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Samsung CRG9 Gaming Monitor Review

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Sometimes we get a chance to play with the wildest items available and we think that the Samsung CRG9 qualifies. This is a 49-inch bonkers screen with a goal of 5,120 x 1,440 and the HDR 1000. It’s equally unimaginably costly, but there must be some with these kinds of specifications.

In addition, though we do not think anyone will rise to buy this screen – it occupies a lot of space and needs some acclimatization to use – it is very remarkable compared to other gaming screens that we have the chance to use. We do have an RTX 2080 Ti honestly lying around that we can monitor it with, but if you have more fragile hardware, your mileage can fluctuate.

Samsung CRG9 Gaming Monitor

Price and Accessibility

On the off chance you need to buy the Samsung CRG9, it is available in the U.S. and UK right now and will turn out in Australia in October. That is, it will be open to anyone glad to drop the $1,499 (£1,249, AU$2,499) needed to get it.

This is undoubtedly a lot to ask from a gaming screen, especially if you can now get the sacred goal of gaming screens-the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ-for about a similar value. That screen, though, is not QLED, and it has no wild, super-ultra-wide function.

This is not only a 21:9 screen, similar to the Alien ware AW3418DW, and it’s something totally different. If you are looking for this angle ratio, this is the only kind of value you will need to pay, which makes this screen difficult to prescribe to anyone but the most ardent lovers.


The Samsung CRG9 is an essential device, and it is just too vast for our larger than usual area of work. In case you are trying to get the CRG9 for your home gaming situation, the calculating tape would need to be taken out. This screen is about 47 inches (1,198 mm) wide-about 4 feet-almost as big as we can be.

Nevertheless, this computer is truly a beautiful thing when you clear out enough room around your work area. The bezels are more slender than most gaming screens, but in an ocean of pixels, we are constantly lost and we would not have it any other way.

The bezels are mainly dark apart from the base, which has this alluring gunmetal finish, interfered with just by the Samsung logo and a few moderate catch names. Coincidentally the catches themselves are at the base of the frame.

The force catch will turn the thing on – but once power is streaming, move it up a little menu in springs and you can tilt the force button to make a option in one of four headings. Through this menu, you can pick the source, change alternatives to the file, or allow “file by image” mode. The other 3 catches will lift some data as well.

Perhaps the most refreshing element in this screen is the image by picture mode. You can use two different sources of information at the point when it is empowered, imitating a double screen show with no outskirts in the middle. By making this choice, we are ready to run our MacBook Pro right next to our gaming PC. This would even work with something like a PS4 Pro: on one side of the screen, you play your game while on the other, you have a guide or something open.

That welcomes us at the rear of the showcase ‘s ports. Samsung splendidly placed them in this recessed port niche, where a removable shield secures. In any event, all the links are directed through one gap in this shield when we plug in enough stuff to fill every port, making for a spotless link arrangement.

On the off chance that we had one grievance with the Samsung CRG9 plan, it would be that there’s no gap in the represent that diverts our embellishments’ links. This is such an immense personal satisfaction includes that is nowadays unmistakable in gaming screens – we wish Samsung also let it all out.


A screen of $1,499 (£1,249, AU$2,499) around Rhode Island ‘s size could come without much stretch blowback if it doesn’t. Fortunately though, it does. The Samsung CRG9 produces an impressive image straight out of the case. With all the settings, we do not have the slightest need to bypass tinkering.

Taking a spec sheet gander, this isn’t exactly surprising either. The Samsung CRG9 shakes a 1,000-nit pinnacle-brilliant Samsung QLED frame. What’s more, this screen is great for HDR 1000, and the top genius on that ranking really conveys that.

It also bolsters the inclusion of 125 percent sRGB, suggesting that the hues are truly waking up. Playing Gears 5 is an impressive experience on the CRG9: it looks amazing on the head of being simply encircled by the showcase. In the main demonstration all the hues are just waking up before our eyes.

Note also that the Samsung CRG9 is a gaming device called ‘capital-G.’ That implies that the CRG9 does not have an invigorating rate of 120 Hz alone, yet with a reaction time of 4ms, it all feels very responsive. Without a question, it is not the equal reaction rate of 1ms that sports players are greedy for, but no one on this screen can play Overmatch – not that the game in any case supports it.

Nevertheless, if you want to play on this thing the new PC games, you need to set up a lot of them that do not work so well. Many games do not help the proportion of the 32:9 perspective. When you are dispatching a game like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the game will make on the screen, with massive dark bars on either side of the showcase. Given this, you can mod most games to work this way with shows, but your mileage can differ.

You do need to think about the equipment that is supposed to mess around on this stuff. With a gaming PC lashed with an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, 16 GB of RAM and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti we fuelled this screen and had a completely decent encounter. In any case, if you’re shaking even a mid-extended framework, you might start running into problems.

Full Decision

The Samsung CRG9 probably isn’t acceptable for a great many people, given any possible benefits. However, in addition to having to drop $1,499 (£1,249, AU$2,499) on the screen, you will need a serious gaming PC to control it.

If you have the money to bankroll it and the equipment to drive it, however, the Samsung CRG9 will undoubtedly convey its guarantee. Shy of bringing great games to VR, you will not get a increasingly lively gaming experience anywhere else, what’s more, that merits some praise all by itself.

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