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Importance of Skin Moisturizers

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Since the Stone Age, human civilization has come a long way. Human needs could be reduced to a few essentials like food, clothing, and shelter in a quintessential context. However, in a contemporary context, it is not precisely so. With shifting the things from agriculturally based societies to the onset of the industrial organization and the eventual shift to the contemporary information age, health has emerged as a typical contributor to human happiness and a sense of well being. Not only this, but today, people tend to envisage the concept of health in a more holistic and elaborate format. It involves ensuring the vital organs work optimally to care for the body parts that were conveniently neglected a few decades ago. The human skin is one such body organ that has found a newfound appreciation and emphasis in the last few decades. Skin moisturizers are one such health help that significantly adds to the human sense of well-being by ensuring the much needed proper skincare.

Importance of Skin Moisturizers

Maybe most people aren’t aware that skin happens to be the largest human organ. The skin occupies a total area of around 1.5 to 2.0 square metres (Baumann 17) in average adult meters. It so happens that no other organ is so large and vast. In addition, the skin performs many esAlso; actions in the several are the first line of protection for the body against any harm caused by pathogens and the external environment. It is the nerve endings located in the skin that sense heat and contact sensations. The heat control is the duty of the blood vessels and sweat glands in skin. Skin also helps store fats and liqthe us, and helps with vitamin D synthesis. It promotes the excretion of waste from body, such as sweat and urea. It also the lps to consume many essential elements and to include health aids such as ointments and medicines. It’s stopping the body from wasting critical nutrients. Skin is an integral part of body aesthetics and communication; last but not least; There is no denying that skincare should dominate a crucial position in human well-being and health given the manifold importance of skin to human health.

If it is accepted that skincare is essential, it is appropriate to analyze the outstanding skincare features. Good nutrition is the first step towards maintaining safe and durable skin. Not to mention that high levels of stress affect the skin adversely as do other organs. For a holistic approach to skincare, proper rest is therefore of central importance. Proper cleanliness and hygiene go a long way in maintaining healthy skin. Fresh air and sunshine support this project. But the skincare factor that many people most frequently overlook is appropriate fluid intake or proper hydration. More than 80 percent of the human body is the largest water and skin, and the most vulnerable to water loss is the most exposed to human organs. The skin moisturizers play a significant role in that part of skincare. The most crucial element of good skin care is skin hydration.

Cracked skin, snakeskin, knubbly tweed are the symptoms of an unkempt and uncared for the skin. No matter what an individual’s skin type is, it is oily, dry, or regular; one cannot ignore skin hydration and moisturizing daily. Leaving skin moisturizing uncared for and ignoring this fundamental approach towards skincare not only leaves the skin dry and flakey, compromising its role and functions in the human health, but it could also lead to premature wrinkles and related aging symptoms, making a person look aged and mature much earlier in one’ sone’s life. Some people also tend to have sensitive skin, and improper skin hydration further aggravates their skin-related problems.

The skin moisturizers’ first and foremost function is to help retain water in the skin, thereby assuring its proper functioning and looking younger. Skin moisturizers aid good skincare in many ways. Besides keeping the skin hydrated regularly, many modern-day moisturizers contain ingredients called humectants and emollients. Urea, glycerin, alpha hydroxy acids happen to be the most favored and widely used humectants, which help the skin remain hydrated by absorbing water from the surrounding environment (Raichur & Cohn 141). Again, petroleum, lanolin, and mineral oil are common emollients that fill the empty spaces left by cracked skin due to dryness, heal the skin, and make it look smooth and flawless (Raichur & Cohn 122). So, while purchasing skin moisturizers, it is a must for the people to ensure that they buy those essential ingredients. Just as food is necessary for the body, skin moisturizers must help keep the skin healthy, supple, and young. Moisturizers also form a barrier over the skin, protecting it from external damage and the harm caused by UV rays. Besides, many modern-day moisturizers contain many other essential ingredients like minerals, sunscreens, vitamins, and sunless tanners that nourish and revitalize the skin. Some moisturizers even contain ingredients that go a step ahead by performing additional essential functions like boosting the production of varied skin proteins like elastin and collagen, diminishing the unaesthetic stretch marks caused by fat deposits or pregnancy, creasing and smoothing the wrinkles caused by aging, exfoliating and removing the grime and dead skin cells and unblocking the skin Pores to ensure adequate skin flow and ventilation, and to protect skin pigmentation caused by disease, ageing or nutrition (Somerville 20). To claim the human skin is like a natural leather jacket wouldn’t be wrong. As a leather jacket needs to be regularly oiled to keep it shiny and smooth, human skin also needs to be periodically hydrated by using skin moisturizers to keep it healthy, young, and good looking. Moisturizers help keep the skin glowing, nourished, and smooth and prevent it from getting dry, flaky, and aged.

However, to solicit maximum benefit from the skin moisturizers, they must be used correctly and regularly. Before applying skin moisturizers, it helps wash and clean the skin by scrubbing and externally exfoliating it with scrubs or loofah. This removes the dirt from the skin, opens up the skin pores, and removes the dead skin cells, thereby aiding and maximizing skin moisturizer absorption applied on the body. It is also essential to look to it that responsible companies manufacture the skin moisturizers purchased by one, are free of harmful ingredients and chemicals, and are skin type. Also, to accrue skin moisturizers’ benefits, it is not a must that they should contain exotic ingredients or tend to be costly. Even a skin moisturizer containing the essential elements goes a long way in assuring a healthy and nourished skin.

Skin is the largest and most important human organ and the body’ sbody’s first line of defense. Also, a young and healthy skin endows a person with an aesthetic appeal and a pleasing personality. In that context, skin moisturizers are an essential constituent of proper and wholesome skincare. 

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