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4 Weeks Physical Activity Plan

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Physical Activity

It comes at no cost, easy to take, and more importantly, has an immediate effect on an individual’s life expectancy. Physical activity has a lot of benefits that not only improves health but does help to improve well-being a great deal; it strengthens the heart, in effect, reducing heart attack, increases energy levels, helps in the maintenance of healthy body weight, besides being the best and readily available mechanism of managing/dealing with and reducing stress. It has become a fundamental cornerstone of the daily undertaking and would like to have even better techniques to stay healthy. This is the ultimate goal of every individual on the planet earth.

4 Weeks Physical Activity Plan

As an individual, daily exercise has been part of my life since my childhood in my home country [United Arab Emirates]. However, I have to admit that my university studies in the United States have had a bit of disruption on the daily exercise hours. I had to reorganize myself for better grades in my first year, and as such, a lot of gym time had to be slashed to keep the scholarship grants flowing. The fear of failing myself and my parents, who were very much against my studies abroad at age 17 considered too young to individually face the outside world. As a person with knowledge about the benefits of exercises informed by a long history of family engagements with physical activities, it is a concern that I had forego the daily physical exercises, for the health consequences are but severe both in terms of monetary cost and health-wise. Thus, I plan to increase and breaded my daily routines to include walking upstairs rather than the use of lifts, outdoor bicycle rides, among other co-curricular activities such as swimming. In my yet to be reorganized schedule, four sessions a week in the gym will be a mandatory undertaking by week four. In the meantime, more so in the very first week, I have purposed to take in swimming, playing tennis, carting and bowling. These activities are fun and help to enhance my health even without going to the gym every day. 

Nutrition Diet

It is important to note that it is not enough to exercise to become physically fit. That in addition to the physical exercises, good nutrition and healthy body weight must be pursued to guarantee a person’s overall health and well-being. Due to classwork pressures, I have developed low diets, with fast foods getting on my menus almost daily. Changing my food diet will help a great deal in my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and jolting my efforts in keeping up with warding off lack of exercise-related diseases. Such foods rich in vitamins, protein, fibre, but less in fat will be incorporated in planned changed diet henceforth. I have purposed to eat three meals a day that does not contain any fast foods from week one. Since I am used to eating one meal a day, I plan to gradually increase the food objects I eat every week. My daily breakfasts will include fruits such as bananas and apples and a cup of milk. I also purpose to eat dietary meals containing proteins such as meats or chicken for lunch. For all meals taken, either for lunch or dinner, I will take foods less in fat, omitting such foods as a cheese sandwich. I will follow the same plan, changing the food objects every day; if I take a banana for breakfast on day one, I will bear another fruit the next day. 

In week two, my sub-objective will add healthy snacks between meals and eliminate any unhealthy soft drinks I am almost addicted to. For example, on day one, I will take eggs-sandwich and coffee with milk for breakfast. My snack between lunch and breakfast will be blueberry and strawberry; these fruits are not just healthy but help prevent cancer. For lunch, I plan to eat rice, chicken or fish and drink fresh juice. My snack between lunch and dinner will include another fruit element. Dinners will consist of light meals such as salad and drink fresh juice. I will vary my food elements for the whole week to get a balanced diet’s maximum benefits.

In week three, I will try to follow the previous meal schedules. Still, with an additional undertaking of preparing the three meals by myself, the habits developed this far in this fair land from the home country have been taken mostly in restaurants. An excellent example of the home meal I plan to cook is salmon laced with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. I also fancy cooking rice, chicken and vegetables myself. In cooking the foods mentioned earlier, I will try my best to reduce and avoid foods containing too much fat.

My objective by week four will be to maintain healthy diets started in week one. With explicit knowledge that healthy eating is not about strict dietary limitations, I will not stray from achieving unrealistic advice that deprives me of what I want the most—healthy lifestyle. I will thus allow myself to have one day at a time, taking foods that I feel are best suited to fill the void created so far. Most importantly, I will try as much as possible to phase out fast foods that have been a part of my diet for quite a while. I believe that it is possible to have a lifestyle free from preventable diseases, including obesity, through well-maintained diets and physical activity. 

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