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How to Clean Your House Building From COVID-19

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COVID-19 has triggered worldwide fear, and nearly everyone is trying to find ways to improve their health. There is currently no cure for COVID-19; therefore, the most people can do is ensure that the spaces they occupy are as clean as possible to limit virus contact. Coronavirus lasts longer on surfaces but can last as long as three hours in the air, too. Sadly enough, your daily operating spaces are the surfaces that hold the virus the longest, thus proving a greater risk. If you own a building, how safe you are building is after you have cleaned it up is your biggest concern. Here are some ways you can use to know if COVID-19 is proper for the cleaning done in your house.

How to Clean Your House Building From COVID-19

Our aim is to create a free society at COVID-19. Therefore, conduct an assessment on your property to ensure all traces of coronavirus have been eradicated. Effectively counter any chance that viruses will still survive in your building. Use only approved methods and cleaning criteria, the effectiveness of which has been identified as;

Checking ATP

The abbreviation ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate, a molecule containing energy present in all living organisms. Thus, ATP testers can detect if a surface is clear of traces of viruses such as corona-virus. From its extensive use in hospitals, the efficacy of ATP testing is obvious.

Targeting Those Areas Most Affected

Know the places and equipment that are most affected within your house. The door handles at your building’s entrance are often most touched, and so are appliances such as sanitizer dispensers being installed. Get to know the most vulnerable areas a higher degree of focus, as they appear to be exposed to hand transmitted viruses.

Focusing on Building Area Experiencing Heavy Traffic

The staircase and walkways in your building will always have higher traffic than all the other areas. Therefore, you will remember that these are some of the areas that need to be inspected and mark pay more attention to.

Use of Registered EPA Disinfecting Chemicals

Use the disinfectants and chemicals, which are duly registered as EPA.

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