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Microsoft Xbox Integrated Marketing Strategy

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 Executive Summary

This marketing strategy aims to explain how Xbox, a gaming console, can be made accessible to consumers from all over the world. The marketing strategy gives tips about how the product can become the most sought after gaming console globally. Xbox is one of the most famous gaming products in the world, and Microsoft Corporation produces it. Integrated marketing is necessary to guarantee the continued success of the work in a very competitive market.

Microsoft Xbox Integrated Marketing Strategy

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Xbox is one of the world’s famous gaming consoles because of its features (Mellecker and McManus, 2014). In addition to supporting different games made by various gaming companies, it has other additional features that other gaming consoles lack. One of the other features that make the product more attractive is the fact that it supports chatting. In the current day, many people prefer chatting. The young people, especially love talking, make this product very attractive because it effectively fulfills this need. Another feature that sets this product apart from the other gaming consoles is that it allows the consumers to stream movies at the comfort of their houses. This is not guaranteed in every other gaming console, and for this reason, the product is very attractive. The fact that it can fulfill the different needs explained shows that the product gives the customer value for their money. The product is also safe and easy to use. Since it provides directions to even users who have never operated the console before, it is easy to use. These features are what sets the product apart from the competition. 

Desired Brand Image

Like every other product manufactured by Microsoft Corporation, Xbox is manufactured to give the consumer an easy time using it. Since Microsoft is a giant company that has never disappointed its customers, going by this brand name is also an added advantage. The product also prides itself on fulfilling different needs at the same time. The fact that it supports chatting and streaming of movies, in addition to supporting hardcore gaming, shows that the product is aimed at fulfilling the different needs of a customer at the same time, making the product a game-changer in the gaming industry. A product that can fulfill multiple consumer needs is very attractive to consumers (Ziniel, 2013).  

Target Market 

The target market audience for the product is young people across the world. The young people are the ones that are mostly attracted by the kind of entertainment that Xbox offers. These people will enjoy not only gaming but also will keep in touch with their friends all over the world via Xbox Live, which allows for chatting. The fact that one can stream movies using the product makes the product even more appealing to the youths because they are the people who enjoy watching movies more. For this reason, young people across the globe make up the target market for the product. 

Buyer Motivations

Pleasure is one of the buyer motivations (Kukar-Kinney, Scheinbaum, and Schaefers, 2016). It applies to this product because Xbox is more of a hobby product. This means that it is intended to give the consumers a good time when they do not do other things in life, like learning or working. With this product, friends can play online and compete with each other to comfort their houses with online gaming. This means that there is a luxury as one needs not to travel from a place to the other to compete with their friend. Everything about the product is aimed at giving pleasure to the consumers. Ease of keeping in touch via Xbox Live and streaming movies are features aimed at providing joy to the customers. 

Another buyer motivation applied is impulse. Today, the world has been reduced to a global village, meaning that people on different continents want the same things because it is like we are living in a town whereby the needs are the same for everyone. When the youth in other continents like Asia see that their counterparts in the United States enjoy gaming using the Xbox console, they will want to try it because others are doing it. 

Demographics and Psychographics

Even though the product is designed to appeal to the youth, it especially targets the boys. Girls do not love competition as much as the boys do. When boys are gaming and competing to see who beats the other, it gives them the fulfillment they crave. The truth is, people have different alternatives for chatting and streaming of movies, but about hardcore gaming, a gaming console is necessary. Since boys are the ones who love hardcore gaming the most, they are the ones targeted by the product the most.

Marketing Strategy 

The gaming industry is one of the most attractive sectors to penetrate in the world today. The reason for this is because game lovers are insatiable when it comes to being provided with games. Games are encouraged by parents to take as hobbies because they are better than having the children engage in other things like drug use and the likes. This makes it clear that the market for gaming products is available. This fact has attracted many players in the gaming industry. For this reason, to effectively handle the competition, the product has to do some things differently from what the game is doing (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker, and Brennan, 2015).

Positioning Strategy Versus Competitors

Xbox is the easiest product to use in the gaming industry. It gives instructions on how to use it in every step, from installing games to playing them a fact that makes it easy for the consumers to enjoy. The product also supports different games, and this means that every gamer is considered as he or she can play his or her favorite game using this console. The wireless gaming pads makes it comfortable and easy for gamers to play even the difficult games. Xbox Live supports online gaming, which means games can compete at their houses’ comfort with their friends who are far away. Since the product allows Netflixing, it makes it easy for the consumers to stream their favorite movies at the convenience of their houses, in addition to chatting with their friends via Xbox Live. This console is the only one that allows for hardcore gaming and such features. 

 Promotions and Advertising Campaign 

To make successfully reach the target market, different types of promotion should be applied. They include personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, public relations, and internet marketing. 

The company will make use of personal selling by visiting colleges and high schools because, in these institutions, young people who love gaming will be found easily. When the company’s representatives go to these institutions, there will be an easy exchange of information because the consumers will ask questions and will give their feedback about the product. Incentives will also be given as a way to promote development while doing this personal selling. For example, the representatives could give the people who buy the product a game. This will ensure that consumers remain loyal to the company’s products.

The type of promotion for the product that should be used mainly is advertising. It is a fact that the targeted audience for the product is young people and young people enjoy watching TV. For this reason, using TV will reach them easily. The best part about using television for advertisements is the fact that this method ensures that very many people are born at the same time. Consistency and timing are known to be the best ways to make an advertisement reach the target audience. Television provides for easy capitalization because one can make the time for the advert to be aired when the target audience is watching tv. Consistency is guaranteed because the same advert will be made to run repeatedly, ensuring that it reaches the target market. 

Public Relations Campaign

Public relations campaign is one of the most effective sales promotion (Wilcox, Cameron and Reber, 2015). To effectively apply this tool, the company will ensure that it conducts press releases from time to time to ensure that it deals with any negative publicity that may arise in the course of its operations. Having dedicated web pages that handle data about the merchandise will also be a good strategy of offering accurate information on the product to the consumers. These web pages will be updated as soon as there is a need to, and this will ensure that the consumers have the most up to date information regarding the product. This method ensures that the consumers are not fooled by propaganda that always comes up against a successful company. It also works to build trust amongst the consumers because when the consumers have accurate information about the merchandise, they know that the firm that offers such information must be trustworthy and do not fear contradiction. 

Another way of applying public relations that the company will use is sponsorship. The company could sponsor clubs across the world. This will ensure that the people will see the company cares about the people, especially young people, and intends to uplift them. The members of the sponsored clubs will not only be consumers for the product but will also pass the information about the product to their loved ones, and this gives a chance for word of mouth type of advertisement. 

The Internet Marketing Campaign, Including Web Site and Use of the Email

An effective internet marketing campaign should be carried out to make the product’s information get to as many people as possible. This will be done by having web sites that are dedicated to giving information about the product. This will ensure that the prospective consumers will get all the information regarding the work, especially about features. When the prospective consumers see the product’s kind of features that they cannot find with other products, their decision will be influenced positively. Emails, too, should be sent to the different prospective consumers offering information about the product.

Describe a Direct Marketing Campaign, Including Customer Relationship Management

Direct marketing, too, is a very effective promotion tool that should be used by the company. Direct marketing, just as the name suggests, involves connecting with prospective consumers directly. This will be done in different avenues, thanks to technological advancement. This will be achieved by sending emails and direct messages via social media to consumers. Another way in which direct marketing will be done is by making telephone calls to prospective consumers. The reason why this promotional tool is effective is that it enables for quick feedback to happen. Consumers can give their recommendations regarding what they want to see in the product and point out things that do not work. This will ensure that the company can correct the same to appeal to the wishes of the consumers. Direct marketing allows for customer relationship management because when the customers air their concerns, they can look into them. Customer relationship is made stronger when the company looks into the consumers’ needs quickly, and this is what direct marketing offers. 

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