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8 Types of Water Treatment Systems Analysis

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List the eight general types of treatment systems that can be used to treat drinking water within a house, for each of the eight designs, list three pros and three cons of each course.

8 Types of Water Treatment Systems Analysis

Sediment Filtration 


  • Low cost
  • The replacement process is simple
  • The method is effective against and large particles found in water


  • It’s not possible to remove chemicals through the process
  • Other filters need to produce tasty and safe water for drinking
  • Cannot filter contaminants that are smaller than 1 micron

Activated Carbon Block Filtration 


  • Long filter life
  • Has good water flow rate
  • There are no chemical additives


  • Not possible to remove viruses
  • Dissolved solids and excess minerals cannot be removed
  • To work efficiently and for long, a separate sediment filter is needed

Granular Activated Carbon Filtration 


  • Its cost is low
  • It has a long filter life
  • There is a minimal PH level change


  • It’s weak more so when it comes to smaller size contaminants
  • It can’t remove viruses
  • It’s possible to have bacterial growth through its lower density of carbon granules

Reverse Osmosis 


  • Pros it produces the purest and cleanest water to drink
  • It offers the strongest filtration with regards to the contaminants in water
  • It has a longer life span


  • It involves a high cost
  • It has a slow water filtration rate
  • It produces a large amount of wastewater during the filtration process



  • It offers a robust purification approach
  • Removes the majority of the contaminants found in water
  • There is no need to have a filter cartridge


  • There is a low output
  • It involves a higher cost
  • It’s not possible to remove organics

Ion Exchange


  • Involves a low cost
  • Its re-generable, which enhances continuous use
  • Has the ability to remove metals from the water


  • Involves a high operating cost
  • Cannot remove sediments found in water
  • The ion exchange resin is vulnerable to bacterial growth

Ultraviolet Disinfection 


  • It can kill all harmful microorganisms found in water
  • It requires simple maintenance
  • It consumes very little energy


  • It must use electricity for it to operate
  • High upfront cost
  • It cannot be used standalone as it requires a pre-filter-filter



  • Ability to retain essential elements in the water
  • It has a long life span
  • It is also environmentally friendly


  • It cannot remove the chlorine taste or even the odor
  • not possible to remove dissolved solids like fluoride
  • Not effective more so when organic contaminants are involved

What do You Need to Consider Before Buying a Home Water Treatment System?

Before purchasing a home water treatment system, numerous issues need to be considered. The first and foremost issue is testing the type of water that needs to be treated. From the above analysis on the different kinds of water treatment, it is evident some systems will not remove certain elements. Therefore, it is essential to have your water tested, which gives on the best method to employ. During the testing process, it is possible to involve different labs to ensure that the results are correct. It may be possible to do the examination and choose the wrong treatment system since the results were incorrect (Hendricks, 2018). The next aspect to consider is choosing a reputable company that will install the treatment system for you. Remember, the methods may require some maintenance, and therefore, reliable companies should be selected. Choosing a verified water treatment system also is crucial as it gives an assurance that the water to be taken is safe from the reviews by third parties. One thing not to forget is the need or how the water will be used, be it a single tap or the whole household. It is also keen to consider whether the unit will be reliable in providing the needed water in the home (Hendricks, 2018). Lastly, cost, which includes both the initial cost and the maintenance cost, is a primary factor. Without the money needed to maintain the treatment system, it may fail you.

Type of Home Treatment System You Would Buy Based on Each of the Six Problems Listed Below

  • Sediment in water: water pitcher
  • Very acid water: Ion exchange
  • Water tastes terrible: Activated carbon block
  • Pathogenic bacteria: Ultrafiltration
  • Water is hard: Ion exchange
  • Iron in water: reverse osmosis, distillation
How a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Unit in a House Works. Are There Cheaper Systems Than RO Units to Solve Water Quality Problems?

Reverse osmosis is a water treatment system that works to remove contaminants that are found in water through the use of pressure and, in the process, forces water molecules to pass through a semipermeable membrane (Nakamura, 2019). As the process goes on, the contaminants are filtered out and flushed away. Before, it forces the water through the semipermeable membrane; however, it removes sediments and chlorine from the water using a pre-filter-filter. The water then passes through a postfilter to polish the drinking water before it goes to the dedicated faucet. Different types of contaminants are filtered, including inorganic chemicals and beneficial chemicals, leaving clean water with a delicious taste for drinking.

Yes, there are other cheaper systems that RO units that can solve water quality problems, including solar distillation.

  • Hendricks, D. W. (2018). Water treatment unit processes: physical and chemical. CRC press.
  • Nakamura, Y., & Takada, A. (2019). U.S. Patent Application No. 16/461,946.

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