Sample Goal Setting Plan Example

Sample Goal Setting Plan Example


  • Bring down the platform price
  • Eliminate free food in the gaming lounge


  • Make customers buy more peripherals
  • Increase system revenues



  • Luxury facilities offered on the point of sales
  • Make after-sales services optional

  • Introduce the motion sense controller
  • Make the hardware necessary



Objectives – what needs to be done? Resources needed (people, time, money) How do I measure success? What is the Target date to complete?
1 make customers buy more peripherals  Money, time, workforce  Sales,  12/5/2020
2 introduce the motion sense controllers Money, time workforce sales 12/5/2020

Goal Setting Plan

Sample Goal Setting Plan Example

From its onset days, it has transformed the gaming industry. It’s a handheld device that, in use, is pointed towards the television screen and, in the process, detects motion in 3D. The game console also can receive messages and updates to its system via the internet. Focus shifted from the battle over speed and power in the computer games. They opened up a blue ocean space in interacting with a broader audience in engaging differently with the computer games. Its interface was a blue ocean for some time before other gaming companies produced their versions, which led to it being somewhat a red ocean.

They applied the ERRC grid in the following ways;

  • Eliminate and reduce: strategies did bring down the price on the gaming platforms; thus, it becomes more appealing to even more customers.
  • The Raise Strategy: the method applied increased revenue as more peripherals were bought, and the accessories, including the sword and driving wheel, unlocked a more participative gaming experience.
  • The Create Strategy: made the motion sense controller a necessity to the platform than demonstrated by its competitors.

The web downloads and the online play features are a significant upgrade to the console. Weather forecasts, news, and even music apps, together with the Wi-Fi, are offered. Furthermore, ordinary games can be downloaded, and friends can share their customized characters. The concept of sports accessories and raising fitness in line with social gaming inception was a significant revenue earner. A year into the production of the gaming consoles, a balancing board, additional hardware to the console, was rolled out. It’s a full exercise program, meant for fun as it sharpens skills in football headers and slaloms; it also told for jogging, yoga, and other balancing activities. The fact that the games are designed to be played using the board makes it a venue for direct gaming revenue.

The gaming company tapped into the niche manifested by casual gamers, who mostly had never thought of gaming as an interest, as game makers earlier had majorly focused on hardcore gamers. The console redesigning brought by simplicity in the whole gaming process, targeting the young and old players and women, the casual gamers can enjoy the wholesome social gaming experience with their family and friends.

The ERRC is a strategy perfect for companies whose marketing and communication systems are advantageous. A lot of close contact with the customers and the market is required to get the most favorable result from the strategy. Its advantage is that it is superior for small and medium-sized businesses, which tend to be more flexible and move much quicker towards their market and customers’ needs and wants. It’s disadvantageous in that, in the long run, there tend to be other companies competing on the same level ground, which forces one to seek a new strategy. It is also hard to create a blue ocean without adequate knowledge and prior communication and marketing experience. Furthermore, it is quite difficult for large companies to change tact in strategy and get a new system working in a short time.