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6 Sri Lankan Delicious Street Foods

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Sri Lanka is a nation of islands situated in South Asia. Because of its number of beautiful destinations including beaches, mountains, historical sites and much more, it is a highly touristic attracted country. It is also famous for the mouthwatering dishes of traditional and street food, as well as being very tourists attracted by its goals. These are highly popular among both locals and foreigners alike. If you are visiting Sri Lanka, do not ever leave the country without trying the following foods, as this will be one of the reasons you would like to come back.


Kottu 6 Sri Lankan Delicious Street Foods

Beginning with the most popular, Kottu is a favorite in Lanka. There is absolutely nobody in Sri Lanka who have not heard of Kottu. It is also a well-known dinner party dish. A famous phrase many Sri Lankans say has pizza in Italy, the USA has burgers and Sri Lanka has Kottu! Okay, Kottu what is that? This is a Godhamba roti dish made from it. This roti is cut into tiny squares and eventually mixed with vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, leaks, etc. Before that, it is added to meat, milk, and cheese. Unless you are a vegetarian, though, you will not have to fear, as there is kottu of vegetables. Pick between egg kottu, cheese kottu, chicken kottu and vegetable kottu.

However, the cheese kottu is the most recommended type as the cheese mixed with chicken brings a delicious flavor, as it is much juicier and creamy. However, this does not mean the other kottu forms are not so tasty. They are, of course, equally delicious! The moment you take a kottu-filled spoon and get a bite in it, you will be awestruck by the different flavors it brings. The character simply waters your mouth even more, keeping you wanting more. The moment you finish off the entire kottu plate, you are going to be full but a few hours later, you are going to wish you had more. It is the best part of kottu because you are never sick of eating it.

Places, which make Kottu, are hard to find at all. When kottu is made, the sound of two blades that hit the metal board is always present. This is because these two blades are used to chop the Godhamba roti and mix the meat and vegetables to create a delicious flavor. Therefore, if you ever happen to visit Sri Lanka, take a kottu, visit and eat the nearest beach while watching the sunset.

Isso Wade

Isso Wade 6 Sri Lankan Delicious Street Foods

Isso wade is the next best street food Sri Lankan has to offer. Isso wade simply said that prawn wade is a Sri Lankan type of snack. Many of this dish’s ingredients are given out by its name, Isso (prawn). Prawns are one of that snack’s main components. The wade consists of a dhal kind, and the prawn is attached to the rim, which is then deep-fried in oil. After that, this snack is served with a special sauce. It is very spicy; some of its principal ingredients are red chili powder and salt. On top of the sauce, which is on top of the prawn, wade is added a topping of fresh onions.

That is very crusty the moment you bite into this snack. Therefore, when you start to munch it, you will be surprised at the different flavors it holds. It is crusty, spicy, and salty and perfectly matches the taste of onions, which brings with it a unique taste.

Replace this with a carbonated soda and you are guaranteed to be pleased. Just like kottu, this type of snack is not difficult to find. This can be found, particularly in the face beach of Galle, where so many vendors are selling it at low prices. Go out to the Galle face beach during an evening and you will find Isso wade that is freshly made, and you can eat it warmly.

Manioc chips

Manioc chips 6 Sri Lankan Delicious Street Foods

Manioc is a kind of tapioca-like cassava. At the same time, manioc chips are all crispy, chewy and sweet. Seasoned with salt and mild spices, they are sliced vertically and deep-fried. And nearby movie theaters sell popcorn to them. You can’t stop consuming them once you start eating them. Words are enough to explain the taste, price and hospitality street vendors make their food with. Sweetness, spice and sobriety are all well-balanced to make a perfect meal in Sri Lanka’s street foods and there’s none like that in the world! For an outstanding gastronomic experience, you must also try all of their coconut-infused curries.

Vegetable Roti

Vegetable Roti

The vegetable roti among many other delicious street foods is one of the types you must try. You can eat that snack for either breakfast or dinner. However, in the evening it is commonly eaten for teatime.

Of course, the vegetable roti is a vegetarian snack. To do this, you must first make dough balls of the size of tiny golf balls and then flatten them out like a pancake. This may sound quite simple but flattening it is very tiring as the consistency of the dough is quite stretchy like elastic. A filling of vegetables such as potatoes, curry leaves, onions, leeks, and garlic is made after the dough is flattened off. These are mashed and tempered with various types of spices.

The filling is then added to the dough, which is flattened. Then use the money itself to cover the mixture. When the sauce is completely coated, it is boiled or heated in an oven.

If you are taking a bite from this warm vegetable roti, you will notice it’s very nice. The filling of different spices and vegetables makes it sweet, and the taste just explodes in your mouth. However, if you are not used to eating spices, the vegetable roti is going to be a little bit hot but still delicious. Two of those fill you up.

You should try this dish during a teatime in the evening. Eat it warm because it tastes better when it is. In addition, do not forget to have with it a cup of warm Sri Lankan tea perfect combination.

Coconut Roti

Coconut Roti

The coconut roti is also a very well-known dish in Sinhala, Sri Lanka. His name is Pol Roti. Locals eat it mostly for breakfast, and its name gives away its main ingredient, coconut. Sri Lanka has an abundance of coconut trees. It is not surprising therefore, that coconut is the main ingredient of this roti.

This dish is easy to make. Firstly, the dough is made of sugar, coconut oil from rice, and salt. Then add the principal ingredient, scraped coconut. Some people even use coconut water to make the dough, instead of water, which makes it extra delicious and gives the roti a lot of flavor. You can add some onion and green chilies to it too. The dough is flattened, and is then cooked in a saucepan.

Typically, this dish is eaten with a kind of salsa called Katta sambal, or Luna Miris. The difference between these two salsas is that the former has Maldives fish added to it and the latter is not. These are both made of onions, salt, lemon, and chili powder, however. Making a paste is chopped and eaten with moist coconut roti.

Once you are taking a bite of this coconut roti, the first taste you will get is coconut scraping. It is not as soft as a roti of vegetables, but it’s equally delicious. Break a small coconut roti for extra flavour, and take some Luna Miris or Katta sambal in and eat it. But make sure that you don’t take too much salsa, as it boils. This dish goes well with a traditional ginger tea from Sri Lanka, as it is very refreshing.

You typically come across street vendors selling Coconut roti, especially in Sri Lanka’s upcountry, including Nuwara Eliya and Ella. These vendors make it by the lane, heating it on tablets made of stone, which is the traditional roti process. A warm roti with ginger tea is very comforting, as the weather is cold in the upcountry. If you are ever visiting Sri Lanka, you have to try it in cold weather as they make the match perfect.

Hoppers (Appa)

Hoppers (Appa) 

Hoppers are a favorite in Sri Lanka too. A Sri Lankan traditional food is commonly eaten for breakfast or dinner. What, then, is Hoppers or Appa exactly? This is a crunchy dish at the corners like thin wafers, and very fluffy in the middle like toast. It is shaped like a pot, making it easy to eat because you can keep your salsa or the curry in the center of it.

This is done with a rice flour type, where watery consistency dough is used. When you are eating it, you will know it is crunchy and tastes milky. Chili paste can be used to eat hoppers, which makes it much like a Sri Lankan version of nachos. Especially if you are one who does not like spice, you should eat it with honey anyway. It tastes great anyway.

Vendors making hoppers are very easy to find, especially at nighttime. Because of the popularity of this snack, you will be able to find a vendor who sells hoppers every 1 km at least once. Eating them during the night is much simpler because many people eat hoppers in the night and the morning is not so usual. If you are looking for hoppers, then dinnertime is what you should aim for.

In conclusion, food plays an important role if you want to have one of the best times in Sri Lanka. When you have a snack in Sri Lanka, each destination you visit will give you a special feel. So grab your plane tickets to Sri Lanka and go on a tour of the country when visiting the vendors who sell these dishes and snacks and it will definitely be a holiday to remember. In addition, you will want to revisit Sri Lanka, without a doubt.

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