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Course Reflection Essay Example

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Health and sickness continue to be important facets of culture. These have a direct impact on the human community of any given country, so it is critical that people understand them. The course “Health Promotion and Disease Control” has had a huge effect on my knowledge of health and disease. Promoting hygiene and designing infectious prevention plans are important aspects of maintaining a disease-free society. This course has been extremely helpful in instilling in me the necessary expertise and skills for designing services that attempt to mitigate illness and improve wellbeing in a particular area or community. As a result, having been thoroughly armed with theoretical knowledge on this topic, I can apply this knowledge throughout my profession and daily life when confronted with circumstances that will necessitate its implementation.

Course Reflection Essay Example

This course has enabled me to undergo tremendous personal growth while also assisting me in gaining critical programme skills. This is important for me in both my career and personal lives. I’ve had access to and read a variety of reading materials that provide critical information on health promotion and disease prevention, as well as the implementation of services for a variety of target populations. Also, the various assignments that I have been subjected to throughout the course have been instrumental in helping me master and acquire new information on disease prevention and health promotion. Therefore, I will be able to utilize this knowledge in developing programs that aim at disease prevention and health promotion at different levels in society.

Apart from the knowledge imparted in me, I have undertaken different activities in this course have helped me develop various vital skills. First, I have improved my researching skills. The multiple assignments I have done in this course have required me to do comprehensive research to develop a good paper. Researching on the internet and other literature in the print form has highly sharpened my research skills. This is important in my profession. There are broad knowledge and information on various topics today, either on the internet or physical library. Therefore, one needs to have good research skills to choose and utilize only relevant and valid knowledge. Therefore, this remains an essential skill that I will use even in the future.

The course assignment on health promotion program served an essential purpose to me, as far as the application of my acquired knowledge on health promotion and disease control is concerned. This assignment required me to research and provide an evidence-based health promotion program for a selected population. Doing this assignment provided me with important insights into designing a health promotion program for a selected target population. In this assignment, I focused on the topic, “Increasing the proportion of adults who get sufficient sleep.” This was based on sleep health as an important topic or objective of the Healthy People 2020 program.

This course has also made me learn the critical aspect of government involvement in its population’s health and disease situation. Through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Healthy People project, proves its initiative and involvement in health promotion and disease prevention. The website for this project is highly resourceful. This includes different health objectives and topics that are of great use. This website remains a vital resource as far as this course is concerned. This remains a clear example of a project aimed at health promotion. Therefore, this provides essential guidelines for going about a project aimed at health promotion and disease control. This has, therefore, also introduced to me more critical areas of health, including health promotion activities that I can emulate in the future.

By learning this course, I have developed most of the necessary professional skills that are important in my field of work. A career in health requires professional skills and the relevant accompanying knowledge to perform effectively and execute all the tasks about the job in health. As a professional in the field of health, one of the major tasks that I will be predisposed to be developing strategies that can contribute to the promotion of health and prevention of diseases in the society for the overall goal of ensuring that communities are well informed on illness and health and that their overall health status is commendable. Therefore, the knowledge I have acquired, together with the practice I have so far engaged in about health promotion and disease control, will play an essential role in my future practice as a health practitioner.

           Different reading material and resources in this course have equally exposed me to other authors’ perceptions about the aspects of health and disease in communities. This has, therefore, been instrumental in broadening my perception and perspective of health and disease-related issues in society. The most important thing that I have learned is that different communities have different health needs. Therefore, even as a health practitioner, in coming up with programs and activities aimed at health promotion, it is essential to consider this vital aspect of variations in different parts of communities, including their health needs. Furthermore, I have also learned that other people in society, often based on age, have different health needs. Therefore, as a professional, it will be my duty to ensure that I put my target population’s health needs into perspective so that whatever health program is implemented for them can be effective.

I consider most important the fact that this course, including the knowledge and professional skills that I have acquired, shapes me to practice my passion in a better manner. I consider health as a very significant aspect of the life of any individual. My love has always been to contribute positively and make an essential impact on the lives of people. For this reason, I consider knowing health promotion as a critical aspect in bringing a change in the lives of people, hence making the world a better place. I will use the knowledge and skills that I have acquired in this course to initiate different health-promoting programs and activities that will ensure that other communities experience good health, thus lower mortality. I, therefore, consider this to be very important to me as an individual. This has helped me experience some growth in my realm, as I have become better and well equipped with necessary knowledge and skills that will enable me to perform in the best way as a professional.

In conclusion, this course remains a vital integral part of my academic and professional path. The knowledge I have gained so far will contribute significantly toward making me successful in obtaining my targeted academic credentials. Also, this knowledge will equally help me become a competent professional in the field of health. The skills I have acquired will also go a long way in developing me personally and professionally. Furthermore, this has contributed to creating awareness in me of just how vital the health of the population is to a country and its government. Therefore, I consider government involvement in the health of its people as a critical factor. Most importantly, I can reflect on this course, which shapes me to become an individual who will embrace reflection, as this is important for all students and professionals. Nonetheless, as I aim to become a competent professional in health, I acknowledge that all the knowledge and skills I have acquired in this course will contribute to my success in my profession.

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