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Business Plan For Fast Food Delivery Service

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Executive Summary

Food Luxe is a fast-food opening operating locally that will be located to its image and feature presentation as a global franchise over our innovative tactics. At worth pricing, the Company will have a blend of excellent food, with amusing packing and atmosphere. The business is the solution to a swelling request for fast foodstuffs to be taken inside a bargain-hunting shopping district while wandering around and window shopping.

In today’s highly competitive climate, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate between individual fast-food openings and the alternative. Today, America, a national capital, is becoming the classic city for the latest financial boom in Europe. The retail segment of America is the strongest in the section, with an additional 11 million visitors annually, many from neighbouring nations.

Business Plan For Fast Food Delivery Service

Our main concern is to create, if possible, a unique outlet in the swarming mall in a visible shopping centre in America Well along, our energy shall be an additional expansion of more sale outlets within the neighbouring city.

To get a place for the preliminary presentation of this proposal, the plan is primed. Additional funding would include protections for the successive binary sources, expected in month thirteen and timely in year two. In addition to the key shareholder contributions, the sponsorship would enable the business to effectively open up and expand throughout year one. The opening capital venture will allow the Company to offer a value-driven, enjoyable experience of the originality of its originators to its clientele.

The Business will draw young people with our ground-breaking atmosphere, fresh-cut Belgian French-fried potatoes, and an array of unique signature plummeting sauces to bring their associates in addition to the family.

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  • To create a company as a fruitful resident fast foodstuff outlets and acquire a marketplace share in America’s fast-food business.
  • To grow into a sum of openings by the third year, and vend the permit to bordering cosmopolitan towns.
  • To make the Company a starting point for mall-goers.


Our fundamental goal remains to be amongst the most fruitful fast foodstuff openings in America, beginning with one selling outlet positioned inside the main shopping centre as a “marketplace tester.”

The Company will make every effort to remain a paramount local fast foodstuff trademark in the native market. We need our consumers to take the entire experience while visiting our opening(s) as they shall pick up about the captivating different “pop values.” We shall sell products commencing with pre-packaged pulps and t-shirts to potato shears, altogether with our endorsed trademark put to them.

Our key focus shall be serving the first-class foodstuff at an infinite value.

The Organizational Plan

  • To be successful in this industry, we ought to: 
  • Generate an impressive, inventive, entertaining list of options that shall set us apart from the rest of the competition.
  • Control expenses and device a conservative line of attack to a growth strategy in every area. Even though we offer more than sufficient fund to begin more than a single outlet, we desire to remain on the not dangerous business side.
  • Vend the merchandises that stand for the highest excellence, and keeping the clients contented with every of our merchandise classes from foodstuff to store retailing. 
  • Deliver one hundred per cent consummation to our consumers and upholding the degree of outstanding services amongst other participants.
  • Inspire the two most significant necessary standards in fast foodstuff industry: trademark and image, since these double components are a twosome of main teamsters in advertising communications.
  • Acquire admission to high-traffic errands malls nearby the target marketplace.
  • Encourage acceptable standards of business culture and industry values.

Business Details

The Company sells pleasure-loving French-fried potatoes in a pinecone with a select of pulp. We custom the idea of Belgian French-fried potatoes, where the Pommes Frites remain all completed from garden-fresh potatoes as well as fried twofold. Our opening also delivers excellent consumer service excellently to upkeep the atmosphere of amusing, bouncing, and young at heart way of life. 

Customer and Value Proposition 

We shall imitate up-and-coming formations, like Jamba Juice and Starbucks, which signify the mainstream of our essential target marketplace, between eighteen to thirty-five years old. Our collection will feature exhibition food preparation of our introduced Belgian Deep fried potatoes since cutting to burning up. Our consumers will correspondingly be capable of reading the in-house flyers regarding all understanding around Belgian Pommes Frites and our highlighted sauces. Our collection will be ornamented with fast foodstuff scenery, like a perky counter and exhibition list of the divider options. 

Quality Food

Each store will deliver nothing but newly fried Belgian French-fried potatoes, club sandwich and diversity of exclusive blend pulps, all offered with antiquated home-style carefulness.

Open Each Day 

Our store remains open every single day from ten am to nine pm.

Variety, Diversity, Variability

A diverse selection of pulps will be introduced every four months besides we will too vary our Italian beverage flavours to escort the deep-fries.

Company Locations and Facilities

The Company’s sites will array in magnitude from 60 to 80 meter four-sided then shall seat from 16 to 26 visitants. Our primary site shall stand on the superior-close of this series. The location shall feature its innovation in products exhibition and other product building characteristics. We will prepare the opening with up-to-date equipment and purpose for hygiene and an exposed sensitivity. We are presently looking at numerous possible locations in shopping precinct along Plantation Highway.

The space choice will be selected based on the following standards:

  • Public size: least possible of 900,000 persons in a range of 9 kilometres.  
  • Easy access. 
  • Tourist destination
  • A large proportion of young people in public. 

Entirely of these potentials are dependable with the Company’s objective of delivering a top-class fast foodstuff familiarity. We need “word-of-mouth” to remain our most acceptable form of advertising, wherever our consumers value our product as somewhat thrilling and cannot time lag to express to their associates and fellow citizen.

The Company will unswervingly contest with some fast food junctures inside the selected shopping centre, counting Bee Che Hiang (Chinese sausages), Tori-Q (yakitori professional), Bread Dialog (some of the utmost fruitful bakery authorizations), as well as Pizza Stroller (locally possessed pizza sequence).

Marketing Plan

We need to focus simply on marketing deep-fried potatoes. Alcoholic beverages shall not be vended in our opening, as the Company promotes a hale and hearty and positive American lifestyle. As an alternative, we shall provide Italian Beverage to accompaniment the Pommes Frites. 

In sponsoring the Company’s standard of living, we shall offer several products with the Company’s logo and symbols, from caps to potato to cutters t-shirts to our autograph pulps, hence our consumers can relish Company’s Fries at household. Corporation Q wholly mass-produces our autograph sauce. They may also be bought at designated stores.

Competitive Comparison

  • The Company has more than a few compensations over its foremost competitors:
  • Exceptional “fusion” notion of dipping pulp. 
  • We suppose a high mark of eagerness and provide an entertaining store with welcoming staff, replicating the Company’s young at heart and enthusiastic culture. 
  • Supporting products substances that back the business’s brand construction.
  • Our deep-fried potato is prepared 100% garden-fresh, likened to many fast food openings that practice frozen chips. 
  • Our plummeting pulp is also prepared fresh minus preservatives. 
  • Our ground-breaking wrapping will be extra amusing than our contestants; alone pinecone with a goblet reserved for plummeting sauce. 

Target Market Segment Strategy

The Company anticipates providing to the majority of youths and youngsters in America. We have selected this cluster for several significant motives. It remains our objective to stand “the astonishing fast food abode”, and we trust that the stage group from 16 to 26 is the primary age which brand constructing determinations could happen. They stay on inadequate or fixed proceeds and pursue a value/price association that shall not expanse their financial plan.

Our subordinate objective is 27 and 38, which remain a big lounge/cafeteria user cluster. They are additionally supple in the financial plan and seek additional than a price/value association.

Our lunch plan is double purposed. Foremost, we present fresh, deep-fried potatoes to fill America’s yearning for fast foodstuff as most lunch thoughts remain an immediate taste, not a big lunchtime.

Secondly, we desire to preserve the fee opinion at lunchtime as reasonable as promising to retain us in antagonism with further fast foodstuff openings. We remain only marginally above the section at $4 for an average size of deep-fried potatoes, but we provide much more enthusiasm than the other competitors.

Industry and Market Analysis

The Company perceives our targeted marketplace group as partaking a lot of “makan” (consumption) American Dollar requirements. A current Consumer Tendency and Exploration by Euro monitor recognized the following conditions amongst our target marketplaces. Our virtual cluster:

  • Wants diversity and taste in its foodstuff, if at all possible something deep-fried
  • Looks for rapidity of service
  • Needs an amusing and entertaining experience
  • Asserts upon a hygienic, welcoming, and good-looking environment
  • Accepts a universal lifestyle
  • Remains computer learned
  • Relishes eating out
  • Partakes an energetic lifestyle
  • Originates from numerous ethnic backgrounds

Rendering to GAIN Account printed in 2000, potatoes remain the second primary product of US after garden-fresh fruit, prizing nearly USD 14 million per year. This is triggered by the progressively youngest demographic and rising revenues throughout America that have steered to the standard of living variations that manipulate consumer consumptions, foodstuff, and entertainment choices. Some variations occur to embrace a larger specialized class with extra working females, which means better disposable revenues.

Risks and Strategic Options

The antagonism in this field is the severest in all former metropolitan parts in Europe. America is a dense conurbation, but then again has more to deliver. Typically, there is a least possible of dual of similar outlets in fewer than 400 meters. For example, Bread Talk begins one opening in the Ger. Ann Urban Shopping Centre and one more just through the street in the Distant East Mall Shopping mall. It is relatively common for sellers to apply this form of approach, owing to the significant volume of persons strolling everywhere the central part of Plantation Highway. 

Operations Plan

The sales plan is to construct and open different locations to upsurge income. Nevertheless, this strategy will be executed as soon as the single “marketplace tester” opening showed probable progression. As each discrete location will endure building its indigenous consumer base through the initial four years of action, every store’s objective is $124,450 in every twelve months’ transactions, with the unique flagship store anticipated to make almost $100,000 annually.

Strategic Associations

Our business needs a long-term relationship with raw traders and partner wholesalers. In Chinese, the association is known as “guanxi,” signifying business attachment. We at present have a lengthy and decent standing association with Corporation Z in our preceding undertakings. For Firm Y, Mr Joel Shoo, the management executive, is a prominent community person. We anticipate building up and further our industry association with him and the corporation.

Personnel Strategy

Our primary staffs will contain dual cashiers, dual cooks and dual bus lads per place, with a single of collectively on the building during open periods. This is deliberated as an ideal employees’ sum for a foodstuff outlet the extent of our Company. Each worker will labour for 37-40 60 minutes every seven days.

In the long-term, as we increase our product grouping and trade outlets, we shall recruit more central management individuals to guarantee the emphasis of our labour, including location managers.

Management Team

The Company is presently the inspired notion of its five initiators. As the business is lesser, the situation only necessitates a simple administrative structure. This business form appeals for all five individuals to brand all main management choices in adding to checking all other commercial undertakings.

Financial Plan

Presently, the business is possessed by the inventive five initiators, who shall donate $300,000 for the equal quantity of shares, 25 per cent. This shall more than shelter start-up necessities, and offer the Company a money cushion to custom for development over the preceding four years.

Predictable Profits Plus Loss

The Company shall, as seen in the Revenue and Loss, suffer a loss for the initial two years, expending some of the money reserves initially financed by the originators. As sales grow, we shall develop into new places to belligerently spread product acknowledgement. This growth in discernibility will permit us to pick up less costly sites off of Plantation Highway, while upholding our flagship set-up, the initial store, in a significant spot (see appendices 1)


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