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  • Soda Drinks Business Plan

    Soda Drinks Business Plan

    Company Descriptions Crazy Soda Company: The company is located in Atlanta and is an international nutrition company that makes, sells, and sponsors nonalcoholic beverage syrups. The organization’s Crazy soda brand is its most basic product offering, consisting of 15 Crazy soda varieties and a few product enhancements of its Crazy soda line, including sugar-free variations […]

  • Coffee and Ice Cream Shop Business Plan

    Coffee and Ice Cream Shop Business Plan

    Description The type of business is a coffee and ice cream shop. There are many kinds of coffee and ice cream stores, but none sells ice cream and coffee. The plan is for the store to have the ambiance of a café, but at the same time, it is also an ice cream parlor. I […]

  • Beauty Salon Business Plan in New York

    Beauty Salon Business Plan in New York

    This document is regarded as confidential, and all information herein is only viewed by potential investors of JEMINA’s BEAUTY SALON and CURRENT partners of said business. Viewing or discussing this document and its ideas must be completed regarding business owner TAHMINA RAHMAN with written consent or physical appearance of TAHMINA RAHMAN. Company and Industry After […]

  • Online Clothing Business Startup Plan

    Online Clothing Business Startup Plan

    Executive Summary The website is an –commerce start-up that will position itself as a leader in the market. It will offer designers and customers a platform where they can meet. The company will provide a business-to-business solution to designers of clothes. One strength that the company enjoys is that it will not be maintaining any […]

  • Bubble Tea Shop Business Plan

    Bubble Tea Shop Business Plan

    Huntington Beach’s Overall Huntington Beach is a well-known community in Orange County, California, that is part of the Los Angeles metropolitan region. The Pacific Ocean, as well as Seal Beach, surround this city. Huntington Beach is bordered to the west by Costa Mesa city, to the southeast by Newport Beach city, and to the north […]

  • Chocolate Manufacturing Business Plan

    Chocolate Manufacturing Business Plan

    Executive Summary We are beginning a business of assembling chocolates. The name of the organization is “Lip-smacking Chocolate.” Our target business is the entire Gujarat. The clients to whom our items will be supplied are retailers, wholesalers, and merchants. The area of our assembling plant would be GIDC, Adipur. We would be focusing on the […]

  • Vegetable Home Delivery Business Plan

    Vegetable Home Delivery Business Plan

    Executive Summary Raw veggies on two wheels is a courier service that facilitates delivery of farm produces to households in Pennsylvania that looks to cater to household requirements that involve farm produce such as tomatoes, capsicum, coriander, onions, garlic, ginger, broccoli, lettuce, kales, spinach, mints, carrots, cabbages, potatoes as well as fruits, etc. The intention […]

  • LTS Motorcycle Business Plan

    LTS Motorcycle Business Plan

    Introduction  The whole company is divided into ten departments with almost 1700 employees. LTS motors are the new made-up motorcycle company. LTS Company has much good connection with a much-reputed company. It has built up his own ultimate afford. Now it has 3 points in 3 districts. We have so many items, that means many […]

  • Micro-Finance Business Plan in San Francisco

    Micro-Finance Business Plan in San Francisco

    Introduction This business plan is made up of six sections that are subdivided into sub-sections. The main sections are made up of the executive summary, detailed description of the business, market analysis and strategies, personnel management and procedures, financial planning and management, and conclusion. The above will provide sufficient data that will help unveil our […]

  • Agricultural Product Business Plan

    Agricultural Product Business Plan

    Executive Summary Genetic growth is an innovative organization that has developed a super photosynthesis process encompassing techniques and strategies that will increase the growth of crops and differentiating plants at substantiating rate. Genetic growth and its innovative photosynthesis process will boost the growth of plants by capturing carbon dioxide and creating a robust strategy within […]