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Pros & Cons Comparison: Squarespace vs WordPress

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Many people who think about starting a website see WordPress as the best single alternative. It is mainly because people do not really know of any alternatives while there are many. One alternative that has become quite popular in recent times is Squarespace, a platform that is still quite new but recently made waves because of its unique features. The question people are asking right now is, which platform is better? The first thing to know about each service is its pros and cons.

Pros and Cons

WordPress Pros

As far as WordPress is concerned, one of the main benefits of this site is that you can open your very own blog for no cost whatsoever, although it is a very simple one. WordPress gives you the themes and templates you would need to set up your site and you will only need to spend money if you want something premium or high end. Users who use WordPress in many cases do not have to spend a single penny and they are fine with the free apps being provided.

WordPress Cons

One of the big disadvantages that can be noticed when using WordPress is that when you host your site on a third-party website, the content you post will not be your own. That makes it hard to control what is happening to your content. To keep control of anything you post and own the rights to it, you are going to have to go for the more expensive wordpress.org that is simply not viable for people who do not want to make a real financial investment into their site.

SquareSpace Pros

The plugins offered by SquareSpace are made by the enterprise itself. This means that regardless of which plugin you are using, you can rest, assured that it will be optimized for your specific use, making sure that you have the option to use any plugin at all and that you can rest easy knowing it would work perfectly. This also makes loading times faster for you, and optimizes your content for search engines. Also known for its user-friendly interface, SquareSpace allows web design so easy that almost everyone can do it.

SquareSpace Cons

If you really want to know one thing that many people have a problem with when it comes to SquareSpace, it is the fact that it will cost you money to open even a basic website on the platform. There are no free options here at all, you’ll have to pay at least twelve dollars a month to have your website host this service for you. Additionally, if you are using exclusively company-designed plugins, your choices will be a little tight.

How do you compare them?

There are Six basic areas where you can compare those two platforms.

Pros & Cons Comparison: Squarespace vs WordPress


SquareSpace wins in this respect for sure. Although WordPress is not difficult to use by any means, you do need to understand that it will take you a certain amount of time before you can properly build the site for which you are trying to aim. With SquareSpace this should be much simpler, as the user interface has been developed to provide users who are not familiar with web design and the like with a range of drag and drop options.


In this respect, WordPress has a slight edge. This platform is incredibly versatile, enabling you to make any website you would consider. SquareSpace offers you a selection of templates, but this selection is still so varied that you will end up making virtually any kind of site that would be ideal for you. Although WordPress is more flexible, it will also allow you to install a plug in varying slightly from the regular template, although SquareSpace gives you versatility without having to do anything extra. Hence, both platforms remain roughly equal in this category.


The Squarespace interface is incredibly intuitive; and its style editor makes adjusting simple template design elements — font colours, heading sizes, and so on very straightforward. Just point to the design elements you want to change, and click to change them on some controls.

When a WordPress platform has been set up, maintaining either is by no means hard. Depending on which hosting service you ‘re plumping for, setup and configuration may be a little bit fiddly, but once you’re up and running you’ll find the WordPress content management system (CMS) is simple to use and quite sensitive.

In my opinion , the main difference between the Squarespace and WordPress approaches to content management is related to on-page editing.You can simply go to the page you ‘d like to tweak with Squarespace and click on a bit of content to change it: you’ll then see your edits in detail on the document, as you create them.

In WordPress — at least out of the box — you must edit the back end of the page and preview / publish it before you see your changes.

Just like anything else in WordPress, if you’re ready to invest some time and effort into configuration, it’s easy to change things to fit your workflow: there’s a ton of front end ‘visual editor’ plugins / software available that you can use to incorporate a more ‘Squarespace’ approach to content management.

Even with the recent launch of the new ‘Gutenberg’ editor for WordPress, which now uses text blocks and a drag-and – drop interface, text editing in WordPress still seems to shift in a more squarespace-style direction.

In balance I would say that with Squarespace most website editing newbies will feel faster at home, but the WordPress CMS is also extremely usable.


You are going to get many themes free with WordPress, but those themes are going to be bland. There are thousands of premium themes on offer, but the drawback here is that you will have to work hard once again to customize your site to fit in with each theme. SquareSpace requires a paid subscription to build a site, but you get several dozen beautiful templates, at the same time as the premium WordPress themes, at no extra charge. Additionally you would find using these themes much easier, giving SquareSpace a narrow victory in this category.


Perhaps this is the only category that has a crucial winner, and that winner is SquareSpace. This platform is incredibly easy to use but if you need some help including live chat options and a number you can call, you have a variety of ways to contact someone. WordPress is not nearly as approachable, giving you plenty of pre-recorded tutorials and the like but do not really give you the option to speak to anyone if you need urgent support. Instead, you will have to get some support from user forums.


WordPress certainly wins in this category because of its free basic template, but at the same time, you need to remember that SquareSpace will end up costing less in the end if you want premium templates. With SquareSpace, you will not have to pay extra for premium themes. Paying for premium WordPress themes gives you far more options, but Square Space is several dozen-premium themes from getting go are actually good enough to allow you to incorporate any kind of design into your site. Note, there are such a thing as too many choices, so you probably will not need the vast majority of the premium WordPress themes offerings. Nonetheless, WordPress is nudging ahead in this category due to its basic free package.

Final Outcome

SquareSpace is perfect for beginners and intermediate designers who would especially appreciate customer service that would help them when they are a bit confused, while WordPress is certainly a great choice for seasoned individuals who want full customizability. Beginners who want to start a new blog may be enticed by WordPress providing a free basic template, but charging only twelve dollars a month for SquareSpace allows access to a much more advanced design standard, so SquareSpace manages to win overall by hair although it is certainly not perfect by any way.

Price for Platforms

WordPress News

Once again, building a simple website using WordPress cost nothing. However, upgrading will cost a lot of money and as this platform is not as user-friendly as SquareSpace, you might end up having to hire someone to develop your site.

Premium themes start at $5 a month but these themes are still not as high as they are good. You could end up paying twenty-five dollars a month for top tier themes. Plugins would also be required for high-end websites particularly if you want to use different themes, and since you will be using quite a few of them with a business site, the cost will go much higher. You need to pay for a custom domain name too,


There are four basic packages, which you can choose from. The personal package is the basic template though it comes with some beautiful themes and is quite intuitive and user friendly. That package costs $12 a month. The company plan is cheaper, and costs $18 a month. Online stores also have options, with a basic store costing twenty-six dollars a month, and the advanced store, the most advanced package on offer, available for forty dollars a month.

When you pay in advance for a year, you can get a personalized domain name at no extra charge, which will potentially make this site cheaper than WordPress if you are thinking first about spending money. You also get automatically integrated responsive design into every theme, instead of having to pay a web developer to do it for you.


The decision depends on which one of these programs is best suited to your needs. Whilst WordPress is usually more flexible, it is easier to use Squarespace. In the end, squarespace costs less, but WordPress offers free basic service that would certainly be invaluable to a huge number of people. The truth is that both sites are a match for each other, although WordPress has an advantage, because it is better known. Any one of these sites you go for would certainly match your unique needs.

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