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Computer Games and Christianity

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The assumption of the world in computer games is various according to their genres, countries of their creation, their plots, and the sources that have inspired certain games. Thus, there is a variety of games where one saves the world in both peaceful and violent ways, but also, there are games that bring up tiny evil lords. The possibility to create games with the nonlinear plot made it possible for people to choose what kind of play (a game of diplomacy and peaceful solutions, a game of war and destruction, a game of random having fun) they want to play (Shepard). It is not only the Dragon Age world, the Mass Effect, the Fable, the Star Wars online – all these games bring the variety of choices in order not only to behave justly but also – to make ones just behavior the matter of the free will. Still, there is the other aspect that is far from being appropriate – a lot of games resemble Walhalla, the Scandinavian paradise of the eternal fight for no proper reason except the fight itself. The worldview described in the games and their moral influence may vary from mostly positive and religiously encouraging up to the inappropriate. The religious justification for playing inappropriate games is quite obedient but still straight and somehow corresponds with the method of the free will in nonlinear games. Either one wants to be pure, and he decides what type of games to play, and thus creates both the room for fun and does not harm his mind with the unnecessary dirty thoughts like the massive killing of nameless mobs or justification of the inappropriate behavior, or he wants to corrupt his mind and later be ready to face the consequences (What does Scripture teach about playing video games). For example, it is worth mentioning that evil heroes often receive more material profits while good ones are prone to have the acceptance and the assistance of people, which also may serve an example of the usual state of things.

Computer Games and Christianity

Still playing computer games is not bad. It is just another way of narrating stories, more fluent than films and books separately are, as it allows not only to embrace the world but also to influence it. Playing encourages people to use their free will and accept the fact that each step can significantly influence the future, and each word can in the end up saving their lives using finding the loyal allies. It is the lesson each of the people should learn in his life. The games this way can be called a toy-purgatory where one may sincerely uncover his motives and gain the Heaven or Hell according to his behavior. The more practical among the positive aspects of online gaming is cooperation with people through the world, disregarding the cultural differences.

Moreover, games encourage people to be considerate, calculative, attentive, rapid (The Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games); to unite and, among other things, to entrust their lives into the hands of each other – it is a valuable lesson that probably each needs to experience. It would be better when under safe conditions. There is also the problem’s negative side, called addiction to the game. The inability to control their own will while trying to receive virtual profits can result in losing a considerable part of real life. Games can make it difficult to spend one’s time appropriately while he is overwhelmed with experiencing the features of a particular virtual world (Video Game Addiction Symptoms, Causes, and Effects). Computer games influence the development of computers as they are, and the profit of this development is used in a variety of aspects, for example, in medicine (Atkinson). It is worth mentioning the flight simulation, surgery simulation, movement simulation in the artificially created location using their own body as a keypad as possible ways of practicing skills, inspired by computer games.

It can be summarized that the interaction between Christian virtues, a way of life, and computer games are rather stable. In the informational aspects, the games are no more influencing than any other source of information is, moreover, they can be used to teach people such virtues as the responsibility for own actions, the correlation between the act and the consequences on the larger scale, possibility to use the free will for good aims, understanding of teamwork as the concept of loving the people beside each other. Computer games also teach mercy and forgiveness, as literally, no one can predict when the internet would collapse and the whole team would lose – thanks to the one who turned out to be offline. And to the one that will remain the ally and a friend, despite being faulted. Games also influence the evolution of certain reflexes of the human body and brain that also can cause no harm to the Christian. Games, in the end, control the progress, and this fact ends up saving dozens of lives. Still, some aspects are unacceptable from a religious point of view. The first one is harming one’s conscience with the inappropriate information that may end up spoiling the personality and accepting the morbid behavior and beliefs. The second is the game addiction that may correspond to the sin of sloth as a  person does nothing efficient and spends her life for no good. Thus the assumption of the world depends on the type of the game and its plot. Video games create opportunities for cross-cultural exchange, scientific advancement and self-improvement. At the same time, games create the moral issues in both spiritual (receiving inappropriate beliefs) and in material (wasting time in a wrong way) level and make it difficult to recognize between excellent and improper. Online games are directly bound with the different cultural aspects of real-life, films, books, in each of the life spheres, and this is their central cultural aspect, as an urgent matter between both cultures, religions, styles, and people around the world.


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