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6 Types of Grant Writing in USA

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Part One

Block Grant 

According to USA.GOV (2017), block grant entails grant programs that offer assistance for functions such as community development and other social services.

6 Types of Grant Writing in USA

  • Pros and Cons

One and advantage of the block grant are that it enables local governments to decide which community programs should receive funding. Usually, it allows the local governments to identify where the money should be put to use compared to the federal government. However, the block grant’s limitation is that the federal government does not provide enough oversight on how the funding is getting utilized. This aspect makes it easier for local governments to misuse the funds.

  • Examples

There are some block grants offered by the federal government. For instance, the Indian housing block grant provides aid to low-income American Indians and Alaska natives. It gets granted to various tribes to make housing an affordable option.

Employment Grants

According to the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR (n.d.), the purpose of this grant is to offer help for employers to retain those employees that might acquire an illness, condition, or any form of inability that can negatively affect their ability to carry out the task. It aids in exploring the employees’ employees’ continuing capacity as a productive individual within society.

  •  Pros

It offers loyalty benefits. Every firm requires loyal employees as a way of ensuring stability in the long run. The faithful employees add results in the brand’s name, satisfied clients, and a healthy working environment. The presence of active employee retention presence in an organization ensures that loyalty benefits get enjoyed by both the organization and its employees (U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, n.d.).

Additionally, it results in quality work. The organization’s quality adversely gets affected when those employees who have received the firm’s training move away. The leaving of employees leaves a gap which leads to trouble in managing the various tasks, and thus low quality work. Since it is impossible to replace the left workers, the presence of employee retention is advantageous as it guarantees quality work (U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, n.d.).

  • Cons

It leads to the retention of non-performing employees. Employee retention is a vital decision that every firm has to undertake. However, this decision works negatively if those employees that are non-performing get retained in an organization. It sometimes happens that employees are unwilling to grow and thus being a liability to the entity. It is good that during the employee retention program, such employees get identified (U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, n.d.).

Additionally, it promotes groupies in the workplace. Sometimes retention can result in employees taking in their heads due to their given worth, thus creating an adverse group that negatively influences the rest of employees. Such incidences may lead to poor results, instead of promoting high quality, which might be the primary reason for their retaining.

  • Example

An example of the employee retention grant is the personal reader grant. If an employee is blind or has visual impairments that require them to have job-related readers, one may get entitled to a gift that will enable them to employ a personal reader.

Program Grants

It refers to flexible a mechanism to offer to fund to global-leading research groups that will address significant research issues. It works to provide support to various operations that work towards a common theme.

  •  Pros and Cons

There are some benefits associated with program grants. For example, the guarantees do not only rely on a single funding source. Additionally, providing circles can lead to new and innovative projects. Finally, the presence of rings offers more control over how the grantees use the given funds.

However, its disadvantages are that the projects in question may not get strained over time. More so, it does not allow the guarantees to use the funds in the best way. Finally, the presence of program grants might push the grantees to tailor their projects to fit the available funds, instead of freely working on their intended plans. An example of a grant program might be the one to support research on HIV/AIDS.

Technology Grants

It refers to various forms of funds given by the federal government to multiple institutions such as learning and health centers to develop technology that aids in bringing efficiency in their operations (USA.GOV, 2017).

  • Pros and Cons

One of the advantages of targeting government technology grants is that the money is guaranteed. All the grantee needs to do is apply for the assistance and wait for it to reflect in their accounts. Secondly, getting such gifts from the government may get accompanied with additional information from the government on how the project can be successful (USA.GOV, 2017).

However, the application for a government technology grant calls for considerable paperwork before the contract is maintained. Since the government is under a public eye, it is a requirement for the applying firm, so follow a series of regulations that lead to excessive paperwork and hours to keep up with the needed obligation.

  • Example

An example of a technology grant is the technology assessment for individual agencies, which describes the current level and utilization and even opportunities that require improvement.

Construction Grants

The construction grant’s purse is to help pay for major capital improvement plans such as constructing new public libraries and homes, expansion, and renovation of the existing ones (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, (n.d.).

  • Pros and Cons

Regarding benefits, the government’s application of construction grants enables the grantee to receive a generous amount of funds. Additionally, once the grantee has received the funds, I can apply for other funds more and more (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, n.d.).

On the limitation side, the grantee has the obligation of doing time-consuming research about the granting agency before finally writing the grant. More so, there is a high competition for the charges, and the success rate is meager. There are excessive numbers of applicants for various forms of construction grants, which leave minimal chances of one winning in their application (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, n.d.).  

An example of a construction grant can be one who gets aimed at building, expanding or renovating the public library in society.

Research Grants

According to USA.GOV (2017), it refers to the federal assistance programs to support various forms of research in the nation. Also, they can be of use in helping a method development or continuation of research facilities. More so, it can involve more than a single research group.

  •  Pros and Cons

The research grant’s primary advantage is that the grantee has the guarantee of receiving financial support until they finish their particular research. Additionally, the government can offer additional information that will ensure the projects ends successfully. However, sometimes the grantee can get forced to work as per the government level of funds instead of their previous plans. This aspect might result in different or inefficient research outcomes (USA.GOV, 2017).  

An example of a research grant can be that one to support a study in the analysis of the prevalence of Iron-Deficiency Anemia and its Intervention in for its reduction in New Orleans.

Part Two

Grant Writing Proposal Example

In-Car Cameras

This technology is of use by police officers in capturing various scenes while in the car. The gathered information can is then presented to the justice system to serve multiple forms of purpose. However, there is a need to upgrade the In-car technology form just in-car cameras to in-car computers. Unlike the cameras’ traditional use by the patrol officers, the networks will be of great significance for the officers in playing their day-to-day operations.

Not only does the technology increases the judicial system efficiency but also reduces the issue of paperwork. Usually, arrest reports call for papers to undergo typing. Once the statement has been handwritten, the respective officer should create a form of traffic transmission that requires an electronic gadget.

Additionally, even the issue of payroll and time reporting will be made online through the new In-car computers. More so, apart from producing the necessary documents, its transmission will be even more accessible through the new system. The officers will be in a position to forward the reports electronically in particular cases. It is through this system that the use of paperwork will get minimized.

Although the above argument as to why the new In-car camera system will efficient, the idea stands the risk of remaining theory and the police force keeping on facing the problems caused by paperwork while on their duty. It is only through the government’s government support through various forms of grants such as the technology and research grant that more information will get added and adequate facilities acquired to initiate the system into the judicial system.

As a country, we are fighting to move from paperwork to a paperless society. However, the campaign should not only get limited to educational and other sectors that are perceived to be in the high use of the books. Instead, the effort should get carried in all industries, including the justice system, to achieve a total paperless future. Through the support of the government grants, the In-Car system will undergo upgrading to the use of In-car computers as a way of promoting efficiency.

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