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Statement of Purpose For Industrial Engineering

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I believe that industrial engineers can organize, develop, and operate the industrial systems for any good or service; we may see around us and the high-quality products that nourish the world. The competence of industrial engineers helps in serving and improving many corporate. It is also deemed a sign of urbanization, evolution, and prosperity. I am impressed with the field racing with the time in the product development and the production operations, and I am characterized by its possibility of applying it in several institutions and corporates. Therefore, this embeds in me the belief that I can sail in this world and reach new dimensions. Also, it distinguishes individuals and reflects personal capabilities. I want to be among those who make differences in the cost of production operations and the quality of the products. I am persuaded that the industrial engineering market is the right one for me. In addition, the major will fulfill my desire to explore unique ways and new methods of ensuring highest standards of efficiency , quality and health.

Statement of Purpose For Industrial Engineering

 Over the years, as I grew up, my dreams and goals developed. I always look forward to uniqueness, and this is what distinguishes my character. I have an uncontrollable desire to pour this uniqueness into my manner by designing significant ways to improve production lines and the product quality and solve the problems related to the production. I want to concentrate on the production process and the product’s movement from phase to another safely and promptly. Also, I am careful not to neglect the behavioral, mental, and creative sides of other workers and me, considering their safety.

I have the determination to be on a high academic level to pursue my dreams. Since I was a little girl, I used to acquire full marks in all of my academic studies. As a result, I received ingenuity and academic excellence at the end of the elementary and secondary school from the Prince of the region where I lived. At the start of my bachelor’s degree, my grades were not that high and had declined in 2005 because of my family’s death. After that, I challenged myself and struggled to raise my GPA from what it was, and I succeeded in that despite the challenges. Eventually, I got a recommendation letter from a Dean for earning a grade point average over 4 out of 5, overcoming challenges, and having other academic skills. I am proud of many coursework that I received an A, such as Statistics For Economics, Family Economics And Consumer, Storage, and Purchasing Management, and Management of Catering Firms.  Also, I am extra proud of my research work. I enjoy researches and studies to provide the world with new beneficial results and realities theory.

My final research was over 800 pages, and I earned A+ despite the challenges of getting the research respondents.  They were not readily available, and it was not easy to meet with them because they had physical and mental disabilities. In brief, I still have that determination to be in a high place of the academic pyramid to achieve my dreams.

As an international student, I would like to mention the coursework of the (English Language). I passed with an excellent grade that was A. I also have a certificate of completing an English academic program in all its parts. I earned from the English Language Institute that was related to the Milwaukee School of Engineering. I received many certificates during my educational life. Examples of such documents included the certificates of excellence in four consecutive semesters in the university years 2020/2021 -2022/2023. I hope to achieve many more certifications in the future.

Moreover, I took the course work of Project Management and expanded the concept of quality management in different courses in my bachelor’s degree. This played a significant role in my educational background. Furthermore, the university’s external visits to many institutions such as hotels, rehabilitation hospitals, chalets, and schools of disabilities were beneficial. They helped in achieving skills in solving problems through submitting reports to the doctors and discussing the suitability of these facilities for the category of people who live in them. Although my bachelor’s degree was in a significant other than the Industrial Engineer, I learned some things about the engineering field after I had graduated. My first understanding of industrial engineering or I’d rather say of the general engineering field was through the engineering courses I took at the time of learning the English language at the Institute that was under Milwaukee School Of Engineering. I earned high marks in those courses; hence, this academic experience made me confident in my abilities and added a new dimension to my skills.

From my perspective, working with all your classmates on the same project while dividing the tasks between all of the students makes them work in one spirit. It also generates enthusiasm and familiarity, and this ultimately could improve the quality of production. During my training at Etiquette & Parties Management, I lived this experience and found it gainful and purposeful. The other practice I had at the University for Home Management was also crucial. It depended on managing locations, including all the necessary planning details focused on management skills and the ability to work within a specific budget. To me, this opportunity strengthened my sense of duty because we were expected to do everything on time while meeting any challenges with determination, pressure, courage and bravery.

I was helped by my academic history, as it was combined with my new work experience. Through my working life, I received significant benefits. I approached and interacted with the environment closely while working at Saudi ASMA environmental solution. My job at the SAMSUNG Company as a Customer Services Representative gave me a chance to communicate with people from different countries directly. Moreover, this cultivated in me the wisdom and patience in dealing with people. Additionally, in this context, traveling to many cities such as France, Singapore, and Chicago impacted my thoughts. These travels enriched my information, irrigated my imagination, opened up my mind, and allowed me to be accustomed to historical and heritage landmarks and factories and visit some of them.

Maintaining a well-rounded personality is considered one of the factors that affect the mentality and contribute to widening my knowledge in different fields. Due to my academic experience in practical managing, I have occasionally participated in organizing events, especially concerts set up by charities and non-profit organizations. I worked in groups in my school and was a reliable student who helped when I could. However, these latest participations boosted my ability to work in a team.  All of those accomplishments cultivated a sense of satisfaction as an active and influential member of society. While studying my bachelor’s degree, alongside the time I spent on my coursework and studies, I was a committed member of the University team; I painted and drew on enormous spaces of the university’s walls. Also, I enjoy meeting new people, being involved with them, and experiencing new and exciting things that make me prepared to understand others’ viewpoints and resolve incompatible points of view.

One of my most unforgettable participants was as a volunteer. The volunteer was housed in the Global Industries Hub, in cooperation with the Ministry of Water And Electricity. My mates and I reserved a booth and got all planned. That experience allowed me to connect with people from different countries and present them with various tools. I have spent time learning about and describing the role of these devices. The devices are used to rationalize water consumption. I explained how they work while answering all their questions, and clarifying how we can save society from a drought that threatens the world today. Ultimately, we gave away the tools to the people without any charges, and they were appreciative.

Accuracy in work is one of my concerns, and this is why I feel I have a lot to demonstrate through my experiences. I am looking for illuminating my identity by creating a link between the engineering disciplines and placing a particular working method that is considered the basis of the improvements. I aspire to be in auto factories or hospitals sector in a position that allows me to continually improve in every area within teamwork, and not to enable the accumulation of problems. Also, I can say that establishing a unified working style can summarize this amelioration while trying to make the company operate from an excellent level to the highest degree.

I believe that the University of LTU has the exact master program that fits me, align my goals, and has a great environment that is enthusiasm for learning and helps students succeed. My determination to be among the best added to my belief that I have much to offer your university while increasing my self-confidence and meeting the high standard of your esteemed graduate program. I am eager to encourage the cooperation and atmosphere of teamwork between other workers focusing on the right side and work ethics. Also, I want to shed light on the saving time while establishing operations, protecting workers from injuries, equipment and products, enhancing the quality standards, and reducing the production costs. Additionally, I aim to explore and find a distinctive procedure to be capable of facing challenges and various problems of production and manufacturing and make a more sensible decision. Therefore, I aspire to embark on a journey to complete a higher academic level in the field of Industrial Engineering. This degree would enable me to start working in the area I consider as a part of me. I know my future career in the Industrial field will be my chance to provide the environment and corporate with a developmental solution. Please allow me to move forward and take the first step of my journey in your esteemed university. I would gratefully appreciate that.

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