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Pros and Cons of Organic Massage Lotions

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Organic massage lotions are natural cosmetic products that are mainly composed of organic ingredients and are not only known for rejuvenating your skin but also providing maximum relief from stress and tension. As at least 70% of the composition of organic skincare products is composed of natural ingredients, they do not contain noxious chemicals that can have pernicious or adverse effects on skin. In addition, these lotions are free from parabens and any product originated from animals that are subjected to pesticides, which is ideal for the maintenance of your skin’s health.

Organic Massage Lotion

However like every other skin care product, an organic massage lotion has some drawbacks and disadvantages that can cause multiple interruptions in its effectiveness. Organic skincare and beauty products benefit your skin flawlessly but it is incredibly important to consider the cons of a cosmetic product to ideally select one relative to your skin type and personal conditions.

Pros of Organic Massage Lotions

  1. Exceptional Skin-Repairing & Hydrating Properties

They have natural healing properties and help to retain the moisture and hydration level of your skin. When you massage an organic lotion onto your skin, it deeply penetrates your skin and gives a soothing and nourishing texture. It reduces the appearance of dark blemishes and acne scars, enhances your natural hydrating and moisturizing ability, and strengthens your skin protective barrier.

  1. Promotes Holistic Healing & Relaxation

Organic massage lotion are composed of certified organic seed oils such as organic sunflower oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and substantial botanical extracts, which provide an ideal massage treatment and boost up the holistic wellness of your body. They are the most effective for treating aches and promote psychological health and emotional wellbeing. In addition, they have excellent stress-relieving properties that help you with your anxiety issues. They aid in generating restful and untroubled sleeping.

  1. Made of Organic & Natural Ingredients

If we talk about the primary ingredients that formulate an organic lotion, we see that most of these natural ingredients serve exceptionally remarkable benefits to the skin. Organic massage lotions contain a wide range of organic oils, natural floral extracts, and herbs. A list of some of these ingredients that compose organic lotions is given below alongside their properties and advantages.

  • Shea Butter– It has moisturizing properties, which help in soothing your skin and give a soft, youthful glow to your skin.
  • Aloe vera– It has healing properties and works immaculately for superficial surface acne. It is effective for treating dry skin and can alleviate pain when applied to your skin.
  • Sunflower oil– It is composed of vitamin E, which makes your skin look younger and healthier. It is non-comedogenic and deeply penetrates into your skin, leaving behind a smooth and nourished skin.
  • Vitamin C– Vitamin C aids in promoting anti-ageing and preventing wrinkles. It tightens your skin for attainting a youthful and glowing appearance.
  • Vitamin E– It is a natural antioxidant and a rich moisturizer. It offers astounding effects to your skin and acts as an exceptional emollient.

These are only some essential products from the natural apothecary that are significantly vital for the formulation of organic skincare and massage lotions. There is a variety of other organic extracts and oils that is added in the composition of various face and body lotions, which contributes in accomplishing a healthy and supple skin.

  1. Cruelty-free & Non-toxic

If you go through the ingredients of store-bought lotions, you will find countless questionable ingredients that can be harmful to your health and skin. A lot of cosmetics manufacturing companies add multiple preservatives in skincare lotions that can lead to serious health issues. There is a variety of detrimental and toxic elements found in skin care products such as preservatives, potentially harmful chemicals, parabens, and pesticides. Recent studies have proven that some of these preservatives act as carcinogens and can cause skin irritation, itchiness, and organ toxicity.

However, the organic lotions are absolutely free from the above mentioned harmful ingredients. Organic lotions aim to exclude any potentially harmful or toxic ingredient in its formulation that may harm your skin or health. They do not contain synthetic chemicals, toxic ingredients, parabens, and artificial fragrances etc. They are 100% organic and cruelty- free products and keep the overall condition of your skin exceptionally brighter and intact.Β 


Cons of Organic Massage Lotions

  1. Slow & Time-consuming Performance

According to analytical research and a few medical reports, some dermatologists say that organic skincare works exceedingly slowly and takes a lot of time in showing fruitful and desirable changes to your skin. An organic lotion might consume three to six months for repairing your skin and improving its moisturizing ability. While organic massage lotions function gradually and progressively, we still can’t guarantee sustainable and pleasing outcomes.

  1. Large Organic Molecules Do Not Penetrate Your Skin

The skin has a protective barrier that protects it from harsh environmental elements. Some of the natural ingredients that are part of organic massage lotions have large molecules, which are not able to penetrate your skin. So, organic products that are applied to the skin aren’t always absorbed by the body completely and properly. Only negligible molecules are highly absorbed into the skin. For example, water molecules cannot penetrate your skin and several molecules in organic products are only absorbed in trace amounts or at times, not at all.

  1. They Can Be Allergic

It is no doubt that an all-organic product can trigger allergic reactions or cause skin irritation. It has been proved that organic and natural skin care products are more likely to cause allergy because they are composed of essential oils that are responsible for skin reactions. Therefore, it is important to choose the organic lotion that contains the right ingredients relative to your skin type and condition. If you have a sensitive skin that is prone to allergens, you should be very mindful while selecting organic massage lotions.

  1. They Might Smell Unpleasant & Irritant

Organic massage lotions are composed of substances like butters, herbal extracts, and natural vegetable oils that are favorable for your skin, but they might smell unpleasant and monotonous. They are free from artificial fragrances and synthetic scents that’s why their original essence is more reminiscent of a compost heap than a bunch of aromatic botanical extracts.

Pros of Organic Massage Lotions

Cons of Organic Massage Lotions

Nourish your skin and give it a velvety, smooth texture. Not suitable for sensitive or allergy-prone skin.
Lock up your skin in hydration for up to 24 hours. Take 4-6 months for showing good and fruitful results to your skin.
Help in promoting a restful sleep. Due to large molecules, they don’t completely absorb into your skin.
Provide maximum relief from muscle aches and joint pains. Trigger allergic reactions and cause irritation or itchiness.
Promote relaxation and boost up your holistic wellness. Might smell unpleasant and monotonous.
Do not contain parabens, toxic chemicals, or synthetic products. The strong essence can cause irritation and allergic reactions.
100% pure, natural, and organic.  
Repair your skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes and dark spots, giving a glowing look.  


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