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Ludo Star 2020 Board Review and Features

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Play with friends and family online best Ludo classic dice board game.

Dice star ludo board 2020 is the newest addition to the existing 2020 Ludo titles. This 4-player Ludo game is available to play with your friends and family online free. Ludo board game was formerly the most popular board game. If you are not new to the ludo world and you have played real ludo game in your childhood, then this classic ludo board game has been designed to remind you of your old memory.

Ludo Star 2020 Board Review and Features

If you have been a fan of the original snake and ladder game in the back, be ready to roll the ludo dice in virtual ludo mania. Play this free online Ludo game with friends and family to have the ultimate experience of playing Ludo online board game free.

Ludo dice game is not new to anyone, but still, if you are not familiar with this game of rolling dice, let us have a brief review of ludo gameplay.

Can play ludo clash between two or four players. You can play this online ludo game with your family and friends and you can play against the machine if you want to play ludo game offline.

The gameplay of this dice game is simple; each player has four tokens on the board that have red , green, yellow , and blue color, and the player who first takes all four tokens from the starting point to the finishing point will be the winner and king of ludo. There is a dice with 1 to 6 numbers; you have to roll that dice on the board, and the numbers on the dice you will get after rolling it will help you make your way to the finish.

One of the best Ludo games among the new free games in 2020 is the Dice star ludo board 2020. The game has many fantastic features of the game, including ludo two-player and four-player challenge, offline ludo mode, sending messages, and emoji’s during the gameplay. To earn ludo gold you can play and win the ludo challenges. You can also get ludo gold from each day. Spin or play the videos free. The gold ludo can be used in the purchase of various items. For instance, new emoji’s, chat messages, skins with ludo boards, and skins with dice.

You can play this game with a guest account or link with your Facebook ID to this free ludo app, and play the ludo challenge with your Facebook friends. Use your ludo gold to bet on your ludo clash, or play a private table without any bet with your friends. You can also play against the random ludo masters who have the bet amount of your own choice.

If you have ludo talent and are ready to play against ludo masters, download this ludo new dice game and play & win to become a leading ludo superstar against the growing ludo stars.

Game Features

  • Exciting gameplay, and addictive.
  • Offline game mode with Ludo.
  • Multiplayer game Ludo can be played with family and friends.
  • Play Ludo with friends on Facebook.
  • Send emoji has and chat messages during a ludo clash.
  • Realistic Ludo board with sound effects and classical animations.

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