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Social Distancing Signage for Hotel Industry

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Worldwide governments are starting to re-open their economies, including restaurants and hotels in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rules for running the company require the use of sneeze guards and signs for social space. For hotels, you can use the hotel’s banners, posters, and signs to sensitize people about the pandemic and raise awareness of the steps that help prevent coronavirus spread. The article addresses some of the powerful social distance signage in a hotel to be productive in the process.

Social Distancing Signage for Hotel Industry

Variety of Hotel Signs

Paved Signs

Promote your business by using pavement signs during the coronavirus pandemic, while spreading information. On the way to the hotel, at the door, at the hotel’s reception and corridors, the available swinging panels or flex panels are set outside. The messages given should be 2 m explicit about social distance and the graphics will direct the customers about what to do.

Black PVC Banner

PVC banners can be installed at the hotel’s doorway. The graphic can be animated and placed on the walls of the hotel to show encouraging messages and guidance on social distancing and, as a rule, wearing a mask while entering the premises. PVC banners are often temporary and can be taken off at any moment, and replaced up by another. The size and colors used for making the emblem should fit in with the design of the hotel.

Running Banners

Place a banner outside the hotel, on the parking lot, at the reception desk, in the building hallways, lounge area, meeting room and swimming pool area to convey why it is important to practice social distance so that COVID-19 spread is minimal. More detail on what the hotel is doing to stop the spread of coronavirus can be applied to the graphics to draw guests and customers instantly.

 Internal Health Signage

The COVID-19 triggers customers, and hotels require designing several features such as stickers that can get used to showing and reassuring their guests that they are in a safe and healthy place. Internal signage explains the processes of hygiene being followed by the hotel during the pandemic right now. These strategies include sanitizing, which is world-class, sticking stickers on the forks and knives that have messages about how they are not exchanged, constantly washing guest rooms, washing the hotel floor with antibacterial products, etc.

Materials such as Foamex and acrylic have different sizes and shapes to make internal signs. The stickers mounted on the walls are made of self-adhesive icons, display boards, staircases, toilets, and guest rooms.

Signage Window

Cover your hotel window with messages from coronavirus about obeying the social distancing law that includes you putting it halfway or absolutely. The self-adhesive graphic stickers are decorated with vinyl lettering, printed images, animations or diagrams that illustrate how social distance and its advantages can be achieved.


All is different right now, and for you to finally accomplish the measures put in place for your hotel, you need to persuade customers and guests that your company is a healthy place for them to eat and dine. Encourage them to use sneeze gears on a regular basis and social distancing signage is an effective way to get to your hotel. It is very important to set up roll-up banners and floor graphics for walking directions in your hotel’s corridors and stairs as the Government lays down these regulations. The directions will also remind people of the significance of getting to the hotel while wearing a mask and wearing one to prevent the spread of the virus.

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