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Effects of Corona virus on Turkey Real Estate Industry

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Since the start of COVID-19 in January the commercial real estate of turkey has been negative. In 2020, the IMF expects the Turkish economy to shrink by 5 per cent, starting a negative spiral. Therefore, despite the stimulus that the Turkish government is offering, there will be severe contractions on commercial investment.

The lockdown was lifted in Turkey from 1st June and the virus is slowing the spread of it. Very few records of fresh cases occurred in Turkey except in the Istanbul region. The Government focuses on returning to work, while at the same time giving priority to health and safety.

Effects of Corona virus on Turkey Real Estate Industry

However, not everything in Turkey’s commercial real estate sector is bleak. Foreign investors are looking for online channels for commercial real estate investments in Istanbul.

Offering a New Commercial Real Estate Opportunity in Istanbul, Turkey

The dual sales pressure and demand contraction bifurcations in Istanbul have significantly reduced real estate prices. Building firms now face an acute liquidity problem because of low investment returns. Therefore, investors with high liquidity in Istanbul turkey will have the best opportunity to buy commercial real estate.

Exchange rates also plummeted significantly because of the impact of COVID-19. This offers a market advantage of nearly 20-25 percent when you add the liquidity to the seller.

Investment Prospects in Commercial Property Istanbul While Flights are Suspended

In these uncertain times, the online real estate sector has witnessed steady growth. Many real estate developers use property searches by telephone and virtual tours to market lucrative deals to buyers. It will help you locate commercial real estate in turkey Istanbul without visiting the place physically. Video tours will also allow buyers to view a virtual 360 tour of the venue. It will allow for safe and smooth communication between investors and sellers.

It will also allow us to view the latest properties at their targeted locations. It will speed up the international market and will be a major leap forward in the digital age.

Look for Discounts for Investment in Istanbul’s Commercial Real Estate

The effect of COVID-19 has slowed the market according to the latest commercial real estate reports from Istanbul. Therefore, apart from the regular offerings, vendors offer massive discounts. New projects deliver sleek, automated apartments with the latest innovations in architecture. During COVID-19, these discounts are an opportunity to raise the picture of the property growth.

You can contact local Istanbul area specialist agents to get the properties without entering the town physically. The agents provide advantage in location, investment options and the latest facilities.

The Decision on Commercial Real Estate in Istanbul Turkey is Relevant

Turkey’s real estate leaders use the latest analytics to analyze circumstances and produce targeted data. The impact will help make custom rental property decisions in Istanbul. At COVID-19, a series of simple guidelines designed to attract buyers are transforming commercial real estate in Istanbul turkey.

Istanbul’s Imminent Challenge to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

In Istanbul, the real estate sectors have been hit hard since the COVID-19 outbreak. Many developers face construction delays and potentially diminishing returns. Now buyers can look for investment opportunities in less human-dense buildings. That includes facilities for self-storage, manufacturing facilities and data centers. These sectors have several opportunities for investment. Thus, the diversification in these properties of their commercial real estate in Istanbul turkey can bring good prices for buyers.

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