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Women of Oman

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Juhaina is twenty years old and will be graduating in 2015 from the University of Michigan to study human resource management. She is a stunning, smart and talented young woman from Oman as her name suggests.

When asked why she pursues human resource management, she explained that she could relate well with people within a short period. She has always tried to explore every area which has direct human relationships. Human resource management is the department of any organization which manages any company’s workforce. This department ensures that there are enough workers in the organization and that all workers are comfortable working conditions. It requires a lot of contact between the staff in managing human resources and the workforce; weak relationships between these two groups are risky for the performance of the organization. Juhaina ‘s ability to adapt to new people means she has the perfect credentials in this field.

Women of Oman

Juhaina is a talented person in many fields, and an ambitious person. She has great aspirations personally and careers wisely. She started to shine since she was young; she undertook her high school education in Oman, where her performance was outstanding. She got a government scholarship because of the above, which she admits has boosted her confidence for learning. When asked how growing up in Oman treated her, she states that the challenges she faced growing up shaped her person.

Oman is a secluded country whereby most Westerners have no idea of its location. It is adjacent to the Gulf of Oman on the Eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Despite its seclusion, it is among the most sensitive part of the Arabian Peninsula. It has beautiful beaches and diverse scenery that attract tourists who know about it. Juhaina confirms this by stating that growing up in Oman is among the most beautiful things in her life. She admits that she is nostalgic and misses the sound of the waves and seagulls as she wakes up. As she continues to state, Oman is persistent in preserving its culture despite welcoming the Western culture. She quotes a phrase about Oman from Worldsapart.org that says, “Oman overflows with riches to lure the foreign traveller with rugged mountains, pristine beaches, exotic castles, vast deserts, and the friendliest people in the Middle East.”

Oman has Islam as the central religion; however, Oman has its form of Islam, where they have an Imam as their spiritual leader. They can incorporate foreigners safely since they leave everyone to their way of religion on condition no one challenges the local beliefs. The ability the Oman’s have to integrate other cultures with the geographical location has led to good relations with Western countries. Juhaina is among the young women grateful for these relations since she has access to quality education and broader opportunities.

She is also thankful for the mild nature of Islam under practice in Oman; women under this sect have more freedom than most Muslim countries. Due to this freedom, she managed to attend school without getting married at a tender age. Her government is effectively pushing for female education as she is studying under government scholarship. She believes she is lucky to have been born in such a beautiful country with all the opportunities that she got.

She loves to put her ideas on paper, and she has several Arabic poems. She says she feels stressed about something this far away from home; she feels closest to Oman by composing Arabic poetry. This is her way of expression, despite having good friends in the University of Michigan she needs to unwind; she feels at peace with herself and better relaxed by composing a poem.  She is a good listener and an excellent student to the extent that she lectured at an Oman university at 13 years old. She also loves learning new things; this is why she attends numerous lectures, some that have nothing to do with her principal. She believes knowledge is power and wishes to amass as much as she can to create opportunities that empower women.

Juhaina happens to have a keen interest in psychology and philosophy. She craves to learn more about different perspectives of the world from different people. She loves doing philosophical research, and she considers minoring in psychology. She believes the better she understands people and their views of the world around them, the better she will be in creating deeper relationships. She is also up to date on current affairs and technology, she has provided some excellent ideas to application developers in her institution, and she has sufficient knowledge of computers. She happens to be in several tech clubs in her institution; despite not conversing with the deep technical jargon, she still gains some experience in the technological field.

Juhaina believes studying without goals is a waste of time and money. She has elaborate goals for the long and short term. She has very ambitious short-term goals that she believes with hard work and motivation she can achieve in seven years. She aspires to perfect her knowledge in English since it is not her first language. This is important to her since some long term goals may be dependent on her multilingual ability. On top of English, she plans to learn Spanish and French, spoken by most of the world’s population. Her knowledge of the Arabic language makes her multilingualism very useful in reaching for her long term goals.

She plans to have her program on TV in the next seven years. She says her inspiration for this goal is the Oprah Winfrey show, which is the most successful program in show TV. She derives some of her optimism and ambition from Oprah, who started from very little and ended up achieving all her dreams. She believes Oprah’s example of hard work and enthusiasm applies to her as well. She comes from Oman, an oblivious country to many westerners, but she thinks she will create a name for it. Her optimism is infectious and very achievable, just as she intends it to be; she believes the sole purpose of living is to have a positive impact on someone else’s life.

Her long term is complicated and seems unachievable at the time, but she vows not to rest until she achieves them. She wants to work for a well-known organization after graduating while pursuing her master’s degree in human resource management. She aspires to work for Microsoft or Google; during this period, she believes she can comfortably pay for her post-graduate education. She wants to be a lecturer after attaining her post-graduate doctorate. When asked if it does not contrast her earlier opinion on a job related to people, she said that teaching is the most direct way of relating to people since they are dependent on you to teach them new things. She sees this as an opportunity to guide young people on the right path since what they learn in their lectures will be used elsewhere in life.

She aspires to set up a scholarship fund for girls that want to study but lack funds and are not lucky enough to receive government scholarships. Spending some time around her, one can see her desire to empower women in society. She believes women are societal pillars that should stay chaste, and morally upright. She considers education helps women discern the best moral standpoint without dictation from anyone else. She is religious and supports Islam; she studies the Quran daily and wears appropriately according to the teaching of the Quran. She says that her scholarship fund will target all girls equally; there will be no discrimination due to religion or race.

Juhaina is a charismatic young woman who will one day be the most prominent woman in Oman. Her ambitions match her talent and effort, and if she continues on the same trend, she will be a significant influence on the young women in this generation and the next. Some might compare her to a Sirleaf Johnson in the making.

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