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Vegetable Home Delivery Business Plan

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Executive Summary

Raw veggies on two wheels is a courier service that facilitates delivery of farm produces to households in Pennsylvania that looks to cater to household requirements that involve farm produce such as tomatoes, capsicum, coriander, onions, garlic, ginger, broccoli, lettuce, kales, spinach, mints, carrots, cabbages, potatoes as well as fruits, etc. The intention is to save the people the trouble of having to rush to markets to do grocery shopping every other day. It seeks to provide stock to the consumers weekly or daily according to their budget and delivery preference. In this way, for instance, all a mom needed to do if she was overwhelmed with homely tasks was make a call to our couriers and wait upon the delivery while pondering over what she would prepare upon receiving them. The target market is households regardless of who is in them, be it wives, husbands, the youth, etc. anyone in need of market produce is a client.

Raw veggies on two wheels is a reliable service that will seek to promote farmers and markets as a whole; thus, the business will gain recognition amongst the people and therefore gain considerable market share. Profitability is set to be acquired by the end of the first fiscal year, and therefore gaining revenue in the following three years will not prove a problem for the business.

Vegetable Home Delivery Business Plan


Objectives for the first three years of business operation include:

Creation of an efficient customer relationship management that focuses primarily on the customer relationships and a service proficiency that will supersede the customer’s expectation, thereby guaranteeing customer loyalty, ensuring that the raw veggies on two wheels will be a sensation the community and consequently, nationally and globally. Another objective will be to increase the number of customers each year by 7%


Raw Veggies on Two Wheels’ mission is to facilitate the lives of its customer base by making it facile for them to manage their time accordingly without forgetting about some produce. 

When the mission statement adheres to the letter, the company will achieve its set goals. Our sole purpose will be to ensure we have attracted a viable customer base and one that we can retain regardless. We value customer loyalty as it is the base upon which we will build our empire upon.

Company Summary

Raw veggies on two wheels is a courier service that will serve the state of Pennsylvania and its environs and other conditions, eventually through the delivery of farm produce and fruits to households regardless of who they were. The company will not be biased in who they serve by considering age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, etc. The company will offer a list of items, and the customer can seek to make orders from it. The list will include all farm produce available in the local markets in the respective geographical regions. Once the customers make their orders via calls or emails, the company will then deliver the items ordered within the shortest time possible. The business is set to accrue profits in its first fiscal year henceforth.

Company Ownership

The company will be Pennsylvania Corporation and will have its own limited to (Your name, brother’s name)

Start-up Summary

Raw Veggies on two wheels cost at start-up will be as follows: 

  • Uniforms for both the female and male personnel, all in the form of pants and t-shirts, all embodied with the companies trade name and slogan. 
  • There will be a need for Computer systems inclusive of computers, a fabric and regular printer, CD-RW, and a broadband Internet connection.
  • Ten phone lines will be necessary as well to facilitate and promote customer relationships.
  • A fax machine whose purpose is to enhance communication within the company, as well as a copier, will be necessary as well.
  • There will be a need for a web developer who will create a web platform upon which other customers can make their orders. 
  • There will also be a need to incorporate funds allocated for Legal fees to smoothen the incorporation process.
  • Brochures to advertise the business and create awareness of the new business will also be necessary to propel the company in the right direction.
  • There will be a need to accommodate 25 cellular phones that will be used in the communication between mobile units and the company.
  • For a start-up, 50 bikes and bikers with messenger bags that contain the company logo and slogan will serve the company on start-up but will then be increased once the company achieves profitability. 


Raw Veggies on two wheels will offer a bicycle messenger service whose target market will be households regardless of their sizes. The service will serve the needs of families, not accounting for who makes the orders be they older generation women, men, etc. The benefits will be achieved using cyclists who will take the delivery to all households that make orders. Services can be improved to include a subscription basis where members are granted discounts based on the number of times they make orders within a week or a month. However, much as the service’s primary target market is households, Services can be extended to workplaces or institutions that employ cooking techniques to feed their employees through cooking or making salads. 

Services offered are from 6:30 to 9:00 are deliveries are made between fifteen to thirty minutes depending on the position of the house accepting the delivery and the distance speed and time factors that would be necessary from the point of origin, which in this case is the office or their subsidiary offices to the places of delivery. The minimum order one is allowed to make purchases of a single day and be from $30 and above. The maximum amount of products should not exceed $300.

Market Analysis Summary

Natural products on two wheels are supposed to serve households but can be extended to include offices or organizations that cook for their employees. This means deliveries can be ordered at any time of the day so long as the household making the order had run out of certain products and needed to have someone bring them the products they needed to make a meal. The market will call for friendly staff members with who they can engage in proper communication. In this way, members of the community will feel comfortable making their orders with the company due to the exceptional service and customer relationships it fosters (Kiel, 2014). 

There is a need to have a constant supply of produce to avoid running out and ensure efficiency in the delivery process to employ their cooking skills with all their produce and essentials readily available beforehand. Once the company has grown, we will have a specific customer base that will prove loyal to the company and act as a marketing strategy to create awareness with other people who are either skeptical of the business or don’t know about it entirely. Raw Veggies on two wheels will serve anyone in need of courier services. The corporate attorney will be in charge of using his found legal knowledge and the network he had gained throughout his academic and professional life to contribute to making or improving and growing the market share.

Market Segmentation

Raw Veggies on two wheels will be extended to two different groups, the first group being the households that will be the primary target. Due to the number of homes in a community, families maintain the primary position because they are great in number and can accrue business profits as households cannot go without food, meaning deliveries will grow in number day in day out. The regularity will be a constant factor that propels the business into the success that becomes the essential factor in the growth of the business. It is a promising platform as well. The clientele’s satisfaction will lead to them talking about the benefits and advantages of associating themselves with the company and the benefits they would gain from the association ( Weinstein & Cahill, 2014).

 This guarantees that they become reliant on the company’s services enabling the steadiness of the services and ensuring the customers become long-term customers. The constant state of deliveries is an advantage to Raw Veggies on Two Wheels. This will prove a competitive advantage over other companies if other companies seek to develop a similar program. The other customer group is the work platforms, institutions such as schools, hospitals, etc., that may seek to seek the services of the couriers.

Target Market Segment Strategy

Raw Veggies on Two wheels will target its markets through its trademark and slogan brochures through advertisements that they may run on televisions or radios and podcasts. The journals will be inclusive of pictures that show the same deliveries being made to appeal to the consumer markets. Videos will be used to show in detail how such a delivery can be made. Podcasts will create awareness of the business’s incentives by advocating for customers to embrace and try the services to conclude. All these advertisements, including yellow page advertisements, will add to the customer base or significantly influence the existing ones (Cross, Belich, & Rudelius, 2015). 

Service Business Analysis

There are multiple delivery services in Pennsylvania, amongst these being taxi services that make deliveries as well. There are courier services, with some using cars while others use bicycles as a means of transportation. Generally, bicycle messengers prove less expensive because they have lower maintenance than other means of transports. Other parts of the town can create a leveled ground for the bicycle messengers where they can be fast instead of car-based courier services due to all the build-up traffic that may derail a delivery. In contrast, the cyclist has little to no obstacles while delivering his produce to the customer. 

The market considers the buying or purchasing products based on how high or low the prices are, how convenient the service or products are to them and how reliable the service or product is. With this in mind, our business suits all the client’s needs as we are neither overpriced nor underpriced; we offer convenience through prompt delivery and guarantee that they can rely on us as we are always available when they need our services and products.

Strategy Implementation Summary

Gaining and retaining of market strategy will prove an easy task as currently we do not have nor expect competitors within the first two fiscal years, meaning by the end of the second fiscal year, we will have developed some concrete competitive strategies that will allow for us to rise over competitors and thrive in the competitor markets assuming by then we shall have achieved or gained a lot of competitors. As we offer reliability, our customer base will provide a sense of loyalty amongst our customers providing that our customers will know the entire business of the company. Reliability, therefore, ensures that the industry asserts a certain level of status in the community and, in a sense, acts as a marketing strategy ( Chaffey, & Ellis-Chadwick, 2016). 

We chose Pennsylvania as the headquarters of this service as its environs are cyclist-friendly and the people therein. The citizens within the town have shown great promise in how they embrace new businesses and their willingness to try new things. Our bikes will be friendlier to the environment in this sense as they are not hazardous to the environment, thereby ensuring the streets and towns retain their cleanliness and the citizens remain healthy. We thereby implore bikes as they offer the cyclist some form of exercise, thus ensuring he stays in a healthy state both mentally and physically.

Competitive Edge

Raw Veggies on two wheels achieves a competitive edge through having an insight on the industry it is set to build itself upon, as well as the reliability it provides its customers. Reliability acts as an assurance to customers that they can rely on the company at whatever time of the day to deliver the products they need as well as the produce, thereby ensuring that in the end, we have acquired the customer’s faith, trust, and consequently loyalty. The delivery of farm produce is often critical and requires certain aspects of hygiene to avoid infecting the customer’s foods. As many people know, they will not trust a service that does not assure them a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, by gaining customer loyalty, we have proven to society that we are a reliable company. Thus, we have gained a competitive edge over all the new competitors that seek to enter our market. (Slack, 2015)

We shall employ backup systems that will keep track of a customer’s lists and orders to help customers make informed decisions if they are thinking about changing their demands and to keep track of a customer’s preferences to avoid making mistakes during delivery. We look to have a 100% delivery system that faces little to no customer complaints to guarantee customer satisfaction. On the other hand, a manual backup will ensure that there is a courier ready to counter a failed order in the event of environmental challenges that may present themselves, making it harder for the consumer to find faults with the system. We are dedicated to superseding the customer’s expectations. 

Industry insight, on the other hand, assumes another competitive advantage. As we have undertaken comprehensive research, we have attained a competitive advantage over any upcoming competition. By doing so, we can ascertain that by the time a competitor seeks to enter the market, we shall have fostered good relations with our consumer market, thereby ensuring that we can stay ahead of the competition even if a company seeks to dominate the market and gain a competitive advantage over us. Insight on customer relations will significantly help us foster long-term relations with our customers as good customer relationship management is the foundation of every business.

Sales Strategy

Our sales strategy will include the offering of discounts and providing efficient services. The prompt delivery of our products is what will drive the company into losses or profits. Because we are facing no current competition even offering discounts will please the customers greatly. However, values will favor the more frequent customers or those who make multiple orders in a week. This will not affect the rate of profitability as discounts will be granted once a month and will target a specific group of people who show frequency in the orders they make. The free delivery of goods can also be an effective sales strategy granted the more purchases were made there will be free delivery of service given to the customer (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker, & Brennan, 2015). 

  •  Financials

The first and second months of setting up the business will mark the buying of bicycles and attire, computer systems, and fax machines; it will keep the allocation of funds to pay off legal fees. This first month will include hiring a web developer and printing the attire, and printing brochures. The third month will be the mark of the start of sales and marketing activity. A record made of any sales or services made with every month reading an increase both in productivity, productivity, personnel, and profitability.  


Milestones of the business will include:

  • The conclusion of the business plan.
  • I am setting up offices and subsidiaries.
  • The training.
  • The employment of staff members.

Management Summary

After seeking employment for so long, we were prompted to start up this company after learning that most people were not overly fond of rushing to the market to get produce that had run out during the last minute just as they were about to prepare a meal. Together, my brother and I decided to sit every day to develop a counter solution for this predicament facing American families for the previous year. 

Personnel Plan

Raw Veggies on two wheels will consist of HR functions that I will undertake, marketing functions that will be achieved through brochures, etc., and general business management. The company will have three dispatchers and bicycle messengers to facilitate the delivery of produce.

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