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Soda Drinks Business Plan

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Company Descriptions

Crazy Soda Company: The company is located in Atlanta and is an international nutrition company that makes, sells, and sponsors nonalcoholic beverage syrups. The organization’s Crazy soda brand is its most basic product offering, consisting of 15 Crazy soda varieties and a few product enhancements of its Crazy soda line, including sugar-free variations of its Crazy soda line that compete in the alternative refreshment market. Crazy soda Co. products are available in 39 US states and seven Canadian territories. The drink industry is evolving as people become more conscious of the need for crisp and clean products, moving away from goods with unusual chemicals and toward more typical and sound products. Crazy soda is a divine, standard, and reviving utilitarian drink enhanced with the appropriate measure of vitamins and other valuable fixings to permit the buyer to beat the step-by-step difficulties of diligent work, both from the From a physical and psychological standpoint. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving their goals. their objectives. seizing life with zeal and delight: Consistently improve, with less variance in demand, and more importantly, perform in the manner in which people groups consume. We bring a sense of freshness and friendliness to our customers. Our beverages are beneficial to a large number of individuals all around the world. We collaborate in a way that benefits jobs and builds teams. The majority of the beverages will be offered online. through wholesalers to hotels, shops, and grocery stores; however, the company also employs a “direct to retail” business strategy, selling its refreshments directly to retailers. Crazy Soda Company is working hard to achieve this aim and has figured out how to provide its drinks in Barnes & Noble, Panera Bread, Cost-plus World Markets, and Starbucks Coffee Company outlets.

Soda Drinks Business Plan

Industry Analysis and Trends

The nonalcoholic beverage industry extensively incorporates soda pops and hot beverages. The soda class rules the business and contains carbonates, juice, filtered water, prepared to-drink tea and espresso, and games and caffeinated drinks. Soda pops are sometimes referred to as liquid nutritional drinks.

Carbonated drinks, which accounted for $337.8 billion in revenue in 2013, dominated the global soda pop market. CSDs were trailed by filtered water, which had a market size of $189.1 billion, and juice, which had a market size of $146.2 billion, at the same period (Bailey, 2014). We’ll talk about why CSDs are losing favor and why offerings of various drinks, such as squeezes and ready-to-drink tea, are growing in popularity in a later section of this presentation.

Changing client needs and presenting new flavors, and item variations are the central points driving interest for nonalcoholic beverages. With a vast number of up-and-coming In developing countries, business utilities in force, development, and the automobile industry, the per-capita salary is expected to rise during the forecast period, increasing the excess cash of the regions. Growing discretionary cash flow in developing economies depends on having a high interest in non-mixed beverages over the long haul. 

North America is the most critical business sector for nonalcoholic beverages internationally firmly took after by the Asia Pacific. The US is one of the vital markets for nonalcoholic drinks in North America. However, due to rising health consciousness, interest in non-mixed beverages has declined dramatically in recent years, particularly among the younger population. As a result, the nonalcoholic savors market in North America is expected to grow steadily over the forecast period. Aside from that, raising awareness of stoutness is another important factor influencing demand in non-mixed drinks in North America. The non-mixed beverage industry’s actual manufacturers have offered zero-sugar and eating regimen drinks that match consumers’ needs for reduced calories to give food with shifting consumer requirements.

The Asia Pacific is additionally one of the quickest developing markets for nonalcoholic beverages. A proportion of the fundamental point filling the enthusiasm for non-mixed beverages in Asia Pacific is a rapidly altering way of life and increasing additional income. Rising economies, such as India, China, and Singapore, are a portion of the actual markets for non-mixed beverages in the Asia Pacific. Based on these factors, Asia Pacific is expected to be one of the largest markets for nonalcoholic beverages in the long run.

The nonalcoholic beverages business sector is a profoundly aggressive industry that incorporates two behemoths. The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo, Inc. together account for over 70% of the US CSD industry; Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. (DPS), Monster Beverage Corporation (MNST), and Cott Corporation (COT) are among other notable CSD companies (Bailey, 2014). Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are also dominant in a number of global markets; however, other companies such as Groupe Danone, Nestle SA, and Suntory Holdings Limited are also present.

 Non-mixed drink makers, similar to Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, are a piece of the customer staple segment. The nonalcoholic drink industry is under the shopper staples class (XLP), which is non-recurrent contrasted with the optional customer segment. More over 66 percent of the United States’ entire national production (or GDP) is spent on usage (Bailey, 2014). The USUS real individual usage use for non-sturdy products analyzes consumer spending on non-sturdy items, such as nutrition and refreshments, on an expanding balanced basis. The developing populace and the white-collar class, especially in developing markets, are key development drivers for nonalcoholic beverage organizations. Market knowledge firm Euromonitor International evaluations By 2020, the global working class will have grown to 1.5 billion households, a 25% increase over 2012. (Bailey, 2014).

Strategic Position & Risk Assessment 

Strategic Position

As we can see from the industry study, there is a reduction in soft drink demand in America as a result of growing customer health awareness. As individuals become more aware of the need for crisp & clean items, the drink business is developing, moving from items with various additives toward more regular and sound articles. In the exact moment, the purchaser is asking for a reviving refreshment as well as a health improvement drink, either serving to reinstate vitamins consumption over a long-living up to expectations day, either to give a jolt of energy for late-living up to expectations at the workplace either for instance to adapt to stretch, get loose. We will be presenting crazy soda as a substitute for these drinks in the form of a vitality drink with natural fruit ingredients. The following characteristics will set Crazy Soda apart:

  • Romania’s major utilitarian refreshment, a good substitute for traditional soda pops.
  • It will be promoted as a beverage with no shady additions: no fake coloring, sweeteners, additives, or other chemicals are allowed in the formula.
  • It is a beverage fortified with essential vitamins and additives to help customers in everyday life, particularly when confronted with intellectual challenges.
  • It will be crisp and aromatic, with hints of unusual ingredients (Pomegranate, Acai, and Guarana).

Crazy soda’s practical claim is that its ingredients support optimal sensory system functioning, boost mental health, and increase vitality levels.

Guarana is a kind of guarana that

  • Zinc + Magnesium + B vitamins + Vitamin D + L-thiamine

We’ll try to position our product in a new emerging segment as a beverage that, despite having these beneficial ingredients, tastes great, just like soft drinks. We’ll ask them why, instead of drinking soft drinks, they should drink our product, which will provide both benefits, namely the taste of soft drinks and the health of a fruit juice.

We attempt to give just genuine advantages: 

  • Revitalizing 
  • Infinite flavor
  • It helps with psychological operations.
  • Sugar-free
  • Reduce mental fatigue by being centered and focused.
  • Natural: no artificial flavors, colors, or additions


Additional entrants to a business usually bring with them new capacity, a drive to grab market share, and a lot of money (Manuel, 2007). The working environment for the beverage industry is still characterized by fierce price competition, aggressive marketing, and other factors. a section of non-conventional contenders, and business sector unions. Unpredictability has been created in the global economy and monetary markets as a result of instabilities associated to crude material costs, credit availability, and problems in money-connected administration components. making purchasers wary of spending. This has prompted past spending examples to cheap and expense sparing choices, which has influenced development and profit in the drink industry. Any macroeconomic variable (for example, expanded fuel costs) that impacts purchaser spending or that can Putting a premium on information costs would eventually have an impact. the refreshment industry’s money-related condition. Wellbeing Risk and general mindfulness in customers about their wellbeing have made the low request, which is a significant danger for the business. 

Risk stays high for the business that water shortage and low quality effect creation Expenses and limits, as well as restrictions, have an impact on transactions for certain objectives. The offer, and rising work wages and human services costs in the USUS further weigh down its total earnings Water shortages have arisen as a result of fast population growth and polluted existing freshwater supplies. Increasing production costs or meeting face limit requirements may have a long-term impact on Crazy soda profitability. Conceivable new costs on sugar-sweetened refreshments and additional legislative regulations may decrease requests that affect its gainfulness. As a consequence of tight work markets, expanded extra minutes, the government ordered increments in the least wages and a greater extent of full-time Work costs for the organization have been growing, according to spokespeople.

Administrative barriers, such as municipal government-imposed limits on sweetened beverages in certain marketplaces, are another cause of concern. If there is an incident of soda, Inventory plays a crucial role in its discovery. Stock valuation may have a major impact on the cost of items supplied and, as a result, on benefits.

Stock administration is a crucial danger or achievement component since effective stock administration straightforwardly influences productivity. Reviews of stock in specific markets because of low-quality controls harm the organization’s brand and productivity, which is a significant danger.

Target Market

Considering the item qualities & effectiveness, we consider the accompanying purchasers classes: 

  • Youths (with age between 15-18) 
  • Undergraduates (between 19-23) 
  • Adults (between 24 – 45) 
  • Senior citizen (between 46-49) 

We are analyzing a Whole Number of Potential Consumers of several millions based on this trademark and the age interval we have constructed. These, on the other hand, do not suit our client profile since we also need to know how many people consume caffeinated beverages. In America, just 38% of the population consumes caffeinated beverages, according to the net Mark Population. Our base will be a smidgen bigger because we are wrapping the same profile and an extra number of individuals adding their thoughts to the customer survey. After all, they are health-conscious. 45-50 percent of the net Target is an acceptable estimate. The term populace refers to a population of between 4.72 and 5.31 million people.


We compete with other beverage companies for consumer acceptance and shelf space in retail outlets and marketing focus by our distributors. All of them also distribute other beverage brands (CO, 2008). Our competitors will be significant producers of soft drinks such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. For a long time, the Coca-Cola Corporation and PepsiCo, Inc. have dominated the non-mixed beverage sector. Coca-Cola is the world’s most prominent non-mixed drink organization with over 500 brands, including 17 that produce yearly income of more than a billion dollars PepsiCo claims to drive brands over its nibble sustenances and refreshment portfolio, including 22 brands that create more than a billion dollars every in revenue. As per Beverage Digest, the organizations have a joined offer of around 70% of the US carbonated soda pop market. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo spend massive cash on advancement, publicizing and advertising, and bolstering their transportation system Coca-Cola and its packaging partners have invested more than $50 billion in new offices, distribution infrastructure, equipment, and retail client enactments since 2010. PepsiCo burned through 5.9% of 2013 net income on promoting and showcasing. Both organizations have a global presence in more than 200 countries. The rivalry between these two groups, dubbed the “cola wars,” is incredible. Over the years, both have spent vast sums of money on advertising with a same theme. Aside from that, we’ll be attacking corporations like Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, and others, since gaining a foothold in a market with these firms would be difficult. As a result, our goal would be to demonstrate how distinctive and distinctive our product is from that of other firms.

Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy

SWOT Analysis


  • Updated innovation plant 
  • Quality item 
  • Specialist accessible for practice undertaking occupations 
  • Hire experienced staff 
  • Targeted to low and white-collar class individuals 
  • Reasonable cost 
  • Estimated PCC to increase to 6-8 bottles


  • New in the beverages industry 
  • Small dissemination system 
  • Strong contenders 
  • Zero market share
  • Limited customers experience


  • Increase the circulation system 
  • Acquiring the innovation 
  • The market is enormous and appealing 
  • Take over the wholesaler 
  • Increase interest of high caliber of an item of customers


  • Political risks 
  • The new passageway of leaving contenders 
  • So numerous contenders 
  • Retaining buyers 
  • Economic unsteadiness 
  • Increase of general deals charge 
  • Development of plant

Marketing Plan

Our market strategy will involve a market test in which we will take the product to customers and explain its features and benefits, as well as why they should purchase it. Then, via advertising, a news release for the new development was generated, depicting its benefits and services to clients. We will be telling the customers its ingredients and how it will help improve their health with such a low price.

The showcasing method is taking into the positioning of the item in the psyche of customers. 

  • Providing great drinks to the customers. 
  • We will disperse our item on a mass level with the goal that we can augment the benefit. 

Effective item placement is critical to success, especially when advertising a different product. Clients will not buy something until they understand why they should use it and for what purpose. This is the fundamental enhancement to positioning that will make it uncomplicated for the imaginative to acquire the item. It has been appropriately named and surrounded. However, it is unclear why we should purchase it or why we should not. In the United States, smartcards are put to the same type of examination. They will have acquired the important positions to contribute to their respective early markets whenever it becomes evident who can earn the most from these advances to achieve a significant significant point of interest. We need to put our picture an on in the buyer’s mind as contrast with the contender’s item. We need to focus on the secondary school’s abstract composition and graduate understudies and government division that need to buckle down and “Refresh” them an instant. We will be positioning our drink as a drink of the young generation.

Position in the market – 

  • Another category of products includes various energy drinks and sports drinks.
  • It’s a drink that’s good for your brain.
  • It’s a completely ordinary thing, with no colors or additions.
  • It’s a high-quality item, but not very expensive.

It is a beverage for those who are attempting to satisfy these requirements and want a unique and appealing solution.

Is tending to a mixed group of onlookers: 

  • Teens and students
  • Business & Corporate 
  • Anyone obliging extends periods of 
  • Fixation and consideration (drivers, PCPC administrators, professionals, programming software engineers, bookkeepers, examiners, and so forth.)

Generally speaking, customers are pushed to complete execution. Our beverage must be a decision that goes without a hitch and allows us to maintain our busy lifestyle.

Sales Strategy

The sales strategy will include –

  • Product Strategy: Aside from its beautiful look, the drink container is unique in how it encourages the buyer to re-use it. The material to deliver refreshment is cordial with the environment. They are developing brand esteem for Crazy soda and portraying that this product can satisfy customer needs.
  • Price Strategy: Value method of crazy soda understanding the end goal to give reasonable cost to purchasers and make them agreeable about cost and item quality, short the separation between present items and clients. Value Penetration works well in commercial organizations that require institutionalization. The thing that accomplishes high market infiltration frequently turns into the business standard; concerning the new Crazy soda drink vessel, it attempts to institutionalize how purchasers utilize the refreshment compartment. We will be reducing the price of our product for few weeks to introduce our new product.
  • Advertising is critical for all companies and commodities, but it is more important for new goods. As a result, we will promote our goods through all types of media. Because of its vast viewership, social media will be the most impactful and cost-effective.
  • Contests/sweepstakes/games: The buyer is automatically moving into the event by buying the product. Hence organizing an event will be a very beneficial and effective way of selling your product.

Our Sales channels will be –

  • Distributors, Wholesalers, and Cash& Carry’s 
  • Convenience shops, superstores
  • multiples are all examples of convenience stores
  • On-campus shops for students
  • Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, 
  • hotels in the area with corporate candy machines are listed on an online deal site
  • On rare situations,

While marketing activities will be –

  • Advert and Promotions in Social Media
  • Advertisement in Mass Media
  • Discount Vouchers and Magazines marketing
  • Online Channels of marketing 

Ethics & Social Responsibility

Social Welfare Policies

Crazy soda offers great brands and notoriety in the nation. Organizations fundamentally comprehend and trust that everybody ought to have an advantage. The business ought to convey benefit and refreshment to the individuals, which is integral to the way Crazy soda works in groups worldwide. By assisting individuals, the group acts as a good neighbor and a considerate native. In Atlanta, the organization set up numerous provincial and neighborhood establishments sorted out philanthropy programs nearby. Some reality projects, for example, “Atlanta carts program” – helping monetarily impeded ladies assemble reasonable occupations; “Supporting training and youth advancement” grants to bolster understudies in situating and creating vocation later on. 

Safety & Health

At The Crazy Soda Company, our long haul achievement relies on guaranteeing the safety of our workers, visitors to our activities, and the general public. We believe that a safe and healthy working environment is a basic human right as well as a commercial requirement. Our Workplace Rights Policy requires us to bear responsibility for maintaining a positive work environment in all elements of our business by reducing the risk of mishaps, injury, and exposure to health risks for the majority of our partners and employees and supervisors. Likewise, we’re working with our packaging accomplices to guarantee wellbeing and dangers are minimized for their representatives and contract laborers. 

The Crazy soda Operating Requirements (CSORE) characterize the strategies, guidelines, and necessities for overseeing wellbeing, the earth, and quality all through our operations. SCORE additionally obliges that our assembling and conveyance offices actualize BS OHSAS 18001 (wiki, 2015) or a globally recognized proportionate security administration structure

CSORE defines a detailed arrangement of operational controls to supervise recognized threats in order to aid us in generating a safe working environment for our partners. The authorities, by and large, adjust to beat worldwide prerequisites and agreement benchmarks. Moreover, we review the agreeability of each of our assembling operations with relevant laws and regulations and our Company word-related security and wellbeing requirements. 

We give considerable security preparation to our partners utilizing the preparation necessities characterized as a part of CSORE as a worldwide standard. We are preparing covers new-contract instigation and periodic refresher preparation for all partners and different laborers that deal with our benefit.


The Crazy soda work for low carbon items, zero-waste business, and rouse and lead change for a more supportable future. Crazy soda worked with the Carbon Trust to compute the carbon-foot-shaped impression to make the industry more naturally mindful. The business has found out a way to make our plastic containers 38.5 percent lighter. Meanwhile, soda glass containers are currently 37 percent re-used-used, and aluminum jars are half re-used. In 2015, the business also introduced Plant Bottle packaging, which is 100 percent recyclable and created partially from controllable plant materials, reducing the use for fossil fuels for plastics.


Aggressive laws are vital legislation for business and their respective division groups in order to run a successful company. Be that as it may, aggressive in Atlanta has not grown totally. The part around the commercials, horrible rivalry, or breaking point of rivalry. However, it more immaculate step by step. The government has manufactured an arrangement of lawful to take care of these issues. 

Natural insurance regulations are a requirement for all construction projects, particularly those involving the production of food and drinking water. The fuel, chemicals, gasses discharged from the assembling procedure can adversely contaminate the earth of area, water, air. The legislation establishes the maximum amount of deadly waste that can be released into the environment. If certain thresholds are exceeded, these organizations may be penalized or suspended if they cause irreversible environmental harm. Atlanta has a tremendous concern about these issues these days. There is numerous organization disregarded this law of environment security. Mindful of this issue, Crazy soda more often than not sort out a system for natural insurance, such as Happy Recycling, which individuals uphold. 

Wellbeing and security: Crazy soda is focused on leading business in ways that furnish all faculty with a safe and secure workplace The purpose of the Company Safety Management System Standards and accompanying requirements is to ensure the safety and well-being of employees (CSSMS). CSSMS refers to a method of handling oversight that is purposeful word-related wellbeing and misfortune aversion. The framework all-inclusive works under the same principles and necessities. The company likewise has an announcement of word-related wellbeing. It sets up the Safety Board of the Company as a body approved to fathom and think about wellbeing and working states of representatives. 

Item security is the most concerned issue of customers. Crazy soda dependably thinks about the security and quality in each part, from items to benefits. The company’s main requirements are to provide security and quality via sound management and adherence to suitable legislation and standards. The topic of item security is quite important in Atlanta. There is so much nourishment harming the current time that makes individuals stress and not trust in unclear beverages and sustenances. 

All above is to connect to the accomplishment of Crazy Coke, so that they can most likely maintain their promise of high-quality goods and services. Laws and regulations records, articulations help The Crazy soda keep up and enhance their notoriety. It also requires persistent endeavors to adjust these laws to bring the best items and administrations, particularly in a delicate business like Atlanta.

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