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Cleaning Services Business Plan Example

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Executive Summary

The society we live in today has modified the way we carry out our lives enormously. This is focused on the degree of technology that has restructured the globe and has an equivalent effect on how our activities are done. As a result, households are becoming smaller, with more of the time expended on work and other means to support the wellbeing of individuals. Given the ‘busy’ environment of the minds of citizens, of both households and workplaces, both individuals and offices find it impossible to manage laundry and other types of cleanliness.

Therefore, most of these individuals tend to outsource the services of cleaning contractors to get their job completed at any expense. This is where the cleaning firms have a vital position for certain persons who barely get cleanliness and keeping work simpler. Therefore, Cleanax Cleaning Services delivers services that are designed to suit customer expectations and more.

Clean As Cleaning Services is an organisation that offers field and janitorial maintenance services for domestic and workplace cleaning services. The organisation has made considerable strides in the sector since its founding in 2001. The company has sustained competitiveness in the market for a longer span of time with a growth pace of 3 percent annually with its personalised quality management systems that aim to guarantee the quality of service delivery.

Investors will expect an increased return on investment with the above-projected growth pace as the organisation aims to establish further branches in Asia and Africa. The organisation has been able to strategically place itself in the sector in which nearly 10,000 households are served throughout the US with qualified staff and a management team. The management system that this business has placed in place is hierarchical, and vertical networking is the communication medium that is used. Therefore, the contact protocol is extended to the above and in an attempt to promote company activities.

The business has four branches that work in the regions of the US and Europe. Part of the strategic advantage has been the aspect of innovations in terms of resource development and management. Consequently, in both the US and Europe, the standard of facilities, timeliness, and the price process The geographic benefit of the organisation is part of it.

The organisation has also been able to integrate the new technologies to boost its service delivery to consumers, through the usage of KAIVAC cleaning systems. Thus, the KAIVAC cleaning machine has become an important part of the company’s mission to reach a higher degree of competitiveness and to maintain the highest possible protection of the ecosystem. The business has also worked with trustworthy and successful vendors that are part of the growth of the organisation. For each user, the cleaning plans are tailored, and this can be achieved by the automated scheduling planner.

Cleaning Services Business Plan Example


The Significance of Cleaning Services Companies

With too much time being expended on one’s occupation or job, having enough time to clean their residences and workplaces becomes relatively impossible for those individuals. In order to take advantage of the potential present, there is a need to start cleaning services companies because of these circumstances. In addition to ensuring that our residences and workplaces are safe, these corporations have now taken the opportunity to preserve the atmosphere by fostering a smaller carbon footprint in the homes they are employed to run. These businesses play an integral part in preserving and sustaining the natural beauty of our homes with respect to earth sweeping and environmental protection.

Nonetheless, cleaning services firms have been in the forefront of supplying those citizens who are able to operate in such industries with employment prospects. Focused on the development of the sector, more businesses are constantly starting up which will generate more employment prospects for unemployed citizens, thus improving the welfare of people. Therefore, those enterprises play a crucial position in our societies and ought to be motivated to reach more individuals internationally.

Trend and Analysis of the Cleaning Services Industry

By dedicating more of their attention to their employment, the degree of competition at the person level has helped individuals work harder. This prohibits them from engaging in washing and other washing operations. There is a need for cleaning facilities in the US and other areas of the world owing to this trend in the lifestyles of citizens. As more and more cleaning services businesses launch annually, this will lead to the steady development of the sector. This trend would therefore mean that these firms would provide more work options for individuals, resulting in a beneficial effect on society.


  • To actively create tailored support packages that fulfil consumers’ demands and thus surpass their standards.
  • Increase the amount of consumers serving by 3% annually progressively by offering premium offerings on the sector.
  • To broaden market practises internationally under which consumer quality service will be the foundation of our progress
  • Build a healthy working atmosphere that attracts, maintains, strengthens, and grows loyal workers who take pride in ownership of the company.
  • Grow and expand the business to open branches in major towns throughout the country.
  • Keep up with modern technology hence provide the best and possible cleaning services.

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Committed and determined to provide a clean and healthy work environment through a combination of highly trained staff and excellent customer service experience.

Keys to Success

  • Provision of quality and affordable services to clients.
  • Timely provision of the cleaning services
  • The qualified and skilled taskforce
  • Provision of timely and quality customer care services

Description of Business

Company Ownership

Located in the city of Smyrna, Georgia, the company was established by Formadev Toney, the president of the organization and owner. His sense of direction and solid organizational skills have been integral in the firm’s success to this extent. He has been able to partner with other entities for the associated supplies in running the business. The organisation has therefore been able to attractmore shareholders who desire to spearhead the company’s vision and the associated value of the return on investment. 


Clean as Cleaning Services majors in janitorial services. The services are provided at residential homes as well as offices. These services comprise routine floor maintenance, dusting, and cleaning home and office carpets, among other benefits. These services are delivered upon the client’s request, whereby each of the services is scheduled based on the customers’ time throughout. These services are often structured in packages that comprise multiple services and relative to what the clients need. For instance, the simplest and cheapest package contains flour cleaning and windows cleaning.

These packages are defined by the inherent services that a client would subscribe to wherever they require them. Particular homes would prefer to have a comprehensive package that would major in handling all the cleanliness forms at home, including laundry. Consequently, specific organizations that might need these services also subscribe to complete boxes for a particular period on a contractual basis. Ground cleaning and environmental conservation services are also part of the services that Cleanax Cleaning Services offers to its clients. 

Management and Organizational Structure

 Cleaning Services Management and organizational structure

This firm’s management structure is composed of three levels, which include the top management level, which is composed of the president and the board of directors. The lower level is composed of the vice presidents of the organization. This level is followed by the departmental managers responsible for running specific tasks within the organization—called the low management level, mid-management level, and top-management level. This structure defines the communication protocol exhibited by the company, which is entirely vertical. The responsibilities in this organization are delegated vertically, and therefore, the decision-making process would show a hierarchical structure (Cameron, & Green, 2015). The departmental managers have a mandate of reporting to the vice presidents, who would communicate to the president and the associated board of directors.

Therefore, Cleanax Cleaning Services uses the vertical communication form in which the low management team handles issues at the operational level. If the group cannot resolve the problems or make a decision, the middle managers would be involved. This would go on until the top management gets involved (Klungseth, & Blakstad, 2016). This thus means that communications from the senior management are communicated to the junior employees vertically.    

SWOT Analysis


The company’s strength is based on the high level of creativity, employees’ discipline, competence, and professionalism. It also incorporates various technologies to deliver quality services to all its clients (Chambers, & Humble, 2017). The pricing and marketing team is also part of the company’s strength which has enabled the firm to make tremendous progress in the industry. Employees’ motivation is very high based on the compensation packages designed to meet the task force’s needs. The employees are entitled to insurance benefits, social-welfare benefits, bonuses, and other associated allowance. Career development programs have also been integral in motivating the employees and enhancing their self-actualization in their places of work.    


The desire to make Cleanax Cleaning Services a multinational company would translate to having enough financial support to achieve this goal. However, the company has not generated as much capital as the one required to run the business operations in other continents in a sustainable manner. Until the organization can get the necessary financial support, this will continue to be a challenge based on the goal that is yet to be attained. 


With the people’s changed lifestyle in the United States and other parts of the world, especially those from a high social class, there is an increased demand for cleaning services. Since most of the clients are busy attending to their businesses and the engagement with their jobs, there is so little time for them to do the cleaning in their houses (Chambers & Humble, 2017). The increase in the number of startup companies in the United States would translate to an increased demand for the cleaning services in the respective offices. Therefore, the market segment provides an opportunity through which the cleaning service companies would get a sustainable market share depending on each company’s approach and strategies. 


Stiff competition and legal policies that keep on changing are a significant threat to the business. The industry has many entrants into the industry, causing stiff competition because we have to share the decreasing market share every other day. The cost of operation is also a challenge because of the increasing prices of the supplies required to provide these services (Chambers & Humble, 2017). Maintenance of the working tools is also expensive, and the employees’ demands for better pay wherever inflation in the United States and other parts of the world is experienced.

Competition and Operations Plan

Every industry that attracts many players would eventually lead to a tightened competition through which the resilient and strategized firms are likely to survive in the market. Daily, the rate at which the market share keeps on reducing is relatively high hence lowering the income level that each firm gets. Consumers might view competition as something that would provide them with alternatives depending on the quality of services delivered and the associated cost of acquiring the latter. However, this is different on the organizational level because the more new startup companies get into the industry, the more the profit margins drop regardless of strategies and resources deployed. The competition will hence stiffen every other time as the market share gradually reduces.

In response to this issue, and operations plan is instrumental. This would ensure that organizational goals are adequately executed as planned and within the resource constraints. The level of expenditure or cost must be minimized as much as possible hence increasing the level of profits regardless of the market’s nature. The operations plan has the main objective of ensuring that the operational costs are kept on the minimum while at the same time optimizing the available opportunities and the income generated.  

Strategic Position & Risk Assessment

Target Market

The company focuses on reaching out to middle-class customers engaged in their career development and lack of time for cleaning activities. We also target other organizations within the US and Europe through which we offer our services on a contractual basis. Clean as Cleaning Services focus on the urban market whereby the working and middle-class customers are concentrated. This makes it easier for our firm to reach out to potential customers who are willing and ready to pay for our services based on the terms and conditions agreed upon in a particular package. However, the firm is developing strategies that would as well enable it to reach out to clients who are not living in the cities but would want to have our services at their disposal.  

Market Segmentation

The firm’s market will be categorized into the middle-class members of society, those with high social class, and those below the middle class. This is because the company is structured under the culture of serving whoever needs the services irrespective of the social type that one enjoys (Baker, 2014). Provided an individual can pay for the services, there is no big deal in giving these services to all the people. Therefore, the market will be structured into three segments depending on the social class of the customers. The pricing mechanisms will also be structured in a manner that matches the associated clients. However, this does not mean that the level of professionalism will be compromised (Baker, 2014). The task force will also be divided into three segments to develop a mechanism that would enhance services provided to these customers, tailored to a specific market segment.

Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy

The marketing program is an instrumental aspect of gaining a market share in a particular industry. Therefore, the success of a company’s sales is based on the marketing strategies that would ensure the products get to the right and potential consumers at the right time (Fine, 2017). This hence means that the marketing manager has a significant role in ensuring that the products are available in the market and the customers are aware of all the brands available for consumption. This would ensure that the sales revenue increases progressively. The marketing strategists must hence factor in the four elements of a marketing program commonly known as 4Ps. 

Product Strategy

The product strategy focuses on the life cycle of a specific product or service from the inception of an idea to the production of the just about to be sold product or service to potential buyers. In this regard, Cleanax Cleaning Services deals with various services both in the domestic and global market. This stage focuses on the attributes each of the product or service that an organization intends to produce would have to match the customers’ needs. This phase is where the consumer needs and requirements are factored in to make a tailor-made product or service for a specified market segment (Fine, 2017). The quality of the products or services is achieved through the incorporation of technology and innovation.

This strategy will also highlight the branding and packaging mechanisms of a service or product and the associated quality. Clean as Cleaning Services is thus utilizing this strategy to bring about differentiation as far as branding and service provision is concerned.

Pricing Strategy

The pricing of products must be handled with a lot of insight to balance the firm’s income and the customers’ affordability. In most cases, the pricing mechanism deployed must have a break-even point while at the same time factoring in the standardized market price for particular products. The price must be favorable to the firm as well as the consumers. This, therefore, would ensure that the management reasonably considers the cost for substitute services or products and matches the price accordingly (Fine, 2017) in a bid to address this aspect and reaches its price with that of its competitors.

For Cleanax Cleaning Services Company to achieve its goals and operate at a global level, it must be cautious on the pricing mechanism. This will determine the company’s success or failure. Therefore, the delivered services’ cost must be relatively affordable amongst the target customers (Baker, 2014). Thus, the pricing strategies are the techniques that an organization or business would adopt to enable it to run its business effectively and in a sustainable manner. 

With a projected growth rate of about 3% annually, the company must focus on the marketing and pricing strategies to gain the desired market share and progressively achieve its goals (Chambers & Humble, 2017). Hence, the price must match the standard price in the market through which unique and loyal customers of the organization would enjoy some discounts in a bid to enhance market penetration. 

Clean as Cleaning Services will have more staff available on call if required, providing discounts to clients. For instance, a 5% discount would be provided to regular clients once a month and a 2% discount for anyone who refers and recommends a client to the firm’s services. The business will develop a discount policy that will make it competitive as compared to its competitors. 

The discounts will be given regarding the amount of work one needs to be done.

Place Strategy

This is often referred to as the distribution strategy. It focuses on the mechanisms to ensure the services or products reach the market within the time frame and provide the latter’s consistent supply in the market (Fine, 2017). The distribution channels are often identified in this phase to facilitate the movement of products from the producers to the target consumers. In this regard, a mixed distribution strategy will be integral because of the dynamism in the industry. There are situations in which we might require some agents to facilitate our market penetration, especially in places where our services have not yet taken ground. Therefore, the number of marketers or promoters of our services will depend on the market’s nature, competition level, and market segment.  

Promotion Strategy

The promotion strategy is meant to create awareness amongst the target customers such that they have the necessary information regarding a particular service or product. This can be done through roadshows, online marketing, magazines, and advertisements on television (Fine, 2017). Clean Cleaning Services Company uses online marketing, magazines, and promotions to create awareness. However, the promotional strategy method depends on the nature of the market, the population that an organization seeks to reach, convenience, reliability, and most importantly, the cost that would be incurred in the process. The promotion strategy must as well be insightful in a bid to be able to reach out to more customers while at the same time focusing on the system that the other competitors are using to penetrate a specific market segment.   

Technology Plan

The advancement of technology has redefined the world. Hence, this has been integral in determining how the business operations are conducted in a bid to attain the desired competencies. One of Cleanax Cleaning Services Company’s core objectives is to expand the market through a multinationals approach (Weaver, Jansen, Van Grootveld, Van Spiegel, & Vergragt, 2017). To accomplish this goal, the incorporation of particular technologies will be significant in coordinating the business operations in a decentralized manner. A management information system will diligently serve the purpose while enhancing the management of organizational resources (Weaver et al., 2017). Consequently, through these technologies, the firm I likely to gain a competitive edge because it can easily share information through the internet or the virtual private networks (VPN) regardless of one’s the geographical location (Weaver et al. 2017).

Due to the increasing need for technologies, and information technology department will hence be created to take care of its management and communication systems, among other tasks (Weaver et al. 2017). This move aims to have a task force that would handle technical issues as far as the technologies are concerned without necessarily outsourcing the services. Each of the US and Europe offices will have at least two IT experts that would ensure the online business operations or transactions are intact.    

Ethics & Social Responsibility

The organization is governed by both internal and external code of conduct with defines what ought to be done when in the work environment (Kolk, 2016). The government expects the employees to adhere to the code of conduct by engaging in regular business activities as required by the law. The same principle of conduct applies to the entire organization and highlights the consequences an organization would face wherever it violates the rules (Kolk, 2016). The government expects the companies in a particular industry to file the annual taxes, pay the employees the scheduled minimum wage, and conserve the environment.

Social responsibility is a reflection of whatever an organization is supposed to do to protect and conserve the environment in which a business is run. This involves minimizing the level of pollution as well as enhancing the green economy. The company has a responsibility of creating job opportunities that ought to be taken by the local population based on the competencies that each candidate has (Kolk, 2016). The organization would also be required to take part in various community development projects to enhance people’s lives. In compliance with this requirement, Cleanax Cleaning Services Company has been at the forefront in ensuring it supports community development projects, creating more job opportunities, and minimizing the carbon footprint when carrying out their businesses.   

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