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Global Trends of Mobile Technology and Smartphone Applications

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In the past few years, mobile technology has advanced tremendously, and its use is growing by the day. The pattern has moved from cell phones to smartphones. Smartphones have a large number of features, and the number of new apps is growing. Every new app has a theme, and these apps go viral for days before another app comes along and takes their place. Everybody who wants to keep up with his professional work and socialise with friends and family deserves a smartphone. Everybody follows a trend as he or she wants the best smartphone with all the features and best apps. Smartphones have had a significant impact on our lives and have changed our way of living. Across the globe, smartphones have global trends, global implications on professional work and an impact on one’s profession.

Global Trends of Mobile Technology and Smartphone Applications

Global Trend or Issue

A global trend is something that is common and widely adopted. The campaign goes viral in the case of smartphones. The trend for better smartphones and applications has become a part of many people’s lives globally. The trend for smartphones is not an issue as it is more beneficial to people and helps them in their professional work. The movement for smartphone application keeps on increasing day by day, and people keep on updating with it to keep pace with the rest of the world. The smartphone applications have a history, size and direction and many perspectives on the trend.

History of the Trend

In 1946, the first mobile network was introduced, but it had technological shortcomings. Smartphones were found in the 1980s–1990s, but smartphone technology started from the mid-twenties because people were not prepared to accept the technology. At first, the people moving from region to region because of jobs or a better future were the biggest consumer of mobile phones. The more people who are using cellphones, the more benefits and applications emerged. Previously, the cell phone pattern changed in tandem with social shifts. The essence of employment shifted when those that were looking for excellence were no longer able to stay in one position and do the work. Smartphones is designed with the demand in mind, allowing users to operate from everywhere using their phones.

Smartphone technology has increased to a greater extent, as there is no limitation of resources and technology. Smartphones are now providing every facility that is more than sufficient for office use. The usage of smartphones began excessively when people realized the advantages they can obtain from these phones. The whole world soon realized that smartphones are the need of every individual as this hi-tech device was handy in saving time and money. After being a success in the targeted market, the smartphones were also adopted by many people as they were capable of multiple uses. The smartphones were built for everyone as they provided many features, including a camera, music player, and many more applications. All smartphones’ applications attract users of all age groups, and by now the smartphones have captured a big market, which includes almost the whole world. Smartphones have a significant impact on our lives as it has transformed society. The success of smartphones evolved from adapting changes to culture to make changes in society (Jabeur, Zeadally and Sayed).

Size and Direction of the Trend

Smartphones and their applications are developing rapidly as they look forward to facilitating users as much as they can. The companies involved in manufacturing smartphones have intense competition among them to provide the best smartphones to users. The pace of delivering new technology to its customers is very high as new smartphones keep coming into the market. The smartphone applications are contributing to society with the day increasing pace. The technology is limited to a specific region or a country, but it continues to capture the market globally. The number of phones is more than the number of people in the world.

The use of smartphones is limited to developed countries, but it is also used in developing countries. A large number of people in developing countries use smartphones for their daily work. The smartphones have not affected the people as much as it has influenced the people. People have benefited a lot from the use of these smart gadgets in their professional work as well as their personal life. Smartphones are now being manufactured in many countries. The usage in developing countries has made the manufacturers realized that smartphones must be manufactured at a lower rate to be utilized by many. Some manufacturers have lowered the price that has also increased smartphones’ usage as everyone can afford them now. There is a significant impact of low-cost smartphones as it has increased the growth rate of phones. The trend of increasing size and direction is proliferating at a breakneck pace due to intense competitions among the manufacturers of smartphones (DeGusta).

Perspectives on the Trend

The trend of smart-phones application has mainly evolved, and the responses towards this trend are mostly positive. Almost all countries have smartphone consumers, and none of them has opposed its usage. The use of smartphones is allowed and promoted in all the institutions like all the organizations, and their employees need it for official use. The working hours have almost vanished, and the works go on 24 hours, for which a smartphone is essential to carry on the job. It is more useful as everyone stays connected as it is a means of communication and handy for official work. Many public figures also use smartphones as it has now become a necessity to have one. Every user supports the smartphone trend as it adds more value to the device and provides convenience to its users. Many public figures are present at the launch of new smartphones that support it (Dhar and Varshney).

Usually, the smartphone trend is not opposed, but their usage is restricted in some places that include schools. Many public figures are against smartphones’ use amongst children, as it is a distracting machine for them. Steve Jobs, who was the inspiring leader at Apple Inc., was against smartphones by children. He did not let his children use it because he claimed to see this technology’s damages firsthand. Recent research made at the University of California and Los Angeles published a study that concluded that abstaining use of smartphones and other electronic gadgets improves children’s social skills. It is considered an addiction in children as they, on average, spend more than seven hours a day on the use of smartphones. The inventor of the Apple iPhone, which is the biggest brand of smartphone, and many others opposed smartphone usage among children (Mosa, Yoo and Sheets).

Global Implications for your Profession

The global trend of smartphones has an impact on every sector. They discussed global movement implies the profession as well. The direction of smartphones has changed rapidly and is still in growth as the new advancement in technology is adding up to provide more facilities to its customers. Smartphone application as a global trend is prevalent among people, and the trend has very deeply impacted professional work. Mostly it is considered to be a positive impact as the cons are less than the pros. In this section, we will discuss how this trend has impacted professional work, viewpoints of professionals towards this trend and the significance of this trend in the professional field.

Impact on Professional Work

The global trend of smartphones has a significant impact on every profession. It is considered to be an advantageous invention. Many organizations and firms provide their employees with smartphones to stay in contact and carry on their professional work, which is significant impact smartphones have created in professional life. Smartphones have made their way in almost every organization and are very useful. The employers are aware of this trend’s benefits by providing their employees with this gadget so that the work should not stop. It has become the priority of almost all organizations to provide a smartphone, at least to its top management, so that there should be no interruptions in their work. Smartphones are handy for professional work as browsing can be done through them, which is necessary as one should know its competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. It can also provide us with much useful information about the new market trends.

For a business to grow, it must expand the boundaries of its operations. If we consider multi-national companies, such companies’ operational activities are spread around many parts of the world. The work with these companies is done easily with the help of smartphones as the mails related to the operations can be sent at any time. There is a timing difference between the countries, so the mails can be received on smartphones to ease the work. The use of smartphones is promoted, appreciated and practised by these big organizations to work non-stop. The organization adopts and wants its employees to adopt smartphones so that quickly work can be carried on. For a business to grow, the operational activities successfully must not stop, and the employees must be ready to work all the time efficiently even after working hours. It is only possible with smartphones’ help as they indicate new mails with notifications to avoid delay in the work.

Viewpoints of Professionals

Regarding the global trend of smartphones, the leading professionals have an optimistic view of it. The movement does not hurt the differences related to location and culture. The people from all the places and culture support this trend because of its usefulness. This trend is promoted in all the cultures as it makes the work more effective. If we consider an example of any two countries where there is more than 12 hours difference, both countries’ working hours are different. To continue the work, smartphones are handy as the mails received are notified so that any person can be aware of the mail and check it on time.

For example, a multi-national, which has it’s operational, functions going on in many countries. There is an issue of timings with many countries because of the time difference. If we look at the operations of the UAE and Japan’s business activities, it is tough to work along with each other because of the time difference. There is a time difference of about 5 hours, and after the working hour in Japan, it isn’t easy to communicate with each other. Smartphones have provided a culture that has eased the operational activities because if we need urgent details regarding any work, mail can be sent at any time. A quick response over that mail can be received. The global trend of smartphones has helped a lot in professional work as it has become a need of every organization to carry their work efficiently.

Professionals follow this trend as it is beneficial for the business to work along with smartphones’ global movement. The culture of promoting smartphone usage in organizations has developed with time, and now it is necessary to use smartphones to work effectively. The viewpoints of professional leaders about the global trend of smartphones favour the usage of smartphones in organizations. The leading professionals support and promote the use of smartphones as it helps carry the business activities of the business efficiently.

Significance of this Trend

There is much significance to this trend in the professional field. The uses and advantages of this trend have been discussed above, which signifies its importance. The professional area worldwide is responding to smartphones’ trend very positively as the impact of this trend on every organization is fruitful and beneficial. The main advantages of this trend are that it saves time, money and provides access to people worldwide. All organizations work hard to curtail their expenses and look forward to an immediate response for the work to carry on. The people working in organizations also find it helpful because the trend of smartphones saves their time. The professional fields worldwide have powerfully responded to this global trend as all of them have accepted it. Smartphones have created a culture in the organization, and a few years back, every organization has taken this trend. The acceptance of smart-phones global trends shows the significance and importance of this trend in the professional field worldwide. All the professionals in the professional fields accept this trend. They are dealing with it in such a manner so that every organization can work for their better future while saving time and money. The responses from the professional fields have, in-fact, helped smartphones to become a global trend. It can be concluded that the worldwide movement of smartphones has a significant impact on the professional fields, and it has developed a culture of using smartphones in almost all organizations. This trend has had great responses from the professional area, and it has now become a necessity for every organization to follow this trend.

Impact on Your Profession

The smartphone application, as a global trend, has a significant impact on the lives of everyone. The movement also has an effect on the professional field. The direction is having a global impact as the trend is accepted in all the countries. The trend is practised in all walks of life and by people belonging to almost all age groups. The smartphone market is expected to grow at a rate of approximately 23 % from 2013- 2018. The vast market of smartphones has captured the world as it is entirely relying on them. The trend is global because it has an impact on individuals, organizations and even the whole world. Responses favour this global trend by leading professionals, and the organizations have also acquired this trend in all the countries. There is a significant impact on this trend. It seems to covers the profession’s influence throughout the country, an organization within the government, and the considerable practitioner in a career in that country.

The global trend of smartphones has been widely accepted and supported by all the people of the world. The smartphone trend is also commonly accepted in the professional world. The work trend in UAE also emphasizes its people to use smartphones as it is the need of every organization. Almost all the organizations in the UAE have approached the use of smartphones. The organizations based in the UAE are very supportive of the use of smartphone culture in professional work. The top management provides updates about the business via e-mails to the directors of the company through smartphones. The success of this trend is because it has multiple uses. Official work can be done through smartphones that are appreciated by the top management. The professionals in the UAE, who are employed at top-level management, practice the use of smartphones.

In the UAE, the smart-phones trend has a significant impact due to many reasons. The professionals work through their smartphones in all the organizations in the UAE. The working places in the UAE also promote the smartphone trend, and they appreciate the use of this trend in their professional life. The rules of many organizations worldwide encourage the usage of smartphones in their organization by providing smartphones to management-level employees. It is the same case in the UAE.

The global trend of smartphones is prevalent in every sector in the UAE. An organization related to the selling of products utilizes smartphones to a greater extent. Let’s suppose an organization in the UAE that manufacture goods and sell them in the market. The smartphones are beneficial for that firm as it acts as a mode of communication. The smartphones are useful for the marketing team as they can send pictures of their products to the customers to inform them about the product. 3D diagrams of the product can be transmitted through smartphones for approval of the product. The smartphone is beneficial in such organizations. It is also helpful when two companies’ joint venture as files and documents can be sent whenever required and is always easily accessible. The trend of smartphones is very successful in organizations in the UAE as it is practised in all the organizations because it provides convenience and easy access to documents. The global trend has a significant impact on marketing, as it has reduced their work effort. Still, if we talk about one specific organization, then smartphone use has been most beneficial for those organizations that provide services to their customers as all the work in such organizations can be done through smartphones.

Mobile phones are consumed in the UAE, but smartphones in the UAE are very high. The UAE has the highest smartphone users globally, and about 73.6 % of its population uses a smartphone. The UAE has the most considerable smartphone penetration in the world. People in the UAE prefer using a smartphone because of its multiple uses. There are many significant users of smartphones in the UAE, but if we consider one influential practitioner in a profession who utilizes smartphones, then a marketing person or a marketing head uses the smartphones to a greater extent in any organization. The practitioner can use the smartphone in many ways from the start of the product until its selling. A marketing person can do all his work easily with his smartphone. At the beginning of the product, a marketing person needs to analyze the market that can be done through a smartphone as it provides equivalent web browsing as a computer. The meetings before launching a product can be finalized through a smartphone. The panel can be done through a video chat from smartphones if another party is outside UAE. After the launch response, the product’s progress and other details about the product can be provided from smartphones (Mishlove).

The people residing in the UAE who use smartphones in their profession promote smartphones as they understand their importance and the benefits one can obtain by using them. A significant practitioner in a job in the UAE can be a doctor as well. Many doctors promote smartphones in a hospital so they can contact their patients, send and receive files related to various tests and use different smartphone applications to work more efficiently. In the UAE, all fields and people related to their respected fields accept smartphones’ advantages and have adopted their use because of their benefits (Epstein and Bequette).

The global trend of smartphones is accepted worldwide, but in the UAE smartphone has the largest market. Smartphones are utilized by every professional as they have clearly understood their benefits and have adopted to ease their work. Smartphones are most beneficial for UAE people as they can do their job and business meeting from their smartphones that are the global trend, and are practised widely. There has been significant growth in the use of smartphones in a few years, and it is now considered a necessity in all profession to use a smartphone. The smartphone trend has an impact on all the work in the region of UAE because the organizations have adopted the smartphone culture for their activities. This trend in the profession is limited to a single country, but it has worldwide implications. The smartphone application as a global trend is very successful as all organizations and even public figures adopt it. There are cons related to the use of smartphones, and only a few professions in some countries avoid smartphones. Still, from a business perspective, it is very beneficial for business owners. All data can be gathered from one device called a smartphone and can be stored and used anytime, anywhere. The multiple uses of these gadgets have increased the volume of this product as it consumed more than the world’s population.

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