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Top 22 Data Entry Companies in USA

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Data entry jobs from home became, during the beginning of this decade, one of the most lucrative job options for freelancers and home-based workers from every corner of the world. But the data entry sector is diminishing due to the declining use of physical documents and journals, as it primarily feeds on transferring the data from physical paper to digital records. Right now, people make their valuable data and materials mostly directly on digital platforms.

However, there is still a big industry that remains among the key players in the data entry sector, even after a neck-to-neck rivalry. Now you can join this industry to make data input into your bread and butter. To start working as a data entry process, you only need two key things. Firstly, a good computer with high-speed internet connection is needed. Second, with superior precision, you need to get a decent typing pace.

However, most of the companies that currently offer project data entry are complete frauds and fakes. In this sector, you need to take your measures with pretty care to get genuine projects. And to support you with the selection process, here are the 22 best companies now offering domestic data entry work.

Great American Opportunities

When you live in the United States, it is one of the best ways to get legit data entry work from home. The work, however, is entirely seasonal and you can not treat it as a full-time job. In 1975 GAO began operating in the United States as a fundraising campaigner. And since then they sell jobs twice a year to freelancers.

Every year in June and then in December you will become a member of their team. Currently they pay around $0.10 for every form. Depending on difficulty and length it can go up to $0.40 per form. You can make up to $9 an hour with a bit of commitment while working for this company.

Top 22 Data Entry Companies in USA | Work From Home

AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global primarily hires transcriptions, rather than typical data entry work. However, the company may hire you even if you have limited transcription experience as long as you score well on its application assessments. AccuTran Global pays per word and sometimes offers bonuses for difficult tasks. Workers are hired in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Dion Data

Again, in order to become eligible to work as a freelancer for this company you need to be a permanent resident of the USA. It has made its reputation one of the best-paid, freelancer firms in the U.S. that also has openings. Since 2004 this organization has been effectively performing data entry assignments with its freelancers.

The final payment of will vary greatly from form to form basis where you will be paid good by the long forms. In addition they also have a constant supply of projects available. To become a part of their team you need to have at least 60 WPM typing speed with utmost precision.


Although most of the world knows photocopying as Xerox, it is the business that first invented the copier. But now, they do also deliver freelance data entry assignments that you can quickly catch to make money out of. However, to start freelancing with them, you must be the permanent citizen of the United States or of Canada.

Depending on your choice you can join their team of freelancers either on a part-time or full-time basis. And, if you have decent typing speed along with a high-speed internet connection, you can comfortably make about $12 an hour. In addition, this company has a steady flow of projects available throughout the year.

Smart Locating

This company has recently generated a media storm following being the best business to work for in Houston, Texas. And now, they are offering the permanent citizens of the United States freelance employment opportunities. You can either join as a full-time or part-time freelancer, where you can choose your schedule with complete freedom.

You must however meet the daily quota allocated to your profile. With a decent typing speed and precision, you can earn about $8.5 an hour according to inside sources. They work mainly with sensitive data that surround the details of the US citizen ‘s apartment. So, before final approval, you can need to go through the history verification.


This website also provides proofreading and paid survey projects in addition to the legal data entry projects. This company, which serves globally, can seize different kinds of freelance opportunities. And this website has the best freelance work for you wherever you actually live. However, the availability of the payment and the project may vary by location.

The procedure for joining is super simple and can be completed in just a few simple steps. You can choose from their listed projects after joining, and start working. Although the final payment may vary depending on several factors, you can earn about $7 to $10 an hour. There is also no payment threshold at this service.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

The business name itself stands for its credibility because it is an Amazon affiliate. This company now provides, in addition to the United States and Canada, job opportunities in many other countries too. They call Human Intelligence Challenge or HIT the freelance projects because they need human intelligence to solve their tasks.

This company is currently earning about $0.01 to $0.08 per Strike, which appears to be very small. Nevertheless, the tasks are endless, and you can make a good amount of money every hour with little hard work. This organization also provides programs for image tagging and transcription, in addition to data entry. This website has no payment requirement as from 2020.


This company has already established itself as one of the most legit data entry jobs providers from home, although the payment for each role is relatively small. But, for its freelancers it has almost endless supply of available projects. In addition, anybody from around the globe can apply for the position and start working remotely.

One of the best things about this firm is that it takes no effort from your side. You can pick flexible schedule and operate according to your own strategy. Starting from AI research to eCommerce, this business has now extended its operations in nearly all industries. There’s no payment cap in this business too.

Cass Information Systems

CIS is without doubt one of the most notable data entry companies operating in the United States. And now, freelancer data entry operators are being taken to join their team as they grow pretty quickly. However, in order to become eligible, you need to be a permanent resident of the selective US states.

This firm favors more home-based employees who live near their actual workplace. So, if you’re far away the odds are pretty slim. Right now they pay their freelance members around $11.65 per hour. You need a good typing speed with pretty good accuracy to get selected.

Capital Typing

This firm has been playing its role as one of the key players in the freelance industry for nearly 18 years since 2002. Starting from data entry projects to business mailing service, this organization now offers its home-based employees from all over the world different kinds of projects. This has set output and per-hour rate for project data entry which can vary depending on the complexity.

You can also choose transcription projects which offer payment per minute. You just need a decent typing speed and high-speed internet access to get this company going. Even the supplication process is very simple and it takes just a few minutes to complete. Nonetheless, before final approval they also hold an online interview over Skype.

Sig Track

This firm offers a specific type of job, tagging, data entry. Which specializes in marking of U.S. citizens’ signatures. And because of that, if you are a permanent U.S. resident, you will only become eligible to apply for this position. During the joining process you must upload your valid citizenship identification card and a 3-second video of your face.

This company is providing up to $0.037 for each signature right now, and up to $0.15 for each registration. Though, in order to continue working with them, you have to follow the strict requirements of tagging at least 10k signatures every month. For marking signatures you do need to have at least 98 per cent accuracy.

Red Vision

Without a doubt, this company has recently created a good media buzz to provide the freelancers with splendid opportunities. You will only join this organization however if you are a registered U.S. resident. In addition, they also want to get you started with a decent typing speed with unparalleled precision. In addition, it must provide a high-speed Internet connection.

The organization often regularly publishes data collection projects on its website, in addition to routine data entry projects. The final cost of each project for data entry or verification depends entirely on the project duration and complexity. As of 2020 this organization has no payment threshold.

The Smart Crowd

It is one of the few companies that pay per-stroke basis to their freelancers, rather than the normal per-project or per-hour basis. So you can gain money for every single keystroke. Sometime, however, it seems a little lower than the normal market levels for freelance data entry ventures. With a decent typing speed and a little long working hours you can certainly compensate for that problem.

Right now, this company pays its freelance data entry operators about $0.2 per 1k keystrokes. Nonetheless, with increased experience the rate can go up to $0.6 per 1k keystrokes. Today, this organization welcomes creative freelancers from around the world. And, there is also no payment threshold at this company.


In fact it is a great startup that works mainly in the field of UX / UI Design. In addition, they have now expanded their operating area to several other fields such as researchers, creative and content writing, illustration, and even data entry. And for this they often recruit freelancers and home-based staff to join their data entry operators team.

It provides industry-standard rates that are perfect if you intend on taking it as a full-time job. Nonetheless, in order to continue working for them you certainly need a decent typing speed along with superior accuracy. Right now this company is offering talented professionals from all over the world their freelance data entry operator jobs.


Though it appears to be an Apple Company subsidiary, but it is not. Nevertheless, as one of the best suppliers of legitimate ventures, it’s already made a name among the people searching among data entry jobs from home. For now, this organization only provides its free-lance incentives to permanent U.S. residents. But they plan for their global expansions as well.

It takes only a few minutes to complete the joining process. To get selected, you simply need to have good typing speed and an updated computer. As of 2020 this organization has no payment threshold. However, they currently have plenty of projects available in their catalog. So, you do not face any problem about the project availability.

Capitol Typing

It is one of the very few companies in the U.S. that specialize in data entry and job typing. And for that they have a large network of trustworthy clients on their roster to provide their staff with constant data entry and project typing. And now, you can apply to join their freelance team too.

Some of this company’s drawbacks is that they are now only available to permanent US residents. They are charging a relatively decent rate in the US freelance market now. However, to go through their selection procedure you definitely need to have a good typing speed with the utmost precision.

Axion Data Entry Services

They are known for delivering high-paying programs, although the attached window stays open for a relatively short period. So, you need to keep an eye on their website to catch the chance as soon as it appears. Currently, this company only accepts permanent U.S. and Canadian citizens into their freelance data entry team.

You will need to have at least 2 years of experience in the data entry field to get picked in addition to having a fast typing skill with great accuracy. And once you’re accepted by the company, they’ll start giving you legit projects immediately. You can directly pass your earnings into your bank account or into your PayPal account.


It’s not exactly a website specializing mainly in data entry but it’s a hub for freelancers to get their projects. On this website there are plenty of other jobs available which you can take in addition to the regular data entry jobs. — data entry project’s final payment is slightly lower than the market rate as there is a strong supply of available projects.

One of the best things about this website is it’s available to all around the globe. And, in a few easy steps, you can build your own profile at this website. Once you get from their side the initial green flag you can start working on your preferred projects. This website now gives you the freedom to withdraw your earning through PayPal account.


Just like Microwrokers we listed above, this website has also now made its name one of the best marketplaces for talented freelancers. And you can also get some good data entry assignments from this website, in addition to many other assignments. Furthermore, this company now provides freelance work to people across the globe.

To get started with this UK based company you need to fill in a short joining form. And right after approval of the account, you can start taking projects for data entry available. This website also allows you the ability to work on multiple projects at the same time with multiple clients. The rates are in line with industry standards, too.

Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications mainly employs transcription professional employees, but staff may end up performing a variety of tasks, including data entry. Jobs get charged $0.40-$1.75 per minute of recording. While contractors have flexibility in scheduling, most work is available Monday through Friday.


While this website is known mainly for online tutoring platform, this website now also provides highly paying data entry and transcription projects as well. In addition, it is among the very few freelancing websites that now have their presence across the globe. You can also build your profile in just a few easy steps on this web site.

The client charges around $3 for every 300 words you put into the data entry ventures. And with little effort, just by working for this firm, you can earn as much as $27k a year. You need a decent typing speed, a stable internet connection and an updated computer to get started working, though.


This company has made its name one of the biggest players in the market for translation and content curation. Now, they have joined the data entry area as well. To get good data entry assignments, you can easily make an account of a freelancer on this web site. In addition, their programs are also among the highest-paid domestic data entry workers.

Including the normal data entry tasks, you can also take the picture tagging and testing tasks. Nevertheless, this firm actually has a $30 payment cap. Once you earn that much, you can easily withdraw via your PayPal account that is linked. In addition, they also give you the right to pass that directly to your bank.

Therefore, here is all the legitimate data entry jobs from home that you can answer to in 2020. However, to excel in the data entry field you need to have a strong consistency and a great typing speed. Besides, if you can set up your home office to start taking long data entry projects, it’ll be a wise choice for you.

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