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Most Popular Things to do In Valdosta Ga

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Choosing a holiday destination can be quite a difficult decision. However, do not worry; we were cleared of your issue. Valdosta Ga that is it! Situated in Georgia’s country, in the U.S., it is well known for its adventure, nature, attractive sites and countless activities.

Considering Valdosta GA’s weather, it varies considerably. It is scorching during the summers and extremely cold during the winters, and for six months you can expect precipitation too. Between 5 March and 20 May is the best time for tourists to explore Valdosta Ga.

Who Makes the Perfect Place to Visit Valdosta Ga?

Being enchanting and unpredictable to your eyes, Valdosta ga offers you a fascinating view of this small town and a perfect place to explore in the United States. It is no big surprise that many visitors come and stay in this town because this rising holiday town offers you many activities. It is well known for the wild theme park and its famous football teams in secondary school.

Talking about its location, it is extremely easy to find the way to Valdosta, and it is a stop-off for travelers moving between Orlando and Atlanta places. Being famous for its distinct cuisine and foods, the travelers take a break and taste the exotic King’s Grill and Bleu Café foods. Have the southern taste felt by trying out their crab soup, salad croissant and luxurious artichoke. In addition, the blueberry muffin feeling coupled with ice cream will make you crave it repeatedly. Besides their food, people love to visit Valdosta because of their hospitality, friendly citizens and the way they welcome tourists to their town.

Some of the Best Things To Do in Valdosta Ga!!!

First time visiting a place can often cause you to ask yourself where to go and where not. We have gathered some exciting places to ease your confusion, which will make your trip worth all the cash and energy spent!

  • Peach Summer Theatre!

Produced by the Valdosta state university, the peach summer theatre is a professional musical theatre, entertaining its residents since the year 1990. Every year during summers, an expert team of sixty members, including singers, actors, dancers, managers, and composers gathers and stay in the town of Valdosta. This session lasts for ten weeks, where they practice and come up with three distinct musical programs. Every season, the whole team brings life to Forever Plaid, My Fair Lady, and The Shrek entertaining their audiences in the liveliest and pleasing way. If you visit Valdosta during the summers, don’t forget to attend this entertaining show.

Peach summer theatre

  • Bazemore Hyder Stadium

For 31 of the Blazers’ 34 years, Valdosta State’s home football field, Cleveland Field at Bazemore-Hyder Stadium offers Valdosta State with a conveniently located football facility adjacent to VSU’s main campus.The original stadium was built in 1922 and was named for the late Dr. A.G. Cleveland, who from 1919 through 1949 was superintendent of Valdosta City Schools. In the spring of 1996, when the complex was named after late Wright Bazemore and Nick Hyder, two legendary coaches from the Valdosta area were honored. Following the 2003 season the original stadium was demolished and reconstructed from the ground up, supplying the Blazers with state-of-the-art facilities for their home games.

The stadium’s seating capacity rose to 10,100 including three primary sections featuring seating in theatre-style with the remainder of stands featuring seat-back benches. New Sprint Turf was installed on the play surface, while locker rooms were added to each end of the stadium, and a new press box was built on the field’s home side above the main stands.Until returning to the stadium before the 1992 season, Valdosta State played its first seven seasons at Cleveland Field, posted a 27-14 record. Since returning to the stadium the Blazers have been dominant as they have gone 112-31-1 in the last 24 seasons,Including a 78-20 record from early 2000 season.

Bazemore Hyder Stadium

  • Turner Arts Center

The Annette Howell Arts Turner Center is a leading arts center in the Valdosta area. If you are a lover of art then you have to visit this 17,000 sq. Building this center of the arts ft. It provides the residents of Valdosta, Lowndes, and other nearby places in North Florida with masterpieces of art. Regional and foreign artists pack the humorous galleries of lightened art with exquisite works.

What’s more, the 600 pieces of art from the east African series are alluring, and more than 30 pieces of porcelain from all over Europe. Their peculiar architecture makes them look there for quite some time. You had never seen such exquisite works of art before. Thirty separate shows are set up each year to give people something new if they pay a visit. Besides this art gallery, there is a gift shop where the local artists make exquisite jewelry, pottery, and prints while maintaining their culture. Make sure you buy things for yourself, and give your friends and family something special. These local pieces of art give you an insight into their culture and make you learn more about them.

Turner Arts Center

  • Pecan Company in South Georgia

The start of the business of south Georgian Pecan Company can be dated back to 1913. They have four shelling plants and each plant carrying on different activities like cleaning the pecans, shelling, packing them, and grinding as well. You can visit their stores and buy these tasty pecan nuts. Visiting Valdosta and not trying pecan nuts will not complete your trip. Take some for your loved ones back home too!

•	Pecan company in South Georgia

  • Wetland Learning Center in the Great Bay

If you are interested in the environment and wildlife, do not skip the wetland education center in the grand bay. It is situated in north Valdosta, where you can learn about the ecological relationships between plants and animals. It offers enjoyable educational activities including a learning trip to the bay wetland, working with reptiles, amphibians and mammals. It is quite a fascinating and special experience that you cannot find elsewhere. There are thirty places beside the educational center to see the birds as you walk along with the house. Various birds such as hawks, owls, songbirds and even woodpeckers can be seen here. In addition, it is also estimated that 6,500 students visit Grand Bay wetland annually.

Wetland Learning Center in the Great Bay

  • Freedom Park

Somehow, visitors will end up in the park of independence repeatedly as various events take place. We can say for everyone that this is a multi-purpose park with entertaining events. The air force base is spread over 250 acres of land nearby. You can also find nearly eight baseball courts, golf courses, and even some soccer fields. Different matches are held every now and then, which makes many people sit and watch the fun happen. The abundance of various fields of sport encourages people to come here and to satisfy their desires.

You can enjoy the walking paths and hiking trails alongside the sports fields and matches. Take your friends, family or just go in this relaxing environment for a walk by yourself. Luckily, people owning dogs have a different path, and they can have a fun walk with their pets. So if you’re traveling to Valdosta and love sports, you need to explore the Park of Liberty!

Freedom Park

  • Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum

Historical society and museum of Lowndes County was established in 1967, and it aims to preserve the great of Lowndes and Valdosta. This culture operates this museum. This is around 10,000 sq. Ft. museum and attracts many locals and tourists to come and see the pictures and documents that have been preserved from the past to the present. In addition, you will also find the state documents and the ancient genealogy records upon visiting this historic site. You will also get a chance to attend different socially organized parties and community events here. This is the perfect place for those people who want to dig into the history and background of a nation. This museum will be on your radar while you are visiting Valdosta.

Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum

  • The Crescent

Colonel William Nest built the landmark home in 1898. The crescent has designed twenty-three rooms for his family, and it comes under the umbrella of historic sites all the way back to the year 1980. An interesting thing about the crescent is that the town’s garden clubs come together and plan multiple flower arrangements each year, attracting many audiences. This place’s special scenery makes it perfect for planning the wedding ceremonies and marriages. There are also group meetings, and formal meetings here. When you are a Valdosta visitor, be prepared to experience special events at this exotic, historic location. You can also join their gardening club if you are fond of planting, growing flowers and learning about them.

The Crescent

  • Valdosta Wake Compound

In the summers, if you visit Valdosta Ga, then water sports are a must. Enjoy the fun water experiences at Wake Compound Valdosta. Ride in the best, and at the same time exciting setting. The construction of the Valdosta compound began in 2011 with only a two-tower administration and ten-acre fishing field. Gradually, thirty-acres of human-made lakes began to spread. Furthermore, the construction of the two towers increased to six with to date working large wiring systems. The developers’ team aims to create not only the first cable park but also such a place that is extremely secure, professionally built, supported and professional-controlled. The Valdosta wake compound is the perfect place if you are a novice who is learning to run, or a pro.

Valdosta Wake Compound

  • Wild Adventures Theme Park

If you visit Valdosta, Ga, who would forget to experience the wild adventure theme park? You will enjoy thrilling journeys, see different animals and witness unforgettable spectacles. The good news is they’ve extended their waterside park and to observe new animals. Get to see amazing things over the various times of the year. The two include wwe stars and country BBQ. At any place you visit, you will never be bored, as you will come across multiple activities happening here and there.

Wild Adventures Theme Park

Provided above, Valdosta Ga is exciting places to visit should shed light on what areas to explore during your journey. Because it is a small town, it is very diverse culturally. The city’s various attractions make it the best place to spend your holidays with your friends and family. The warm welcome from the locals, their delicious food and their hospitality will make you visit this site more than once. You are going to have a completely different experience in this area. A year, many entertainment places draw thousands of visitors as it serves people of all kinds of interest.

If you are a sports fan, a history enthusiast, a foodie or want to experience thrilling trips, Valdosta Ga provides you with all sorts of entertainment. Tour the historic sites, learn about their history, and strengthen awareness. Moreover, this city’s beauty and the landscapes are just breathtaking. Anyone should stop to admire this place’s natural beauty, for why not?

The Valdosta Ga foods are such that you have never tasted them before. The spices and the richness of their food attract every traveler to this town. Explore their food on the street, and have fun with your friends. It also makes a perfect place for those interested in art and beauty. Valdosta Ga is very famous with its museum, as it has preserved its rich history only under one roof, and its efforts must be appreciated. Speaking of beauty, you are going to experience people arranging glorious floral events.

Every now and then, the city continues its efforts to attract its residents and visitors. Every year theater shows are held to relax the people a bit from their hectic schedules of work. The live dance shows deserve to be watched and should not be skipped at any cost. Additionally, the safe and secure atmosphere in this area is attracting more and more people to visit this city. The economy is driven mainly by tourism. It is the best place for both adults and children, because it offers recreational opportunities for any age group.

Valdosta Ga is the best choice if you ever wish to reside in a new location. It is outstandingly good for children and families. The crime rate is very small, and is very warm and welcoming to the locals. It still offers outstanding educational and leisure facilities since it is a small town.

These attractions make Valdosta Ga the best places to visit in the U.S., so Valdosta Ga must be your priority before you lift the issue of where to go this summer.

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