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I Pad 2 Uses and Features

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I Pad 2- The Product

One of the products that can reinvent the lifestyles of humanity is the iPad. The iPad 2 is perhaps one of the best examples of innovations in the human mind. The product is a tablet PC with an attractive appearance and a design unrivaled by any other product on the market. The work includes all of a notebook’s features, and has multiple features that include high-end graphics and extended battery life with high portability.


The manufacturer of iPad 2 is Apple Inc, which is a US-based multinational company engaged in the manufacture of computers, software, mobile phones, and other innovative gadgets. The company was established in the year 1976 by the legendary Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne (Apple, 2011). The company went public in the year 1976 and is presently ranked as the top brand in the Fortune magazine’s list of top 50 brands in 2011 (CNN Money, 2011).

Uses of I Pad 2

The iPad 2 is a multi-use product that can be used by working professionals as a substitute for notebooks as well as by individuals for entertainment purposes that include watching Television browsing the internet and performing various device functions. The iPad 2 has advanced graphics that allow for graphics in high definition. It can also be used for playing games, displaying, and changing images, videos, and VOIP services.


In addition to iPad 1’s revolutionary product features, the latest model will be 33 per cent thinner and about 15 per cent lighter. The result would also have a dual-core A5 microchip that would enable faster browsing and greater speeds for the device. All those features will result in ten hours of battery life. The iPad 2 would also have two cameras that would enable video conferencing between two people and also enable the capture of high definition images. The new smart cover on the device is something that is never seen before in any device with the top being extremely compatible and would also automatically enable and disable the sleep mode by being opened and covered, respectively. His cover can also be folded to make it up as a stand for the iPad while being in use. All these features mainly hold the promise of making it a new revolution ushered by the company (Apple-a, 2011).

I Pad 2 Uses and Features

Innovation and Competitive Advantage

The new version of the iPad derives its competitive advantage from the aspect of being compatible with high-end graphics as well as from the product’s improved speed and robustness due to the use of dual-core A5 processor which would improve its speed and also allow for faster browsing and other activities. Also, the result would be at an edge over its rivals over its aspect of slim design and sleek looks and a battery life of ten hours. All these aspects along with the formidable brand image of Apple would surely provide a next-generation experience to the users and a run for the money for its competitors

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