart

Management Team 

 Collymore S. Bob, Chief Executive Officer

Collymore has an undergraduate degree in homeland security and cybersecurity from the University of Colorado and has worked in various capacities in the United States Marine Corps. He retired as Lieutenant General with a Silver Star medal and the Distinguished Service Medal. He then went on to serve in the Pentagon Security committee as the Director for Intelligence Programs. Having done in diverse fields in the security sector, Collymore is passionate about protecting people’s lives and property, which is why he was motivated to start Eden Security Services to bring his skills and knowledge to the market. 

 Gary Miller, Chief Technology Officer

Miller has two undergraduate degrees; one in Security, Intelligence and Investigative Practice from the University of Cumbria, and the other in Defense and Security (Technology) from Cranfield University. He also holds a master of science in Cyber Security from the University of York. Miller is in charge of the cyber-crime department with his diverse knowledge in risk assessment, forensics, and security metrics. Miller served for six years in the Directorate of Military Intelligence in the United Kingdom as the Head of Data Analysis. He then moved to the United States, where he worked with the Central Intelligence Agency as the head of the Technical Targeting department. Miller’s passion for technology drives the company’s aim to be the leader in security intelligence and current equipment investment. 

 Rose O. Park, Chief Operating Officer

Miss Park got her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Maine. She went on to work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the risk management and asset protection department. She went on to do her second degree in Economics and Finance from Princeton University, where she emerged top of her class and moved to Colorado, where she became Head of Crimes investigation in the FBI. Miss Park has served under President George W. Bush’s presidential security unit as the Director of Security Administration, then served under president Barrack Obama as the Head of Crisis Response Unit. Her training in economics and finance is crucial in steering the operations department in Eden Security Services. Together with Brenda Simmons, the head of finance, the duo has worked to ensure that the company adopts a strategic position that provides investment return. At the moment, Miss Park is taking her postgraduate course in International Relations from Virginia State University.

 Brenda Simmons, Head of Finance

Simmons has a degree in Business Administration from Kent University with a major in finance. She has a master of Science in Development Finance from the same institution. Mrs. also Simmons has a PhD in Finance from Columbia Business School. She is very good with numbers, and her experience in the private sector has given her the ability to make swift judgments and decisions regarding investments and finance. She has worked in the Banking sector with American Express as the head of Online Banking, then went on to JP Morgan as ahead of Credit. In Eden Security services, Mrs Simmons is responsible for making financial analysis and market research on every critical investment that the company aims to create. Despite being new in the security industry, she has adopted well with her boss Rose Park’s mentoring.

John White, Head of Communications

John has an undergraduate degree in Communication Networks and Security from Duke University and a Masters Degree in Forensic Science from Colorado State University. Mr White is in charge of all the communication hubs of Eden Security Services. He is tasked with ensuring the teams on the ground and the operation centre exchanges a seamless flow of information and data. Known as the Comms Guy, Mr White is known for having multiple risk mitigation strategies in the event of a communications breakdown that the staff members that work under him are confident there will be a swift solution. Mr John worked as a security consultant for the Australian Police for twelve years and then did private consultation with private security in Spain and France. 

 Tom Pence, Head of Ammunitions

Mr Pence is in charge of the amour department, right from the escort tracks to the ammunition and gear that the guards use. He is a trained military officer with the United States Navy SEALS, where he retired as an admiral. With the experience of six tours with his team, Pence has made a record of the best marksman in the Navy Seal. His knowledge in security and defence tactics, together with handling different ammunition types, has come in handy in the guards’ training. Mr Pence is in charge of acquiring the entire military-grade amour and is tasked with ensuring the company meets the regulatory standards required for the countries and states Eden Security Services operates. 

 Eve Wright, Head of Human Resources

Eve Wright takes care of all the staffing needs for Eden Security Company. She holds a bachelor’s of commerce with a Human Resource Management major from Yale University. Mrs Wright served in several Non-governmental organizations in employee and labour relations. Her job as the strategist for the Hillary Clinton campaign brought her into the limelight, and she went on to serve under the Obama administration as Deputy Chief of Staff. In Eden Security services, Mrs Wright also serves as the international relations liaison officer when looking to expand operations into other countries. The independent security service is not a new area of operation for Wright because she has done consultancy with significant security agencies in the United States. 

 Sung Park, Head of Ground Operations

Sung Park has a degree in Military Science from the University of Massachusetts and a Master of Science in Criminal Intelligence from the same institutions. He has served in the Criminal Intelligence Agency for twelve years in counter-terrorism and undercover agency operations. His capacity as the head of ground operations ensures that the coordinates efforts with John White, the communications head, ensure that the ground teams operate efficiently. Currently, Mr Park is pursuing a master’s in informatics technology, and his passion for data analysis has helped the company stay ahead in the cyber and asset protection space. 

 Mint Low, Head of Marketing

Mr Mint is the person who ensures that the Eden Security Services brand is known worldwide. With a degree in Sales and Marketing from the University of Rhode, Island Mint has made a name for himself in pushing the sales of the Macbook, working as a marketing strategist for Apple. His experience is mainly from the technological space, working as the country manager of Nokia Company in Singapore, then later Chief of Marketing in the Asian region for AT&T networks. This experience has come in handy as he has made significant contributions to the communications department, especially on surveillance devices. He led the talks with the Bosch Security System to fund the company with the necessary equipment to expand the communications department. 

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