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  • Business Plan Outline Example

    Business Plan Outline Example

    What is a Business Plan? A document that outlines the aims and objectives of a project explains how and when they will be accomplished. Why Write a Business Plan? To obtain financing. Guide for opening a business. Guide for business expansion Guide for managing a business. To communicate clearly with interested parties. When is a […]

  • Sample Goal Setting Plan Example

    Sample Goal Setting Plan Example

    Eliminate Bring down the platform price Eliminate free food in the gaming lounge Raise Make customers buy more peripherals Increase system revenues   Reduce Luxury facilities offered on the point of sales Make after-sales services optional Create Introduce the motion sense controller Make the hardware necessary   Goal Objectives – what needs to be done? […]

  • Mini Business Plan Example For Fast Food Restaurant

    Mini Business Plan Example For Fast Food Restaurant

    Introduction Minnesota Fast Food Restaurant (MFFR) is a small, fast food outlet at Minnesota and has been in operations for the last five years. The small unit is intending to transform itself into a proper fast-food restaurant using innovative and resourceful strategies. Currently the point is offering the public of Cottage Grave few local fast […]